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■Author:  ONYEBUCHUKWU OLUSCO (Nwa Biafra) 

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 27, Sep 2020

Good evening wonderful people great Biafrans wherever you are on the face of this very planet earth, once again we welcome you to another explosive, exiting, expository edition of our Wednesday live presentation on this glorious platform Radio Biafra on this very day Wednesday the 23rd of September in the year of our Most High Elohim 2020.

Regardless of where you are domiciled or where you are living, I welcome you sincerely and wholeheartedly. Therefore I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you, Radio Biafra is listened to across every time zone on the face of this very planet earth that Chukwu Okike Abiama created, I welcome each and every one of you.

We are broadcasting this very massage that our people may become sufficiently enlightened to advise themselves that the continuous existence of the damnable zoological republic will mean their premature termination not just of themselves but their communities, their villages and also their ethnic groups as well if care is not taking, therefore we are here to preach this gospel of hope, of redemption, a gospel of truth and unblemished propagation of the gospel of the restoration of the Kingdom of Heaven upon the face of this very earth.

Without further hesitation, we are going to pray, and after I must have finished praying, we will go on to bring to you what we have in store for you this very day, because we know that the whole world is waiting very patiently to hear this very gospel this evening we are going to pray. I am going to pray a prayer of David, my favourite part of the Torah is the Psalms I love them, and I pray with them, I am going to pray a prayer that I pray every blessed day of my life it's Psalm 70, and I will pray it in the language of Heaven.

Some are reminding me that I have not introduced myself, I don't think I need any further introduction, but for those who are joining us for the very first time, you are listening to the voice of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the indigenous people of BIAFRA all over this planet earth, the largest mass movement on the face of this very earth bar none, I lead IPOB, I also direct Radio Biafra, Biafra Television but above all by the very special grace of the Highest Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile a servant of the wonderful people of BIAFRA.

Now we must pray, and I will pray in the language of Heaven please, if you have a direct line to the Almighty in Heaven they will tell you that they are worshipping in this very language that is about to in right now, the very oldest language on the face of this very earth, the language of the ancient people.

We must pray!

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, he prayed from the Holy book of Psalm 70 and after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.


If you pray in this language anything you ask for will be given to you if your heart is clear and your mind is pure, that I can assure you, there is nothing that I pray for that I do not get absolutely anything that I ask for I get it. I pray in this language of Heaven, in this language of the ancients, if you want to know how to ask God for something and is granted go and study the secret of David, David was the only person that knows how to speak to Elohim, and all his wishes were granted.

Thank you very much. I welcome each and every one of you, all of you wherever you are this evening you must get your pen & paper ready because we are about to educate even the uneducated. We are going to educate them this very evening we are going to speak the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth, a justification of everything we have been preaching from day one.

I am starting today's program with that very letter that I now believe it has gone viral, you know sometimes I wonder if only we can reason properly, only if black people can reason properly and discern, only if we can read between the lines can we then appreciate the importance of this correspondence from the very Baroness Cox a woman that I meet I think that was last year, I went to the House of Lords and I meet her myself, and my immediate younger brother, as a matter of fact, accompanied me on that very trip and also Solomon Egbo who is Manchester coordinator. We went to go and see Baroness Cox, and she spoke very well, very eloquently, very grand, and I knew immediately that she was a woman of immense courage and integrity and today I believe with the written of this very letter to Patricia Scotland who the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth that she has to justify my faith in her.

Just a few days ago so to speak the US Ambassador to Nigga-area (Nigeria) made history as been the first person not just the first woman but the very first person to guarantee what may resemble free and fair election in the damnable zoological republic, and now that has been followed by Baroness Cox inordinate I do welcome all of them. And we are going to analyze this very correspondence this evening to lay a very clear and unmistakable foundation as to the direction the zoo is headed, and what we all need to do individually and collectively to ensure the survival of our respective ethnic groups, our respective nations that Lugard unceremoniously joined together in the British colonial experiment that they also christened Nigga-area.

Please click on the link below to see the full letter: 👇👇

For the very first time, they acknowledge that there is violence been visited upon our people by the Janjaweed military the Army and the Police. For the very first time, they acknowledge that Fulani people are the ones killing, pillaging, maiming and sacking towns and villages, the truth of the matter is that each and every of the now seven terrorist groups in the zoo are all funded and staffed by Fulani people, for the very first time they acknowledge that there are attacks from the Boko Haram of course but from the Fulani herders they called a spade a spade which is why I have a regard for this very letter if not I won't have read it out. And other Islamic militia which is also a recognition that Muslims are killing Christians in the zoological republic called Nigga-area, for the very simple reason that the Government, the Army, the Police, the Customs, the Navy every parliamentary organisation, every organization the bear arms in the Zoological republic have all be Islamized, they are all staffed and led by the Muslims from the Sahel, and they will kill for their religion, they are now executing their master plan of conquest and first Islamization, and I congratulate this parliamentary in the UK for recognizing that.

The reason why this letter is very important is that never I can not recall in the history of the zoological republic where parliamentarians from the UK have risen with one accord and one voice to condemn what is happening in the zoo, or what their puppet, their lapdogs Fulanis is doing is never happen before this is the very first time has ever happened. For the very first time, they acknowledge BIAFRA, of course, they can not mention BIAFRA they said South East, they know there is violence there so all the tweeting we have been doing, all the campaign we have been doing, everything that everyone has been doing not just us there a lot of people who are working very very hard to convey this very massage and also especially those of them from the Middle Belt the very team led by TY DANJUMA of course that went to see them while back, and they listened to him because he is one of them and they believed him, and that is the main thrust of this very letter.

If you recall many years ago when I use to pray of this very platform I said, dear God, allow all those who connived and conspired with our enemies to bring evil upon your children to experience the same thing we have gone through. Anybody who is an avid listener or follower of this very platform Radio Biafra will understand that in times gone by that use to be my prayer I don't pray that prayer today, because the suffering is enormous it's too much, but now there is an acknowledgement by the powers that be in the UK, those that created a zoological republic that there is unfolding genocide, an acknowledgement from a quarter that will do everything within their power to denial Fulani atrocity and make no mistakes about it all the atrocities happening in the zoological republic is a result of Fulani Janjaweedsm they want to terrorize you, they want to suppress you, they want to intimidate you, they want to colonize you, they want to take over your land, and they want to annihilate you that is how they operate, that is who they are, and that is how they will continue to be until somebody puts a stop to them which is exactly what we are doing.

They are saying that this APC Govt, this Govt that you call Buhari the dead man who is in Saudi Arabia, this Govt of Fulani cabal, this Govt of Abba Kyari, this Govt of Issa Funtua, this Govt of Mamma Daura, this Govt of Sultan of Sokoto that they are complicit in the killing of their own people, assuming you regard the zoo Nigga-arean as one country, you must understand this are people who wouldn't normally be critical of the Fulani regime because they benefit from it, for them to come out so expository and boldly to condemn them what is quite rightly unfolding genocide in the zoo tells you the extent damage the zoo and the Fulani Janjaweed has done to the people in that damnable zoological republic.

We must resist the zoo army, and we must resist them with the last drop of our blood because they are war criminals, that is what they do. Because they got away with crimes against humanity in the North East they brought that also during their python dance and Britain was doing all they can to protect them, Britain knows, they are fully aware of the genocidal tendencies of Aso Rock they are all aware of it but have chosen to do nothing.

TY DANJUMA was the man that killed, TY DANJUMA is a hater of Biafrans I must tell you this very clearly maybe not anymore because they have apologized and we accept it, but I am telling you that this man served in the military he was part of Arewa, they thought that they are from the North that Fulani will welcome that they are part of Fulani, they never know that even Fulani had a plan to swallow them as well.

This letter is very, very huge. I know after analyzing this letter, Fulani will do what they do best. They will pump money into the UK, they will pump money into the foreign and Commonwealth office, they will give so much money to the British High Commissioner in Abuja, they will pump money they will bribe every newspaper that is what they do best people don't understand that is what they do, the people who are signatory to this letter are those they couldn't bribe people don't understand that is what they do, I leave in the UK, and we have been meeting these people since 1997 I know them very well.

From TY DANJUMA a supporter of one Nigeria, someone who has benefited so much that he has his own oil well he is a multi-billionaire. He is not doing anything with money, if anybody should have any interest in the sustenance of the zoological republic DANJUMA should be one of them, but he is not happy anymore, because now that very lion they have been feeding which is Fulani Janjaweedsm is now about to consume them that was why he said the army of Buratai is not neutral and they collude in the ethnic cleansing.

You must defend yourself because depending on the arm forces will result in them dying, if you depend on the Nigerian Army they are the terrorist themselves you will die one by one, the ethnic cleansing must stop according to this very letter to Commonwealth, am not sure they will do anything after all Baroness Cox if they use to give her £1million before they give her £5million now. I know them that's what they do, I know the man responsible for the distribution of the money he is also a member of the House of the Lords. When the time comes I will give you complete revelation as to who these people are, we will name the consultancy firms they are using in London to bribe the lawmakers so Fulani can slaughter all of you, you will not hear Boris Johnson condemn it, you will not hear the foreign office come out and say what is happening in Nigeria is wrong they will never say it because money is pumping in, there is a free oil, free gas.

When IPOB was fighting Fulani Janjaweed we were protesting, and we were rallying, we were matching telling you that death is coming to some people in Yoruba land said no leave them, secessionist, until Pa Fasoranti daughter was slaughtered by Fulani people until Fulani now occupied some forest in Yoruba land now their eyes opened. The Middle Belt was rejoicing they were against BIAFRA, they were against everything to do with BIAFRA and freedom until Miyetti Allah got into their village and their communities raped their children, abducted, dismembered them, slaughtered them, took over their land, renamed it then their eyes opened. That thing we saw many, many, many years ago you are only now discovering and I say good morning to all of you, and I welcome you with open arms now we can join forces and fight this monster together and the only thing that is making them survive, the only thing that is sustaining this Fulani hegemony is the stupidity of the some of Efulefu's buried in all these ethnic groups, but we are going to deal with all of them.

As I told you about Britain and white people if you remember long ago, I said no matter how bad they are, and I told you about England no matter how bad they are they have conscience one day they will rise up and that what is happening is bad and they have done it. That is one thing about them I told you that is one thing I admire about them, no matter how bad they are one day they will rise up and say enough is enough that was how they ended slavery. People went to court in England and argued that slave is inhuman and inhumane, and they ended it.

That you have a name today answering one Nigeria is because Britain created you, you didn't create yourself let's be honest about this. All these people telling you about being patriotic, one Nigeria am asking you did you create yourself? Nigeria is about to be 60 years old, is that correct? They said it is 60 year anniversary of Nigeria is that not correct? So how about your father that is older than 60, who is he? Or who was he? Because we are black people, our reasoning process doesn't extend beyond 1960. Ask yourself this very questions those of you clamouring for one Nigeria, saying Nigeria has to be one despite all these impunities as chronicled by the British parliamentarians. Are you telling me that something that was created or should I say came into formal existence in 1960 and has represented only misery, Nigeria only meant misery, death, ethnic cleansing genocide. Can somebody name one good thing about the zoo Nigga-area? Nothing, now why are you sustain it? That is the question any logical person will ask. When you are in a marriage that is no longer serving your interest you leave is that not correct?

The essence of having one Nigeria has been defeated there is no need for it anymore. Let people go back from where they come from before the white man came because by allowing Nigeria to continue to exist what you are doing to yourself is that you deny your heritage, your culture, who you are and your traditions. You are saying that you don't exist, you are handling all that you are your essence to the British that is what it means. You are saying oh Lord God Britain you are my creator anything you say we should do is what we are going to do.

Zoo at 60 still answering a name that nobody can actually stand up to defend and you are telling me that you matured, of course, you are not. Now, as always it will take the intervention of the white people to help us; it took the white people to stop slavery, blacks did not stop slavery white people did. Abraham Lincoln went to war to stop slavery white people did something about it, all we do as black people is to lament, to complain we never go the extra mile to put to an end to what I call established injustice.

We have an IGBO woman in the House of Commons I think is Kate Onuorah she is answering I stand to be corrected, she can not join she has collected her own money and gone to sleep, as her village has been ravaged by Fulani terrorist that is our people for you, that is who we are, is taken white people to come to Africa to save Africans from themselves the same way that US Ambassador to Nigga-area, the US Ambassador in Abuja was the one responsible for the first free and fair elections in the living memory one single white women.   Now whites are coming to save you tell me why they will not feel superior to you? Tell me why they will not feel that they own you? Because without their intervention you can not do anything whereas all it would have taken for us to change things in the zoo is Middle Belt, Oduduwa and BIAFRA rose up and saying enough is enough Fulani will flee, Fulani will runaway overnight. If you stand up tomorrow before Sunday Fulani will leave everybody alone, but they come to your village, and they bribe you you start talking rubbish it's our turn, we can salvage it.

Right now funny enough they no longer have anybody in the Middle Belt's to go to which is quite shocking, the people now yapping still the old rubbish are those from the West and from the East.

I think I read something one rubbish they wrote we are not for this secession, seceding from what I ask them? When you hear fools talk about secession, seceding from what? From a country that is 60 years old when my history teaches me that my land is over 5,000 years old? You are in a house, and the son will say Dad am seceding from you, you and your Dad is your Dad that will kick you out and say you are over 18 years old common go and look for somewhere to live. Come out and say Dad I want to secede does that make any sense? Sixty years old contraption I am older than Nigeria how can I secede from it? My uncles are older than Nigeria, and my Mum was older than Nigeria before she passed on, my Dad was older than Nigeria how can I secede from something that I am older than? I don't know where the brain of black people travels to only God can answer that, am a mortal I can not.

Let me tell TY DANJUMA something this is the long way of doing it,  you people have started very well in the Middle Belt is to apologize for what you did wrong in the past that is number one, and now you build a credible alliance. The mistake that people make in Nigeria always is when ethnic nationality want to build alliances they go back through Fulani slaves. The people that Fulani puts in power because they anticipated this time they knew it was going to come in order to preempt any outcome that will disfavour them, or might appear unfavourable to their interest they give you leaders.

So if you come to Biafraland and you want to cut a deal as to how to deal with the Fulani people and you have Nnia Nwodo, you have Edwin Clerck these are their slaves you are not going anywhere. You are not going to achieve your aims; you are not going to succeed. What people need to do is to look for like minds that is how to defeat Fulani. If you come and you are looking for the same people that are responsible for placing us where we are today, you will not make any progress none or whatsoever go and try and see, that is why Danjuma ran to white people to go and complain to them because we know as blacks only whites can do something about our plight how very shameful.

There is only one solution; the only solution is the division they know it. As long as you are with Fulani, Fulani must always try to take you over, and this is something fools will need to understand in the zoo in time to come, once you are with them one day if they don't do it their children will do it. The thing they are executing today was planned nearly 200 years ago by Usman Dan Fodio, all of you claiming one Nigeria, we want to be in Nigeria I am telling you that you are signing your death warrant, you are placing your community in jeopardy.

When Azikiwe was running around talking about one Nigeria Azikiwe he never knew a time would come when there will be operation dance, a time will come when girls are raped in Uli and cut into pieces, and nothing will happen, and he never knew that a time would come when Ebonyi state will be struggling with Miyetti Allah as to who owns Ebonyi state, he knew that a time will come when Fulani Janjaweed will impose Governor in Imo state he never knew he was fighting for one Nigeria and here we are, this generation is now living with those consequences trying to correct it and is very expensive is very costly.

Nigeria is 60 years old most of you listening to how old is your grandfather? Now, What was your grandfather's country before Nigeria came into existence? That is how I always start, and they will run away. Then I use to debate with my friends they will say oh Nigeria is 40 this year, this is happening over 20 years ago, and I will I say ok, but how old is your Mum? They said 45, and then I ask them, so what was the nationality of your mother before Nigeria came into existence? And they start scratching their heads eh, but it's God and all the rest of it. I said if it's God then why do you answer Nigga-area? Why is your name Nigeria? Why is not that thing your ancestors answered before the white man came to truly reflect that your land came about as a result of the function of a common value system which is what determines if a country should stand or not?

Who created Nigeria? A man and a woman mortal flesh. And I ask you who created Russia? You can't tell me, who created Japan? You can never tell me, who created Korea? Nobody can. Only in Africa can you name a human being as being responsible for the creation of other human beings, what an utter abomination before God and before man. If you are strong in the zoo, you come and debate us, let us destroy you.

There is a video of Boko Haram Fulani terrorist playing in their villages, they packed their cars and their AK-47 playing nobody came to bomb, nobody came to rape them, nobody came to shoot at them.

Click on the link below to watch the video:


How many of you know that there is a new terrorist group from Fulani people? Are you idiots busy watching Big Brother how many of you know that there is a new terror group funded by the Fulani people? The name is Daru Salam, do you hear about Premium Time writing about them? Do you read from Daily Trust about this deadly group? Of course no.

Imagine that in the East in Biafraland there are seven terrorist groups by now Britain will supply every known attack helicopter and fighter jets they will bomb us thy kingdom come, but you can see it with your two necked eyes Fulani they have seven terrorist groups from one tiny ethnic group, because they have spent years looting and stealing money, yet planting themselves in the military with the support of Britain the same Britain that is now crying.

DSS is in Enugu looking for who to abduct, DSS is in Owaza looking for who to abduct but in the North where they should be focusing all their resources, and energy, and attention they abandoned it. They came to the South to look for who to abduct, and they are busy chasing Biafrans.

The problem with black people exemplified by the zoo is the lack of ability to reason, the people are not reasonable, because where people are reasonable, you can not have bad leadership if a bad leader emerges they will remove the bad leader. Bad leader endure where people are themselves foolish, are you telling me that white people did not have bad leaders? Of course, they did, but they have overthrown their monarchs that said that God sent them, they killed all of them in Europe now Europe saw the light. So that's why there was a popular saying in England when I was going to school that people deserve the leadership they get because if you don't like that leadership, you remove it either through the ballot box or through revolution. If you can not do either of both, then you live with the consequences of it, that is something that blacks don't know.

Obasanjo now knows white people are coming to save black Niggas they created in Africa very very sad indeed, this is the reason why everybody must sit at home on the 1st of October. People are very very strange you complain Nigeria is not good, no light, no good road, SARS everywhere killing people, Army killing people, nobody even knows who is an Army personnel or a terrorist anymore because they all wear the khaki uniform of the Nigerian Army you all know this don't you? You know that your health care system is awful. You know that people died as a result of Covid19 starvation because they have no means to access food.

Now ask yourself, what are you going to do about it? Is a very simple question, white people are concerned about you now tell me as somebody who is in Nigga-area what are you going to do about it? There is something you can do and is not gonna cost you anything. 1st of October is around the corner you are angry, you are upset there is no need to be in your house or in your office getting angry and getting upset do something about it, do something very legal, do something that none of this Fulani Janjaweed can come after you is very simple, sit at home on the 1st of October.

Right across the entire zoological republic sit at home don't go anywhere, keep your children indoors no marching, keep off the streets to at least complement what the British parliamentarians are doing they are fighting for you, complement what Trump and his teams are doing at least they are fighting for you, you are a draining man/woman at least raise your hand up so that somebody can pull you out because you are draining already. The only thing you can do is to raise your hand up so that somebody can grab it and pull you out. On the 1st of October, you sit at home don't go anywhere, the diplomats in Abuja will ask them can't you see your people are upset? That is one simple thing you can do, and that is why we are asking people to sit at home, you must sit at home.

IPOB will come out all over the world to protest that the zoo is falling and we shall do so happily and gladly with our Oduduwa counterparts, of course, we will, as I wrote earlier on my page I now believe that credible Yoruba self-determination leadership is now beginning to emerge, I said credible those that will not fail us tomorrow they are now beginning to emerge, and we must warn very clearly if anybody thinks that they can use Oduduwa agitation at the last minute and they will say ok, people are agitating in the East, people are agitating in the West let us give it to Tinubu so that the agitation in the East can die down, at least in the West can collapse then they are mistaken. 

Because my Yoruba brethren must know this, this is the final bus stop if in any way this agitation for Oduduwa independence collapses because of Tinubu Presidency you know that the world will never ever believe you again forever and ever. You must understand that everybody must know that. That is why we say IPOB we are not going back until everybody is set free and we mean it, everybody we are going to come out on the 1st to join our Oduduwa brethren in letting the world understand that the zoo has no hope. But we don't want to hear tomorrow that they have given Tinubu Presidency and then you are slacking, and you change we don't want that, am saying it so that the whole world can hear what I am saying very very important, please.

This nonsensical reporting every time South East, every time IGBO have you been to  Igodomigodo land to see the wave IPOB is making? Have you been to Izon? Have you been to Bayesal to how many IPOB family there are? Have you been to Cross River State to see how many IPOB family there are? Have you been to Akwa Ibom State to see how formidable IPOB is on the ground? That is one thing zoo journalist they never investigate they just write junk as you give them.

If you want Fulani Janjaweedsm to stop in your village ordinary 1st of October lock up your businesses stay at home you will see what will happen. The simple thing you can do, you don't need a white person to do it for you, you don't need a white woman to come and save you you can save yourself. You are human beings, and you have brains in your skull do something, register a protest say I am not happy with what is happening sit at home, I did not say Biafraland I said Oduduwa land, I said Middle Belt sit at home because at the same time all over the world IPOB and Oduduwa will be joining together to go and protest to let the world know what is happening, now when they come they will see that is no longer BIAFRA, now they will remember Ọjukwụ they will say, but Ọjukwụ said something similar like this before in 1966 & 1967?

In Nigga-area we are going to sit at home, but all over the world we are going to come out, I want Middle Belt to come out with their own banner, come out with your flag, Oduduwa come out with your flag, of course, the whole world knows who we are already. And now white people will be asking has it gotten to this extent? Then we refer them to the letter from the parliamentarians from England to the Secretary-General of Commonwealth highlighting what is happening in the zoo if you don't stand up to say you are somewhere nobody is going to quote you that you are there this is something you need to fix in your skull.

BIAFRA existed before Nigeria did how BIAFRA can secede from Nigeria? I can't for the life of me understand how black reason, I don't know God knows.

Now, who created Nigeria? Britain, now do a little bit of research ask yourself this very simple question did Britain ever send an emissary to BIAFRA before Lugard came to creat Nigeria yes or no?  Simple question if you can do your research you will find out that Britain they had an emissary, a British diplomatic was in Biafraland before Nigga-area was created, now who is seceding from who? Britain sent a diplomatic envoy to BIAFRA before Nigeria was formed now who is seceding from who? Some of you idiots, fools you went to your useless zoo school you come out secession, they are succeeding. Britain recognizes BIAFRA before Nigeria was created for your information you zoo animals, that is why they won't debate me.

Anywhere you are you in the Middle Belt, be you in Yoruba land, be you in Biafraland if you are planning to let your children out on the 1st of October prepare their burial ground because they will die and I will tell you why. They are now tired if killing all of you in the so-called Middle Belt they are now going after your children, they are using their favourite method which is tanker explosion, they will say oh is a gas leak, is a petro leak their usual garage and you people as a black demented black monkey in Africa you swallow this garbage hook, line, and sinker. But you can't deceive IPOB, can you? Schoolchildren killed in Kogi state using tanker explosion an excuse that is what they will do to your children on the 1st of October.

Bring out your children on the 1st of October you will see what will happen to them, and they have killed them in Kogi, they packed the tanker in a primary school they know that children will die and they died. As they did in Lagos has anyone investigated the bombing in Lagos or the one in Akure? The answer is no, all of you every day is Nigeria this, Nigeria that, Big Brother, who won the election, who is going to vote, who is not going to vote you people are fools of the highest order.

There is an alert this very second, and an urgent, important message is emerging Fulani Janjaweed soldiers these are terrorist in Nigerian Army uniform, they have entered Oron in Akwa Ibom State. Through our waterways, they have come with gunboats, everywhere blazing terrorism that is the way they operate. To terrorize innocent people. They have come, now that the Boko Haram is in the Army who is the Army Officer? Who is a terrorist? Nobody knows anymore that is why I say you must treat anybody wearing Nigerian Army uniform like a terrorist until it is proven otherwise am telling you the truth. Because you don't know who is who they are in Oron, they are everywhere now Fulani some of them are from Niger, and some form Mali, some of them from Chad you don't know who is who, nobody knows where they come from, nobody has a clue because in the North there is no ID card you can do as you please their borders are open.

Do you see the missing Buratai? You can never see him again. I have told you that before, all you see is picture and video you can never see him live never again because he is gone. You see Buratai Army and all the idiots that work under that fool, let me tell you something you people don't know some of you claim you went to school. In fact, what we are going to do is to go down to all those schools you went to we are going to shut all of them down because rather teaching you how much to reason they made fools out of decent human beings, do you know that the Army and Police are part of the Fulani wider terrorist network? Do you know that Miyetti Allah is at the forefront of Fulani terrorism, are you aware of that? Are some of you even know enough to understand this? Every zoo agency is in on it, how are they in on it? Because their job is to cover-up every terrorist attack.

I want the world to understand what human beings are facing in Nigeria, what you are suffering from, your afflictions and your pains are multifaceted you don't know where is coming from. Facebook has collected their own money they have their own cash with a new office in Lagos all paid for with money from oil and gas from Biafraland, and they are against BIAFRA the same old pattern, the same old story but we are defeating them because they are children of darkness, we are prevailing over them.

Every blessed day the same news, three killed residents flee as soldiers raid a community in Rivers State. I want to ask you a question given the seven terrorist groups you have in the North has anywhere be raided by the Nigerian Army? The answer is no, but in River State they raid, and they kill. Soldiers that suppose to be protecting people they are busy killing them Fulani soldiers in Biafraland. Do you see why you must be on Twitter? We warn you to go on Twitter I know it not like Big Brother, is not like Facebook, is not glamorous, you don't gossip very well, you don't have a lot to write, but that is the platform that delivers the short sharp message that world wants to consume.

A Biafran has killed in Ebonyi did the Governor said anything? Has anyone heard Devil Umahi say anything about it? But if a Fulani herdsmen meet his waterloo in Ebonyi state you will see the Governor coming out running around, he wants to be the President, or he wants to be the vice I don't know. Do you now see how these people behave? This are the people you want us to respect? You want us to love them? Is this the quality of leadership I ask? This is what we were fighting against. 

Our daughter was killed at Uli, Fulani terrorist they raped her after raping her they cut her up into pieces did Ohanaeze say anything? Did the Governor of Anambra state say anything? Is this the leaders you are talking about? Is this the leaders I ask you? You people have no shame.

Come and campaign for 2023 and thunder will fire you, look at this girl she is dead, and the Governor is there talking rubbish all he wants us to be the President of Nigeria. Your people are being killed, your land been taken over by the Fulani every blessed day Fulani terrorist, IPOB is there fighting we are losing men in Ebonyi to save you from your idiocy and stupidity, and some idiots have the guts and temerity to stand up to criticize IPOB. Very very soon you will pay very dearly for your idiocy and stupidity, and you will go and join Fulani Janjaweed am telling you the truth.

For how long are we going to endure this? They attack you with their tanker, they attack you with Fulani herdsmen, they are in the bushes killing, Fulani Police and Army they are on the road killing, God have mercy on these people everywhere is death, anywhere you see Fulani there must be the hand of Fulani in it and all of you you tolerate them, people are dying everywhere butchered in blood daylight, you don't know who is who complete collapse society that is what you have.

I am very happy now that in Biafraland you can talk your rubbish on social media, maybe in your church just come outside and talk rubbish against IPOB you will be buried alive am telling you the truth, because the enemy within is worst than the enemy outside. Because without an enemy within the Fulani Janjaweed can not be doing what they are doing, the traitors within they are those we should be concerned about and the ones we should be dealing with an telling the truth.

Now listen to the reason why that Nigerian Army am warning them tonight, I know Buratai doesn't exist he is no longer there they are just using his name and old pictures to publish rubbish, he is no longer there he ran away we all know that, if he is dead I don't know, but he ran away. Buratai doesn't exist; that is why there is no live video, the same thing I said about Osinbanjo. 

I warned you that that boy in Aso Rock could not appear live anymore if he comes to outlive we will eat him alive. We will eat him raw IPOB is waiting, Even to UN is a recorded video we will come to that in a short while, but I want you to understand the reason why every Army Officer you see is a terrorist, you don't know if they are real or fake because we have information here from Ogun State that Police have now paraded seven fake soldiers, you don't know who a soldier is, you don't know who is a terrorist anymore in the zoo that is what he Fulani have been able to do.

Which part of the zoo are you going to discuss and leave the other? 80% of everybody working in Niger State ministry of education has a forged certificate. Now when I tell you that going to school in the zoo is an impediment some of you said is because he went to school abroad, people are wondering why it that Nigerians can not reason I want them to know that in one State in the zoo in Niger State the entire education ministry they are all not qualified to their jobs, 80% of them are working with a forged certificate, now tell me what knowledge they can impact on people who are studying under that very system or regime so to speak? Do you see why Nigerians are dumb? Those who are supposed to be teaching them are on the forged certificate they didn't go to school. That is why, in all honesty, the universities in Nigeria should be shut down, Nigeria is not developed enough to have a university.

What is it about the zoo that will make you be proud that will make you go out on the 1st of October to go and talk rubbish about one Nigeria?

Now to the very fake president Buhari, I want us to look at something this evening something very very interesting, I want you to tell me about a President anywhere in the world supposedly meant to address the UN live but they played a recorded video, they play it for you and also played it for the whole world because they are scared of Nnamdi Kanu, they are afraid of IPOB. I said to bring that idiot to live we will dissect the idiot that is how powerful IPOB is because Nigeria has no President bring him out they can't that is the might of IPOB. Proscribed, secessionist that is what they are doing to you. 

Because of IPOB that cockroach you put there Aisha boyfriend, that idiot in that place wearing a mask of Buhari can not come outside, can not do anything live anymore. Covid19 they claimed prevented him from travelling to New York to address the UN, every head of state in the world address the UN but when it came to the turn of the zoological republic Nigga-area (Nigeria) their President offered a pre-recorded video. Soyinka called him a ghost, pre-recorded video to the general assembly of the United Nations? Is God you sure you created this Nigerians? You claim you have a President he can not address the world live because of IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu, bring him out nah we have technology that is superior to yours, we will simply pinpoint all the false in the idiots. Do you think the world doesn't know? Of course, the whole world knows.

Some of you idiots President Buhari because we use to castigate them is no longer Presidency is now Buhari,  come out and talk pre-recorded Presidency, pre-recorded from the time that Buhari was alive before he died in January of 2017, in London and was flown to Saudi Arabia. We have the flight paths, don't you know that? Presidential jet left with the idiot corpse to Saudi Arabia where he was buried and since then bring out your President let him come and address the people live and answer questions no, and you claim you have a President? Intelligentsia, Intellectuals umu oko oko everywhere, idiots everywhere, baboons all over the place very very sad indeed. That is the reason why we must sit at home because anybody preaching unity or one Nigeria to you is your enemy, anybody that comes to you to talk about one Nigeria know that that person is your greatest enemy in life because those that use to preach one Nigeria like Danjuma they no longer preach one Nigeria anymore they have seen something.

The dragon flag has been raised we must defend ourselves if they kill you, you kill them back am saying it on live radio all over the world, after all the letter from the British parliamentarians recognized it, if Fulani person is claiming he is a soldier, a terrorist in uniform come to your village to kill you kill them, fake soldiers everywhere everything is fake, fake certificate.

Fake President come and speak nah let's see, you said you are not afraid of Nnamdi Kanu, you are not afraid of IPOB you can do anything come out and speak a simple challenge if you claim you have President bring out the idiot outside let him speak live, every Friday I take calls from people live they ask me questions, and I answer. Am not talking about the public, ordinary journalist asking him questions and let me see if he will survive it, fake with his Buhari plastic silicone face, in Cuba, there was a hole in his neck instead of the journalist to ask him how come that hole has gone? They no longer ask common UN address UN live you can not.

Every soldier in Biafraland is a terrorist because if you are in that uniform, we don't know what you are doing if you are coming to create a pathway for Fulani to invade us who knows?

The only thing Fulani understand is direct confrontation how many times do I have to tell you this? They know Buhari is dead, they brought up somebody put plastic on his face claiming he is Buhari to scare all of you and you are all truly scared, isn't it? 

The last of defence is IPOB, imagine if we had given up in years gone by do you think that Oduduwa would have had the courage to do what they are doing? They can now look at IPOB and say yes what IPOB is doing they are very consistent now we can do something, they know we are not going to fail, and I do hope and pray to God in Heaven that this new generation of Oduduwa agitators that they do not fail us very very important indeed, please.

Allow Nigeria to break into autonomous federations according to Yoruba Oba's, and this is how people should be thinking because they now understand that that is the solution, and I do hope and pray that this Oba's from Yoruba land will rise up and apologize to Biafrans and to Ọjukwụ in particular, because am sure that most of them were against Ọjukwụ in 1967, now that they have come round to come out openly to declare allow Nigeria to break into autonomous federations, I hope you are not doing this because of Tinubu? Maybe Fulani will say ok let's give it to Tinubu so you can calm down, we will not forgive you forever and ever. Oduduwa if they try to go back on this there will be no forgiveness forever and ever we are making it very clear. But every support they need we will give, but if they are doing all this to give Tinubu Presidency no, no we won't have it never.

Efulefu is everywhere, and I told you that Fulani people they are clever they create your own leaders for you, everybody has their own fresh share of Efulefu, but I think maybe ours is worst, to be honest with you, and that brings us to the end of our program this very day.


I want to make it abundantly clear where you can not safeguard your meeting venue, please do not hold the meeting in Biafraland, but if you can secure your grand then you can hold meetings, and you must make sure that you inform the volunteer command in your area before you hold any meetings. I don't want to hear that our meeting places are burst anymore, anyone arrested we don't need that.

All of the officers must be very very carefully this very period, and our flag has been raised, is very critical that our officers are extremely careful your movements, who you talk to on the phone and where possible, please stay off direct line.

Our officers must be safe very very safe please, you have IPOB all over the world, people can set up WhatsApp numbers for you all across the world just indicate, and it will be done, don't allow your WhatsApp number to be the same number that is on your phone that is supplying the data for you to chat with very very important, please. And only communicate via a signal, only communicate via Telegram, only communicate via WhatsApp, stop communicating or calling each other directly on the phone because they can track you that way very very important, please.



If you say that IPOB is not potent you try us, and you will see what shall become of you, the zoo today has no President because of the formidability of IPOB worldwide, bring out that idiot you claim is Buhari and we dissect the bastard, they know that very very well that is why even to UN because of us the zoo has no President, nobody to address the UN live anymore, we have rendered them impotent that is how formidable we are, and that is how formidable all of you are as well, all those of you who have to listen this evening, and I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for joining us this very day.

Once again I thank you very much for listening, and for those who can not fathom our fanaticism about BIAFRA I want you to know this very evening, morning afternoon depending on where you are that to us BIAFRA is not just a nation, it's not just a country we are fighting for to us BIAFRA is our religion if you ask me what your religion I tell you BIAFRA is. Here on Radio Biafra is where we worship because here is our temple a temple of truth dedicated to the Most High, because Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama is our God, from me from here with every love in my heart good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For  Umuchiukwu Writers

Biafra and World News

■Author:  ONYEBUCHUKWU OLUSCO (Nwa Biafra) 

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 20, Sep 2020


Good evening beautiful people great Biafrans wherever you on the face of this very planet, once again we welcome you to hopefully an exciting edition of our live presentation on this same day, this very Wednesday the 16th of September in the year of our most high Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile 2020.

I welcome you, and I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you because there are no other broadcasters indigenous to Africa that has the type of noble reach that we command, no other hosts can boost of listenership in well over 160 countries and territories around this very world only Radio Biafra. Only people who are tuned in to this same platform can partake in this offering of truth and unblemished truth that will deliver all of us from the bondage and shackles of Fulani Janjaweedsm and British neo-colonialism Into an era of freedom, an era of sovereignty, an era of self-determination and an era of hope and enlightenment.

As we dissect the very reason why we adopt the same stands and posture we have adopted from day one, which is to preach this gospel uncompromisingly,  people say we insult them. This evening I will tell you why I use the type of language I use all the time.

Our lecture this very evening is going to be very very deep, I want to tell you why I call the zoo the zoo, I also want to let you understand the reason why refer to anybody who proudly proclaimed him/herself as a Nigga-arean (Nigerian) as an animal. This evening I will prove it to you why I believe very strongly that the problem of the black people lies with how their brain malfunction, this evening I will prove it to you. If you listen very very attentively your life will never be the same again after tonight's broadcast. That is why it's very, very important and necessary that you pay attention, and pay attention very very closely.

We are going to start with our prayers because here we are nothing without the grace of Almighty in Heaven, we do not pretend to be something we are not we are mortals. The only immortal is Chukwu  Okike Abiama everything you see around will come and pass even this sun that gives us a ray of light and hope every blessed day one day it will die. The scientist I think they are saying 5billion years from now the sun itself will cease to exist it will burnout, it will die. Everything that has been made will cease to exist. Still, one entity that will continue to live forever and ever is God Almighty in Heaven that is why we give him every praise and adoration, that is why I do not worship any idol (anaghim efe arusi). Anything human-made I can not bow before itself because it can not make itself, only Elohim is deserving of praise, worship and adoration and that is why we are going to do it this very evening.

You will bow down your head wherever you are after all there is only one God in Heaven, every religion on this very earth believes in the existence of one supreme God, and is to that God we give every praise and glory this same evening morning depending on where you are.

We must pray!

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always. After which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.


I have just prayed in the oldest language on the face of this very earth, the language of the ancient, the same language they speak in Heaven. That is why Britain doesn't want us to exist because they know how deep we are as a people, but this evening as always, as ever glory must belong to the most high.

We must preach this very gospel which I promise you we are going to preach, the enemies are doing all they can go in every way possible to suppress this same truth, but they can not succeed, they can not prevail. As you all know I have been singing it like a song for very many months now that Facebook is working with the enemy but am very very glad that Biafrans are have now switched. They are listening to us via IPOB community Radio App.

We must proceed this very evening. I am going to start with the words of the man that I respect very immensely, and his name is Pa Ayo Adebanjo, one of the leaders of Oduduwa. He is a man of immense honour and integrity, a man that I respect every blessed day of my life because he is consistent. I love consistent people, people who speak the truth always regardless of the consequences. Is an elder statesman one of the few who can genuinely lay claim to that very title.

I am starting this evening with what Mr Pa Ayo Adebanjo said, and he granted an interview to a journalist. The journalist asked him a straightforward question; please listen very carefully because I said this evening am going to tell you why I call black people animals, I want to explain to you why I call Nigga-area a zoo, I want to tell you the reason why I believe that anybody who refers him/herself as a Nigga-arean is an animal. This evening you will know why I insult you for those of you who feel offended by the truth we preach on this very platform because for me I have no apology to tender, if you are foolish you must recognize your foolishness and perhaps repent from it, but if you decide to go on wallowing in stupidity and ignorance that is entirely up to you, therefore my responsibility is to call your attention to it.

What is your take on the issue of power rotation Pa Ayo Adebanjo was asked? And he said, listen very carefully please, review the constitution first, and other things will follow. Everybody believe if you don't follow the North which is Fulani Janjaweed you can't get to power because of their population which I have said is fraudulent, and they have not refuted me, the colonial people rigged the population census for them, and they have not denied it. Britain rigged the population census, and the Janjaweed in the North have not refuted it not for one single day everybody knows it is the truth.

What Pa Ayo Adebanjo is trying to bring to our attention is to lay the foundation of the fraudulent existence of the zoo, what Pa Ayo Adebanjo is trying to say is that the zoo Nigga-area Nigeria to some of you is fraudulent, in other words, Nigeria as a contraption is an exercise in futility and falsehood, not me saying it.

Now let us take it one after the other, people believe from the South before you can become a Governor you must go to the North end kneel down and bow before them they have all done it, we know Imo state very well Hope Uzodinma, we also know about Gbajabiamila the speaker of the house,  how they went to the North and kneeled before Fulani. They tied bedsheet on their heads; now I ask you this very simple question, people who behaves this way do they deserve to be called human beings that is all am asking? People, that have this type of mindset do they deserve to be called human beings? You have to go and kneel before people who were rigged into power by the British they gave them politically.

All of you from the South they have reduced you to nothing, all you do every blessed day is how do I serve Fulani Janjaweedsm in other for my family and me to survive, and we have said no to that. That is what Pa Ayo Adebanjo is saying.

Britain rigged census, Britain wanted Fulani to have power, Britain wanted to control a set of idiot am going to prove it to you later on. The reason why I insult Nigga-areans (Nigerians). I want to prove to the whole world that it's only in  Nigga-area that people go to university and they come out more stupid than when they actually gain admission. Not me saying it Pa Ayo Adebanjo is telling you Britain rigged the election. Are you telling me that Ohanaeze doesn't know that the election was rigged and population census rigged in 1953 and 1957 Is that what they are saying? Of course, they know, don't PANDEF know? Of course, they know, am calling those that call themselves elites, don't Afanifere know? Afanifere knows that the zoo Nigga-area was fraudulent from the beginning, how about Middle Belt forum do you know that the zoo was fraudulent put together from the beginning?  The answer is yes, how about Arewa forum? Arewa do you know that the zoo was fraudulent put together from the beginning? The answer is yes.

Now, why have all of you decided to continue in that fraud? Do you see why I call them animals? Only an animal will know that he is going to be slaughtered, and they are fatting him up for slaughter, and he will keep eating until one day he will be so fast that they will slaughter the animal during a festive or during a ceremony. All of them they know if you ask anybody the senior advocate, the junior advocate of law all these people if you ask them how do you best describe the foundation of Nigeria as Britain left it in 1960? they will tell you it was fraud everybody knows that.

Britain lied, Britain wanted people they can control, Britain can not control Oduduwa, Britain can not control Biafrans they needed people they can control. After all, there was no war of colonization in the North, when I mean North I mean Arewa core Sharia North the Janjaweed territory. As soon as they saw the white man they rolled over there was no war, Benin empire fought to the last man, we fought, ecumecu was formed eventually, and we fought every inch of the way, Yoruba fought to an extent, the Janjaweed never fought anybody. 

Now all of a sudden America is saying we will impose sanction on anybody who rigs' election in the zoo. Britain out of shame that woman out of shame followed suit oh we would also deny a visa to every election riggers. So you all know both the US and Britain that they have been rigging from day one? You know they rigged the election every 4 4 years fools will line up and ask you to go and vote. They know that the solution lies in you boycotting the electoral process they understand it, but they will never let you because you are foolish.

You vote they rig, you vote they rig, and you keep on voting are you not an idiot I am asking people? You keep voting, and they keep rigging putting whoever they like. Hope Uzodinma was the final insult, from 4th to 1st before your eyes. You still have the temerity sense of idiocy to say go and vote. But they know the solution doesn't lie in voting, why? Because Britain corrupted that process since 1957 they corrupted it till today, do you see why I call Nigerians fools? Why do I call them animals? Because they can't reason, they can not reason very well.

When I see a monkey on the television, we the elites umu Okoko we the elites I laugh at them because they know nothing, and our job here is to expose their limited intellect and the abundance technology of their stupidity. These are the things they need to understand, and I thank Pa Ayo Adebanjo for this, I thank him so much for this.

Now let me go to the real cross of the matter why Pa Ayo Adebanjo said what he said. He said it from experience, and he said it from conviction. 

There is a video I want to be posted now; the person who composed it titled it bullets of the harmless rabbit presents a slap to Christians. 

Please click on the link below to watch the video clip: 👇👇

There is somebody contesting in Edo election, and I want people to listen very carefully why I say that Nigerians are animals, animals are better than them. Write everything am saying down go back and reflect upon it, now listen carefully, this man is a pastor he is contesting in an election in Edo and am going to play something for you to try to comprehend the gravity of the idiocy and submissiveness to mediocrity. 

This English has come again, and I need to try and calm down. I forgot that our mothers are listening. Grandmothers are listening is not that we can not mess up English language if we want to, but there are people who are listening in the villages so we try to bring it down so that everybody can follow what we are saying.

Somebody his name is Pastor Ize-Iyamu contesting for APC in Edo state, now listen and listen very attentively you are going to be shocked. This man went to the North he wants to be the Governor of Edo state, he knows that Fulani has the power to rig anybody into office, they have the power they control the DSS, they control the Army, they control the Police, they control the Court system everything is in their hands everybody knows that. And all of you know it, you claim you are educated, but you have done nothing, you claim you went to school your brains are empty.

Am asking all of you that claim you went to school what am asking you is this, are the judiciary, police, Army DSS not corrupted yes or no? If they then do they have any power to get anybody into office regardless of the consequences? The answer is no. After all Hope Uzodinma came from 4th to 1st.  that even supreme Court been presided over by Fulani people they went outside INEC register to calculate their own vote and gave Hope Uzodinma victory, all of you are just Intellectuals am an intellectual, we the elites umu oko oko, useless fools and cowards that can not rise up to say that what they have done is wrong and they stand on it. You call them you give them an assignment, you appoint their children into position, and they just forget about it, they think that is how we are how mistaken they are.

I want the world to understand that the worst graduate on this earth is a graduate from a Nigeria University, from a zoo University they are useless to the core. They pretend they know something they know nothing their brains are empty. Now he is a Pastor they are giving him tithe and offering to call Jesus of Nazareth, every blessed day Jesus of Nazareth let us see the God he is calling now he is in the North, about to be crown the Governor of Edo state, all of you know APC will win Edo state who doesn't know that? I know them they will give it to them if not at the ballot of course when they get to the Court they will give it to him.

He wants to be Governor not to Edo people, and he has gone to the North to go and get power from the powers that be those that Britain handed power over to. From a Christian Pastor Allahu Akbar, he wants to be a Governor, and people will say he is our Excellency, our executive Governor do you see how foolish people are in Africa? He knelt down, and they are shouting Allahu Akbar he has converted, he is now a Muslim Allahu Akbar. They prayed a prayer of Islam on his head this is the truth Facebook don't want you to hear, the truth the zoo doesn't want the world to hear, but we preach it here on this platform fearlessly, Islamic prayers for a Christian Pastor.

Now I want to say to the whole world that this is the extent of the stupidity of the black man there is no principal, no consistency none whatsoever, everybody wants to feed their stomach after stuffing your stomach full with loot you now feed your children. That is why they have no honour, no integrity absolutely none, do you see why I call them animals do now understand me? A Pastor he has converted to Islam because of the election because Fulani will rig him into power because Britain will do nothing. Britain gave Fulani the power they can do whatever they like, and they can kill Fulani bandits can slaughter everybody Britain can never ever say a word never they have been compromised.

Now, do you understand it? A Pastor in Edo state election has now converted Allahu Akbar. They are now reciting a creed of Islam over his head he wants to get into power. Do you see how they roll in Africa? Do you see why Africa is very poor? People have no principal stands on any issue, nobody believes in anything and says on this thing I stand come hell or high water, that is why they endlessly spend their time speculating on what I am doing and what we are going to do. Do you understand it now? He is Pastor that was what Pa Ayo Adebanjo said because I went to school I am learned I can put things together when Pa Ayo Adebanjo said that thing I had to go somewhere to go and look for proof and evidence and here is the proof and the evidence. They have to go to the North I didn't want to refer to what Hope Uzodinma did, I didn't want to reference what Obiano did, I didn't want to reference what Gbajabiamila did I am going to what is happening now not in the past.

This evening every point I give you you will agree with me that no group of people living under such condition should be worthy of being called human beings, not worthy at all.

Let me tell you what Oshomole said about him, his godfather that brought him out Oshomole said that this man who now left Christianity to go and join Islam because he wants to win the election in Edo state he said he never had in his life see somebody or heard of a liar greedy, corrupt, deceitful, and a self-centred person like Ize-Iyamu a fraudster masquerading himself as a Pastor these are the word of Oshomole.

Now the question is why is Oshomole then supporting him? Why is it that somebody who is in Lagos State is worried about Obaseki and now asking you to vote for Ize-Iyamu? Because he himself is a Muslim, so if they get a Muslim Governor in Edo state all good for them, whereas some of you are looking at Nigga-area as a country they see it as a religious enclave. And as I have said to some of you before the leader of Islam in the zoo is the Sultan. The royalty of Tinubu is not to Afanifere, not to the Ooni of Ife, not to the Alaafin Of Oyo his royalty is to the Sultan of Sokoto if you don't know let me tell you now. Because for them, religion takes present over every other aspect of life that is why they want a  Muslim in Edo state Government house, do you understand it? And am going to all of this up. If you are following and taking your note, I am going to tie all of this things up so you can see the game plan of the Janjaweed and those they are using to perfect their mission of conquest of the South.

You know that Britain themselves instituted rigging in the zoo from day one, how do you expect that country to be developed? They know that Fulani is the most backward, the least educated, they are not creative; they know that very well. Why do think Britain gave power to Fulani? Is to impoverish all of you and make your life a misery forever and ever you don't know that? Don't you know that I am asking you? The truth must be spoken. I speak it without any fear before any bagger wherever you are.

I have the name of who poisoned Dora Nkem Akunyili, I have the name and how they poisoned her, and you will be shocked. Are an IGBO man and his wife that poisoned Dora Nkem Akunyili because he wants to be the President, I have his name, and I will reveal it very soon, I have all the facts and the details how Dora Nkem Akunyili was poisoned. Is exactly the same nonsense, do you want to be President? Then go and kill your sister and they did, that's exactly the same thing they want to try with us they think they can come in through the backdoor and bribe a few idiots to try to destabilize IPOB from within, I said to them bring it on! Come and try it, you will be eaten alive come and try it let us see. 

An IGBO man with his wife killed Dora Nkem Akunyili because she said that Yar'Adua has died are you aware of that?

They have an election in Edo all of sudden trader money has come out for Edo women, you see how they buy your vote and your conscience? So that when they rig it you can not talk. That is why they do what they do, so when they rig the election, you can not talk they are now using traders money. Anywhere else in the world that is civilized that mask-wearing little boy will be in jail, they will jail all of them for election interfering, for rigging! I want the world to understand this evening that those that call themselves Intellectuals I want the world to understand how foolish they are and what is happening in the zoo.

On Eve of the election, you are releasing money to go and bribe people and every baboon, every monkey with a degree in the zoo is there looking like the idiots they are doing you see why I insult you? Now you understand it, don't you? Mad people everywhere. Ndi ara (lunatics everywhere) we are the elites, laughed 😂🤣😂 a monkey with a jacket, elite my foot.

Once you collect the money and they rig the election, you come out on the street to protest they will say oh after eating our money you are coming to protest as they did to Sowore they will shoot you, do you see how they roll in the zoo? Do you see why Nigeria is a disgrace to humanity? Do you understand it now why I insult these baboons from the zoo?

Is only now that the United Kingdom is waking up, they said if you are caught rigging the election we are going to penalize you. Is it now? When Biafrans were disenfranchised in Lagos, did you do anything?  EU observers they came they saw that pooling station where Biafrans were in high concentration were burnt and destroyed by Tinubu taunts in Lagos, everybody saw it, in Abuja the same thing, in Kano the same thing, in Kaduna the same thing, in Zaria, it happened before your eyes Intellectuals ooO that is why I call you monkeys. Before your eyes you have disenfranchised the same thing that Mandela was fighting for one man one vote in South Africa, in your zoo in blood daylight despite the fact that white was there, foreigners were there, white people from Europe came yet they burnt your pooling stations. You did a video on social media what is happening is not good oh, the next day you wake up in the morning as foolish as you are asking us to go and get our PVC as if PVC has ever made any difference.

Was it not how Obiano went to Jubril and took off his cap to bow before him so they can rig him back into Anambra Governor's Lodge? Didn't all of you saw it? People were asking oh but why are you removing your cap nah? He wanted to pledge his royalty. Was that not the same reason why Obiano has to send some people from APGA to go and beg that Efulefu in Chief in our land Arthur Eze to go and beg him because Arthur Eze says to him for embarrassing me you are going to be probed in office, because he has some Fulani friends they will probe him. He sent some APGA people to go and beg Arthur Eze do you think we don't know all this nonsense? That is the zoo for you; everybody is now in fear of Fulani.

Am insulting you because you are lower than animal and I have proven it to you haven't I? 

The same place where you were disenfranchised in blood daylight, you are now coming out saying am campaigning for IGBO Presidency. The same place you were not allowed to vote, how foolish can people be for goodness sake?

That woman has spoken ooO the Jezebel in Abuja that sees no evil and condemns it because she is corrupt, people are dying the British Government has not taken any Official stands on the terrorism of the Fulani people in the zoo because if this woman. Because of her, nothing has happened her name is Catriona Laing CB, a woman for that matter filed with evil, supporting Fulani terrorism in blood daylight, no word of condemnation not one single word from Britain that created that monstrosity called Nigga-area. You have seen it she is a woman I don't know if she has a child or not, a woman, you will expect mothers to have some measure of consciousness, and am asking this woman when they are raping women of your age and abducting their daughters as a woman are you not touched? Are you not moved? Or they gave you so much money that you can not speak? Now you understand them very well don't you? Lunatics everywhere.

We must preach this gospel of Heaven in truth and every honesty. I am under oath to Chukwu Okike Abiama to speak the truth always regardless of the consciousness, and that is what I do. That is why I never built any cabal, and I don't believe in all these people building their own little gangs, little cabals I call you in the night are you with me? Rubbish! If you do what is right, you will remain with me any day you misbehave you are out. Even those that claim they know me, they are close to me, I am harsher on them than any other human being.

Tell me where else in the world the same level of impunity, carnage, lawlessness and deprivation of life is going on, and the UN hasn't said anything? That Trump actually manages to speak was by force contrary to what some of his advisers were telling him because the zoo is busy sharing money to everybody, sharing money to all of them.

This subservient to have continued till this very day and I will tell you something, there was a movie that was made by Pete Edochie, I didn't want to comment on this very movie, but I have to be forced to do so. The  Shia people have been persecuted; it doesn't matter what your religious affliction may be. The way that El Zakzaky has been treated is awful, and I will keep campaigning for his release, he has done nothing wrong.

Do you know that they gave money to Pete Edochie to go and do movie casting Shia as a terrorist? And am sure if they increase the money he will do one on IPOB as well. And I want to ask anybody has anyone see Shia militia anywhere with guns attacking people or blowing up people anywhere? Have ever seen such thing happen as Boko Haram has been doing? He didn't do a movie on Boko Haram, and he didn't do a movie on El Rufai that said he was paying foreign Killers to stop killing people in Southern Kaduna no he didn't do it. That's the thing about black people when you are down, that is when they prefer to kick you.Ezekwereogu John Because you know nobody is speaking for El Zakzaky, you know that his group has been persecuted you collected money from the Janjaweed to do a movie to demoralize them. So is not just the politicians who are now going to the North, even movie actors as well.

Why didn't you do a movie about Aisha Buhari and the corruption in Halliburton? Is only Shia that you remembered because they have been persecuted, that is black people for you, that is our nature and is very very horrible is very bad, anybody who is in support of that very nonsense by Pete Edochie I feel sorry for you, you have no soul, and you have no conscience. You have no conscience that is why you are black and evil, any other place in the world you will see white people campaigning for El Zakzaky to be released from detention. He lost his children, he was injured blinded in one eye, and the only gift you can give him is to demoralize him, has El Zakzaky killed any Biafrans in the North? Has El Zakzaky bombed any church in the North before? You are doing a movie to demoralize him because you took money and tomorrow you will say you are an elder, mad people everywhere "Ndi Ara". You don't know who we are we speak the truth always.

Only the North is qualified to handle the sensitive post in Nigga-area from a Fulani man -- Garba Shehu who is Senior Special Assistant, Media and Publicity to whoever is wearing the mask. That was the one that Aisha chased away and then later came back, they are part of the cabal presenting every fake news to the zoo and fake pictures, and you are goblin it up like the animals you are. Now listen very carefully, Only the North is qualified to handle the sensitive post in Nigga-area according to Garba Shehu, only the North is qualified which means only the Fulani is qualified, and this North includes IGBO people as well in Benue State, so you don't know that IGBOS are Northerners as well? That's what they are trying to equalise by bringing Dangote Lori load of Alamagiri into our land, do you understand it now?

Now listen very carefully, if you want to know those who are qualified for anything you start from with basic education is that correct? Let us start with basic simple education, now if only the North is qualified to handle sensitive position on what basis I ask? After all, Anambra, Imo, Enugu, Lagos, Delta, Ogun, Abia, Edo, Osun, Oyo, Ondo, Aka Ibom, Kwara, Ekiti no Northern State is here. Those doing well academically No1 is Anambra, everybody listening I want them to understand when we say that black people are foolish this is the simple example.

Anambra is  No1, but Anambra is not entitled to hold any sensitive position, but on the same table the last state is Yobe they are entitled to sensitive positions, tell me what type of God created such place? God can't create such a place. Despite the fact that we are the most intelligent do you know that Biafrans are not on the list of Judges? I am astonished. Biafrans are not on the list of Judges to the extent that a group rose up to say we are taken you to court, how come people who academically they are No1 they are not qualified to be Judges it's those that didn't go to school, those that went to recite Quran they are in the bar, Allahu Akbar and they move them to the bar. Do you understand them? This is a place that a human being that claims he is a Prof, somebody who claims am an intellectual, am an elite will wake up in the morning and say I am a Nigerian.

The more you talk about sustaining one Nigga-area, the more miserable your idiotic life becomes. You are not fit to be Judge, but you are No1 in terms of academic qualification, in everything you are No1. The whole world from time immemorial they know how special we are, the hatred that Britain has for BIAFRA am not even sure that it can be exhausted in this life they will take it over to the next life. Why do you think that is the case? Because we are intelligent naturally gifted, that most intelligent race in Africa is not qualified to be Judges on the bench and you are telling me that all is well?

We are preaching the gospel of Heaven as Elohim directed us to preach I don't know how to preach this gospel so that people can understand. Do you see how slowly but surely from 2015 till now how Fulani have usurped and rendered everybody useless and hopeless? People should try and understand us please they should. They owe us an apology, and I think that majority of the zoo idiots that doesn't understand what we are doing they owe us an apology. So all these years they have been running down the petroleum sector NNPC refinery everything it's to give a monopoly to one of them to Dangote, so today brazenly in the open, I even heard Otedola bought Ferrari for his children based on Biafraland oil, so when I see the Ijaw man who is misguided, the same idiot from Ogoni when they talk rubbish, I will say to them Otedola has bought his children 3 Ferrari cars, one of them is more than the entire Ogoni budget for five years, and you are busy talking nonsense every day.

Otedola manages to buy the cars for his daughters based on the oil and gas coming from Biafraland, but you as a complete traitor and idiot you can not see it you are blind. They have given Dangote a licence he is building a refinery, and after that, he will sell the petrol to everybody at exorbitant price, Fulani will also control the resource in our land, unbelievable they control us religiously, they control us socially, they control us cultural, politically everything that is why I say this present group of leadership especially those in Ohanaeze is worst the world has ever seen.

In blood daylight they have intellectuals Dangote is building a refinery, and that refinery is going to sell petro to everybody at the going rate all over the world in blood daylight, what happened to the four refineries? Why are they Moorabbin? Because Fulani is in charge of all them. And this is the people who should be holding sensitive positions, and I ask my people upon till when are you going to wake up? All of you, are we that foolish? When will you rise up and say no to this level of mediocrity? When do I ask you? Ndi ara when? Four refineries shutdown and is going to get worst. 

Dangote was giving free lane a monopoly, the richest man in Africa a monopoly. A man who's job is to launder money for corrupt politicians in the zoo everybody knows that, nobody is investigating him, nobody no soul, now you understand it don't you? Elites you see the mess you are in? Am talking to the so-called elites. You clamp dictionary for two or three days you will come out and say you are an elite, you carry office file am be walking around like a sheep 🐑. Dangote is building a refinery he has a licence; nobody else was given the license. The same thing Obasanjo did during the mobile phone revolution they never gave any license to any IGBO man. You come out the next day am a Nigerian, I belong to Nigeria, this one Nigeria, what IPOB is doing you should caution Nnamdi Kanu, you are an idiot.

Dangote has a monopoly over everything, over your life. And see how Fulani are cooperating as they are overwhelming all of you they corporate they sponsor their bandits, they sponsor their terrorists, they sponsor their herdsmen all together one, no traitor within them they are all walking, you can never see anybody from there come out to criticize the monopoly of Dangote if it's in the South you will see every idiot will come out and be talking rubbish, fools everywhere.

There is a law in the United States of America that says anybody who operates a monopoly anywhere in the world once your leg touches US soil you will be jailed for 25 years, I don't if that law is still there. This man who is a criminal of course he is, runs a monopoly in the zoo you are all happy calling him Africa richest man, I bet if this man was a Biafran oh my God people in his village would rise up against him, do you see how foolish all of you are?

Look at how all Fulani ministers, the Fulani presidency everybody is behind him can you Efulefu you learn something from Fulani? He is going to build a refinery and how much is petro in the world market? So when he finishes he will sell petro at  #500 naira per litter, and if you protest they will arrest you, they will kill you, and Britain will say nothing because Britain is also benefiting from this fraud, now do you understand it? I don't hate anybody am just telling you the truth. They close four refineries for one Fulani man to go and build his own.

Facebook has shut down my notifications they don't notify people when I post, they wrote to me, and they said to me we are going to suppress your page because you said that Buhari is dead, can you believe that? They wrote to me we are going to suppress your page because you have been saying that Buhari is dead and according to one Yoruba boy and one Of IGBO boy Buhari is not dead, and I said save me all this hassle bring him out and I will resign from my position nobody can, these days they even photograph him without his hands anymore.

Dangote is building a refinery that will sell petro to you at the rate of #500 to you per litter, petro that comes from Biafraland and people from there they are saying they want Presidency, they want one Nigeria. Oh dear, I am it in the cow meant that you eat that has turned your brain upside down you can no longer reason properly?

Why would you shut down four refineries to allow one single Fulani man to have a monopoly over refined Petro why? Ask yourself that questions mad people everywhere. They have shut down four refineries to enable a Fulani man to have a private refinery and to keep answering the richest man in Africa.

This are the people that said they most hold sensitive positions like NNPC, are you seeing what they are doing? Are you observing what they are doing?  And somebody will wake up and say I am an elite, I am a Prof and I believe in one Nigeria. And I keep asking what it is about the zoo you believe in? Tell me one thing that is good about the damnable zoological republic name one thing? God, are you punishing us or what? Why miss us with Fulani?  What type of Punishment is this? I don't understand. What is this? What type of idiocy, what type of stupidity is this? Have anyone seen this type of foolishness anywhere in the world? You have four refineries you close them down, and you shut them down you gave your brother a contract to go and build a refinery so you can sell petro at #500 per litter.

They said they want to hold sensitive positions, Fulani must hold sensitive, sensitive positions that is what they said. Now they are in the Army, Fulani is the head of the Army so they claim that nobody can see, of course, Fulani you are the head of the Army how many years have you been fighting insurgency?  Who is the insurgency? Fulani, who the once fighting them? Fulani, who are the ones recruiting terrorist into the Army? The same Fulani. Have they succeeded? These are the people that came last in the table of knowledge and intelligent in the zoo. They are at the bottom, they are at last, but they have the audacity to open their mouth to say that they should be holding sensitive positions that were what they said.

And here they are Nigerian Army incompetent to tackle insurgency, but they are in Aba arresting people? They are in Biafraland shooting and arresting people the whole world can see it, and the British High Commissioner can see all these atrocities, the US Ambassador can see it, nobody is calling them and asking them what are you doing in peaceful Biafraland? Since you have Army and Police with a gun to fight why don't you go to Sambisa Forest and fight Boko Haram and Fulani banditry? They will not say it, but you have intellectuals, and that is why call them zoo, that is why I call them animals because they can not reason properly.

Please wherever you are clapping for the zoo they have now made it to No3, now I want everybody to please congratulate the Presidency in Aso Rock for making it into the No3 in the world most terrorized nations index, they are in No3 over, and above Somalia, we must clap for them, they have done very very well I want you to clap for them. This is people that came in telling you they are going to fight insurgency, Buhari is a strange man.

"The more you are in the zoo, the more you have been swallowed by Fulani Janjaweed."

This is the final insult on the zoo, and I want the world to understand that when somebody comes to you and say I am a Nigerian please spit on him/her face. You are looking at something beneath an animal, get a chain and tie around the person's neck and start dragging them like a donkey because they are animals am telling you that truth.

Why do I say what I say? It's this very news coming now. You can not make this up do you know what the news is? Lawyer Sues Supreme Court For Failure To Comply With A Request Pursuant To The Freedom Of Information Act, 2011, have you heard of such rubbish before? Like NNPC and Fulani Janjaweed. Please listen carefully the lawyer is suing the Supreme Court who's the job it's to interpret the law,  I have never heard of such nonsense in my life because supreme Court who know better there is something called freedom of information act you can request for information, somebody wrote to Supreme Court requesting for information and Supreme Court doesn't want to comply. The Supreme Court who supposes to be interpreting the law is refusing to obey the law; somebody is suing Supreme Court to Court.

In Aba earlier this evening people were arrested, and nobody will see it, everybody has gone blind intimidation, harassment, extrajudicial killing, detention without trial all the same. And in Abia state especially because the Judges and the Police they are in together, the Police Commissioner in Abia state they are making money, wherever you see them arrest them, they will come, they will pay money we grant them bail, keep arresting them that's how we are going to make money. And all of you now you are dumb you are quiet, you have gone deaf you can not see the injustice been done to innocent people.

I am holding the Abia state persecutor responsible for this, and I am holding the Chief judge of in Abia state responsible for this, all of you who are involved in the arresting of our people making money I am holding all of responsible for this, you will pay dearly for it be rest assured, you will see what is going happen.

People are protesting in the North destroying properties, no arrest gas been done, but in Biafraland when you see young people, you arrest them.

We are going to build BIAFRA in such a way that even Angels from Heaven will take permission from God to come and live in Biafraland because it will be the exact replica of Heaven, common sense that is why Britain doesn't love us.

We hit them hard over this Presidency rubbish now they are putting the name Buhari, if you are Buhari come outside, is a challenge if you claim you are Buhari come outside let's meet you. You are hiding changing from one mask to the other with your boyish hands, but am glad that at least Wole Soyinka has spoken, Wole Soyinka called him a ghost he doesn't exist, that is what Wole Soyinka said.

You people think you can deceive everybody you can not deceive IPOB, you can not deceive Biafrans you can do all that your rubbish use British diplomatic cover to be covering nonsense, you can cover that garbage all you like you can not deceive us. 

I ask Oduduwa, BIAFRA, Middle Belt can Fulani defeat us? If the answer is no, then ask yourself what is holding you? What is stopping these people from saying enough is enough? What is stopping us from saying enough is enough? Is that blackness in us, that African idiocy.

In the North gunmen have killed DSS Officer, ask them did they go there to go and arrest the whole village or shoot at everybody? The answer is no, then why are you doing it in Biafraland? Britain will not see this one and ask the question. Gunmen killed DSS Officer after payment of 25milion naira ransom in Katstina. Katstina the suppose home if the idiots Daura.

And let me also use this opportunity to warn every family, if we find out that your family that any of your son or daughter is working for DSS and the idiot is foolish enough to join them in any raid against our people whatever they see they will take. I understand there is one idiot in Enugu running around and his family is making noise in Ebonyi we will find them we will deal with you, you can not go and kill Boko Haram is to come and kill your own people ndi ara.

Buratai have you seen him on a video live anywhere? The answer is no he doesn't exist, he is gone missing and will never come back as I told you before, how about Mamman Daura? Have they spoken about him again? You know they are afraid, they are afraid that if they announce that Mamman Daura is dead, Nnamdi Kanu will make another prediction about another person who will die, so they are scared.

For the very first time, Ohanaeze released a statement that sounded like a statement from human beings, and the funniest thing is that this statement they issued is a vindication of everything that IPOB has been saying years, now the only thing left is for Ohanaeze to come out to say that they apologize for Phyton Dance ll, for what they on 14th of September 2017.

Please click on the link below to read the full statement from Ohanaeze, is worth reading very very important and interesting: 👇

There is a group of people they are Yoruba people they want to leave to join the Yoruba in the West, and I commend them for that, they are Okun people of Kogi state, and there is something I want Ohanaeze to do I am giving them this advice live on-air and other social, cultural groups. Some of you don't know that when they talk about the North that Britain gave a part of our land to the North as well, there are IGBO people in the so-called North can you believe that? They are, especially in Benue State, we know our people are there Idoma, Igede we are related we are the same people, and we are all part of BIAFRA we know that. And in that same Benue State which has been included as the North, there are IGBO there as well some of you don't know.

That is one of my anger or should say one the grudges I hold against Ohanaeze, there are IGBO people in Benue State you can not go and claim them, but Afanifere has gone and claimed their people in Kogi, you can not go and claim your people. This is IGBO people, an abomination maybe that is why Chukwu Okike Abiama is angry with us.

IGBO land starts from Benue all the way to Opobo, the founder of Opobo as King Jaja of Opobo from amigo,. That is why they speak IGBO in Opobo till tomorrow morning, now you understand it don't you?

People must understand what we are doing in IPOB we are not a village meeting, there is no democracy it's command and control, power flows from the top to down, not from down to the top. If you focus on what you have lost, you might lose everything that is why in IPOB when you fall out you are gone we continue. When somebody drops off we multiply, and we continue, we are not in any democracy of any sort, if you want democracy you wait for BIAFRA to come.

We don't look back we move forward, our calling is divine because the truth is what most people find difficult, but that is what we preach on this very platform, that is why I don't believe in building cabal and having a favourite, everybody in IPOB is my favourite I don't have any favourite why should I? There is no favourite in IPOB it's the largest mass movement in the whole world they can be no favourite, the job you do determine how you are placed.

We don't have a volunteer in foreign land please, anybody telling you about volunteer or any security outfit in a foreign land it's no, no, no. If you want to serve in the volunteer command you go back home, you go back to Biafraland, and you serve under one flag, under one banner, under one command do you understand? No volunteers abroad and with that, we have come to the end of our program this very day.

Once again I thank you all very much, as you all may know everything I say I don't say it out of malice, everything that I say is burn out of the need to educate, to enlighten our people. As a matter of fact, if I don't love you, I will not speak to you the way that I do, I only want you people to change that's all. So that we can take our pride of place in the whole world, we can make things happen, we can make life favourable and bearable for our people, we can build sound civilized societies that our children and their children will be very proud of, that is what we are doing nothing is burn out of hatred, as a matter of fact when you check everything that we are doing, after all, is said and done we even love you more than you love yourself, that is why to us IPOB is divinely ordained to do this very work, and that is why I have no religion for your information, my religion is BIAFRA, so it's with every hardcore all over the world, our priority in life is BIAFRA restoration everything else is secondary.

Here on Radio Biafra is where we worship because Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama is our God, and from me from here with the abundance of love in my heart it's good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For  Umuchiukwu Writers