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Written By Fred Onyeali,
Elder Statesman IPOB

Ndị Igbo in Lagos and the entire Yoruba land, are you sure that you are not seeing the threat these idiots are giving you?

How is it that Igbos have descended so low that they don't mind the Bees biting them in getting the Honey? Have we so much lost ourselves in pursuing money that we feel unconcerned about the insults they are pouring on us daily? How has Ndị Igbo in Lagos lost themselves that they cannot even give a press statement against what this Cowardly Yoruba is saying to the People who came with our rich human and financial wealth to their land and made it what it is today?
A few years ago Oba of Lagos threatened to push Ndigbo into the Lagoon if they failed to vote the governorship candidate of his choice and such nonsense from a monarch was overlooked. Over and over again, lots of threats are coming from Yorubas both groups and individuals making unnecessary and foolish statements against the great Igbo man yet nothing is being done against it, they are not even considered as hate speeches as introduced by Buhari government but if such a speech were made by an Igbo man, it would become the most abominable and  sacrilegious word which every Nigerian journal will broadcast for general consumption.

Upon all these insults and threats given to us by the Yorubas over the years, just because we came to live in their land and develop their cursed land, Ndigbo living in Lagos have pretended that they don't have ears and don't hear what they are saying just because we are looking for greener pasture.
It is on record that Fashola took a reasonable number of our people living in Lagos during his time as Governor of Lagos and dropped them at the Upper Iweka Onitsha, at the late hour in the night labelling them "destitute" and those who are our so-called leaders were speechless. Look at a dirty Yoruba man calling Igbo man "destitute" and beggars! Even if they are beggars in Lagos, I have had the opportunity to visit mega Cities in Europe like Berlin, Rome, Milan, Paris, Brussels, Munich, Athens, etc, I have visited all of them, lo and behold I saw beggars who are not even citizens of Western Europe, how much less dirty Lagos!

As if those letdowns on our People were not enough, this uneducated fool called Adeyinka grandson is coming up, instead of fighting for the freedom of his People, all he is busy with is insulting and threatening Igbos in Lagos.

It is time to let the Yorubas know that enough is enough. Yorubas were encouraged to insult Ndigbo hence they witnessed how Igbo Politicians sold out their people to be murdered by Fulani terrorist in what they called Operation Python Dance and no Igbo man, even the so-called Traditional Rulers, said anything. The Yorubas have seen that the Igbo man now in the Street is defenceless and has no one to speak for him and so must be insulted to his bone marrow, "after all, what can he do?"

There are more than 60 Eze Ndigbos in Lagos and they are in no way feeling intimidated and insulted or even showing that they heard something.

"Ihere anaghị eme onye Ara kama nwanne ya ka ihere n'eme"

I am ashamed of all these things, I am not living in Lagos of course, I can never ever do that and frankly speaking whatever it costs, I pay to land in Igweọ̀cha(Port Harcourt) any time I am visiting home. I have nothing doing with dirty Lagos but I am becoming ashamed of all these stuff from big mouth Cowardice Yorubas. This idiot since he started this nonsense has not touched his legs in Yoruba land and he cannot try it, that is the type of freedom fighters we see in Yoruba land.

Ndị Igbo, is Lagos the only place to do business and succeed? When will you know that your personality and dignity that made you a unique person has been rubbished? When will you come back to your utmost senses and know that your hosts in Yoruba land feel that without your coming to their place, you would have been killed by hunger when in the real and right since they are surviving only through the wealth you came with?
When? when? and when?


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