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Written By Onyekachi M. Ogbonnia

With all due respect, I want to reach out to all our elders in the entire Old Eastern Region with this letter particularly the Igbo elders in respect to our dilapidated unity situations now. First of all, I want to state categorically that I am not writing this letter to insult anyone of you or cause commotions of any kind, rather to see reasons to bridge the gap of disunity between the children and their elders of political, traditional, clergy and men and good women of good-will class to avoid the looming raging catastrophe that is ahead of us all soonest. Therefore, if anyone finds this letter very offensive or too confrontational, please find a place in your heart to forgive me, it's not intentional. Just see it as one of the errors any growing child can make and can be corrected with strong wisdom and direction of elders too. The most important thing is to get the message I'm trying to pass across and take the necessary actions immediately, please. Without much ado, let us cultivate in the farmland of the person we have come to his house and that is IPOB or BIAFRANS in general. We all know about IPOB ( indigenous people of Biafra), what they stand for (To restore Biafra Nation) through an official internationally recognized procedure called a referendum. However, the quest for Biafra Nation has been for years as we all know too, but currently, IPOB under the leadership of Mazi NNAMDI KANU has taken it to the mainstream. My Elders, looking critically to the Nigerian situation, every truthful person knows that NIGERIA is not working since her creation or amalgamation. This current administration exposed everything to even the blinds both locally and internationally to see. One part is contributing more than the other and no preference to them rather to the other that does not contribute up to. Some parts are better-taken care of than the others. Some parts are above the law while others must obey the same law. Some parts are treated as first-class citizens while some are treated as second-class citizens in the same country. Some parts are considered born to rule while the others are slaves. Sensitive positions are meant for some part while the rest jubilates with remnants. In the educational sector, some parts are considered in cut-off marks to higher institutions whilst the other parts must be high to frustrate them. Some people's seaports are made the monopoly in order to kill the business careers of the other parts and extort them too. A million thanks to Dr Good luck Jonathan the former President, if not him, the international airport would still be in monopoly queue too. Some people are meant to have more states than the other for financial gain and rural development than the others. Some people have a license to kill, maim, rap, kidnap, destroy other people's farmlands, lives and properties with heavy arms, without being called terrorists, and can protest too and nobody will arrest them - talk more of killing them - rather they will be escorted and protected by the police and the military. Whilst the other people who can only voice out their grievances through protest are termed terrorists and must be shot to pieces, injured, arrested, imprisoned and made to face the full weights of the law on treasonable felony etc, for example, our mothers' current predicament at IMO State on 18th August 2018. All these evil treatments are due to lack of true federalism, equity, fairness, justice and respect for human life and respect for one another from the beginning. These are happening because Nigeria was created out of deceit, just to favour some people than the others, and most importantly, to the detriment of the powerhouse of people(Biafrans) that made Nigeria what she is today. It is very unfortunate indeed! My elders, these and many more are what these your young children under the current umbrella called IPOB are fighting against. If all these were resolved after Aburi Accord in Ghana, there would not be any need for BIAFRA war, there would not be any need for the emergency of Mazi NNAMDI KANU and IPOB, MASSOB, etc. Yes, you may not like the way IPOB and MAZI NNAMDI KANU are going about it but the truth remains that their quest is genuine, real and worth dying for, looking at the kind of treatment meted out against us in the old Eastern part of Nigeria from the beginning of this amalgamation 1914. We are, totally, slaves even in our own lands. The hatred they have for us, especially to my Igbo brothers and sisters, has become a generational trait. And they have succeeded in using divide and rule system to further hatred and disunity amongst us -Biafrans. We have committed sin by being hardworking, business genius, industrious, creative, enlightened, intelligent, smart, rich, beautiful, amazing and lovely to be with and can adapt in many situations. But they don't admit it due to jealousy. They are afraid of us because we're everywhere due to frustrating agenda against us. No matter how rural a place might be, when we step in we turn it into paradise. But despite all the frustrating plans and agenda, we still remain an indispensable race that has outshined the other races in all ramifications. We are very vocal in nature, we say things the way they are irrespective of who is involved. These are our sins we are being hated for. My Elders, the greatest disheartening is that you people have joined hands with our oppressors due to your political interests, pride, greed and quest for power, using the blood of your innocent children to cement your agreement with our oppressors against our interest. Therefore supporting our killings from day one of Nigeria's creation: from 1967-1970 civil war pogroms to Kano killings, Kaduna killings, Zaria killings, now herdsmen massacre, police and military intimidation and killings too, etc. My Elders, you supported operation python dance 11 of which your own flesh and blood - children - were maimed and killed which is one of the greatest tragedies that this generation and even the unborn will never forget in a hurry. That evil plan took numerous scores of our innocents brothers and sisters and a golden seed God sent Mazi NNAMDI KANU to deliver us from this bondage, alongside his parents. And none of you has regretted that action openly and stood your ground to request for this your son, MAZI NNAMDI KANU and his parents' whereabouts. Can you now doubt our feelings or anybody's claim that you are part of that plan? The answer is NO. Rather, you hurried up to invite your chief commander in killings in our land to crown him with a title you called OGBU AGU ONE ( the lion killer number one in Ebonyi State). After desecrating one of our ancient palaces in Afara-Ukwu-ibeku Umuahia in Abia State, kidnapped the Royal Highness Eze I. O Okwu Kanu and His wife together with his Son NNAMDI KANU, shot His Highness' cousin to pieces with many others numbering up to 28 IPOB members, including animals, destroyed the palace compound and properties with armoured tank rifles. This is indeed a great sacrilege, the show of great shame, and as such a disgraceful act, an act perpetrable by a demonic or occultic set of people. Besides, in our culture, before any titles are given to anybody, there must be something to show for it. It must be crystal clear that the person merited it. You can see how clear the title you gave your chief commander in killings is matching the action. Indeed there is no atom of respect for our cultures and human lives with that actions. And please I want to ask, can this show of shame happen in any of the emirs' palaces in Nigeria and they will keep mute? The answer is capital no. You see, we have sold our prestige and values to our enemies and that is why they can't take you seriously when you speak. Another python dance 111 is on the pipeline, very unbelievable. The question is, "is there violence in the Old Eastern part of Nigeria (BIAFRA land)?", the answer is capital no. So why not in Sambisa forest, BENUE, etc where there are insurgency and Fulani militias?. (PYTHON DANCE 111, BELIEVE ME, THIS IS WHERE THE NAME NIGERIA MAY END ). My Elders, you are talking about restructuring Nigeria. Have you forgotten that it was the same restructuring that took our Hero Dim Ojukwu and GOWON to Aburi Accord in Ghana which afterwards was violated by Gowon and his people which led to Biafra declarations and the civil war? And you are still believing it will work? Big dreams indeed. Many other folks said we should use a political means to get our quest (BIAFRA). But they forgot to ask themselves why Ojukwu, after fighting for BIAFRA war, became a contestant for Nigeria presidential position. That was the idea then and still, some of our own people Sabotaged it. Moreover, you see why MAZI NNAMDI KANU and IPOB are standing by the best Option in this struggle which is Biafra restoration through the referendum which is an international Human Right of every indigenous people. And our enemies know that very well. Because the referendum is not a call for war rather an international Human Right of any indigenous people that feel marginalised. And they have right to invoke It any time any day which Nigeria is equally signatory to. For Nigeria constitution to omit it shows fraud constitution. It is like removing federal laws in States laws in Nigeria and expect it to sound right. Therefore, they know you can not answer an independent Nation recognized by UN body without that part of international law enshrined in your constitution called right of indigenous people via referendum because every Nation is made and recognized through it. My Elders, in my opinion, you should have supported this your great son called MAZI NNAMDI KANU and IPOB. Just being at their back alone, by now, the Nigerian government would have been on its knees begging you for this restructuring you people are begging for now. Just being at their back, by now, the Nigerian government would have been on her knees begging you for this restructuring you people are begging for now. But rather you joined our enemies to call your own son and your children traitors and terrorists and allowed their killings and whisking away your God-given gift MAZI NNAMDI KANU and his parents out of pride and greed for political power. Thinking that he (KANU) came to outweigh you people in power, no little did you know he came to rescue me & you from this slavery camp called NIGERIA. All his prophesies have been fulfilled before our very eyes, any doubt about that? No. Kanu's sin was that he asked for the emancipation of his people, he sacrificed his life, parents just to rescue us. (Wherever MAZI NNAMDI KANU is, may God show him unending kindness because he has left an indelible mark of the great legacy in our lives and historical record. (Also, may God bless chief FEMI FANI KAYODE, the former Minister of aviation, our brother in another land and from another respectable mother, who has taken these evils meted out against us to another level by calling on USA President Donald Trump, a pro-black president ever in the history. A man with an auction from heaven, to put things right against all odds, to quickly intervene over these great heinous crimes against inhumanity on BIAFRANS. May his days be long. May he never lack help from God any time any day. BIAFRANS love him too. Together we must win this battle. This is what our elders are supposed to be doing too.) My Elders, there is still a chance to remedy this situation now, though very short one. the shortness, I term it hours, no longer days nor years. You have to stand your ground now and support your children - IPOB - fully on the referendum, cancel any form of python dance in BIAFRA land, demand for the unconditional release of Mazi NNAMDI KANU and his parents whether dead or alive and all other Biafrans in Nigeria's prisons across the country. And equally, demand an international Community probe of Nigeria's government and its military over the killings of IPOB members in the last operation python dance 11. Once these are done, both the international community and the Nigerian government will take us seriously and will succumb to our quest immediately. My Elders, from my perspective if this little suggestion or something better than it is not done and urgently, I am afraid because from the look of things the looming catastrophe upon us soonest will be unkind in the history. The cloud's thickness of destruction is unimaginable now. The colour of the sky is no longer white & black, rather bloody. The heavy rainfall will come with unkind thunders and lightning and it spares no one. You may say it does not concern you because you have the money or that your biological children are not here that is a pernicious lie. The naked truth is that it will leave no stone untouched. Bullets are not selective in war. Neither do War know the rich nor the poor? Bombs do not know palaces, mansions and thatched roofs. They do not differentiate between villages and urban areas, nor honourable people from common men. Bombs will never differentiate between IPOB and elders, nor will they separate Ohaneze's and politicians' children from the rest. It is going to be even. And this is as a result of built up of yester-years anger (more than 50 years now). It can't be quenched easily when it starts, It is going to be unkind indeed. My Elders, you have in power to stop this calamity that is half-way to the ground upon us now. Are we not tired of this slavery? Are we not tired of suffering and smiling? are we not tired of our mockeries? Are we not tired of eating remnants even when we are the chief donors? Are we not tired of begging for what we owned before we can use it? My able mummies and daddies, the hour has come for our liberations. Let us use the daylight now and start searching for our black goat before it is a night. Our enemies can not defeat us if we become one today. Let's put our differences, and pride aside and rise up to our duties. We have all it takes to avert our adversaries and make our world a habitable place. I will leave you people with this adage that goes thus: there is no place like home, therefore, no complete happiness outside your family and any family that has no regard for their children has no future.

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