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| IPOB PRESS RELEASE | 15/02/2019

IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu

It is important we notify the world at large and the indefatigable global IPOB  family in particular that our supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has called-off the election boycott in Biafraland. After a brief emergency session of the Directorate of State (DOS) late last night presided over by our leader, where it was determined that all our terms and conditions had been met by those wishing us to lift the ban on voting, it was unanimously agreed that the boycott should be lifted. The signed document agreeing to IPOB terms and conditions are in our possession and will be made public in due course.

We can, therefore, state with the utmost sense of responsibility and pride that IPOB has accomplished what no other people or group has been able to do in the history of our people. Without prejudice, this will go down as the defining moment when the irreversibility of the restoration of Biafra was firmly entrenched in the subconscious of all and sundry. As a result of which we can state categorically that Biafra is a lot closer than we think as a result of this.

Our detractors and opponents have also realised that IPOB is a super-structure that can't be blackmailed nor intimidated into conceding an inch without getting what they want. We regret the lateness of this agreement that led to the calling off at the eleventh hour but it must be seen as a negotiating ploy designed to wear IPOB down which failed woefully. We stood very firm and got every concession we asked for in line with what our leader outlined in numerous recent broadcasts.

If there were any doubt before regarding the potency of IPOB, this successful outcome has dispelled all of it. Therefore it is full steam ahead towards Biafra restoration because IPOB has achieved something most people thought was impossible. IPOB worldwide has proven that the impossible is achievable with dedication and demonstrable sense of purpose.

Our leader made it clear on many occasions that unless our terms are met the elections will be boycotted. Having met those conditions, our leader triumphantly lifted the boycott late last night.

The leadership hereby commend the worldwide IPOB family, especially our legendary volunteers, our fathers, mothers, and e-warriors that battled the enemy to a standstill. We salute their doggedness, resoluteness, and resilience towards this fight for Biafra freedom and this greatest achievement we have so far made.

Therefore, we wish to inform the world that our preconditions and demands which we set out to accomplish from the onset, has been conceded to and taken care of without much alteration. Our struggle for total Biafra independence has been enhanced as a result of this.


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Biafra and World News
Biafra; Nnamdi Kanu remains the only solution to Nigeria's problem

     | Published Tuesday, February 12, 2019 | 14:45 CET

Among all these voices demanding change in Nigeria, the loudest remains that of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. They have been killed for their quest for Biafra. They have matched one million men on the streets to demand a better Nigeria, a better Africa.

They have chosen civil disobedience as their weapon, and that has gained them recognition among the international community. Their ideology of a free Biafran state, would return Nigeria back to the drawing board and avert the impending doom.

Can Nnamdi Kanu’s Quest for Biafra Save Nigeria From Doom? Is Nigeria headed towards doom? These important questions are what this article seeks to answer. It also leaves room for other opinions. The name Nnamdi Kanu is not one that is new to most people in Africa and the world at large. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, as he is called by his IPOB followers, can be said to be one of the greatest agitators for freedom in Africa. His agitation for a peaceful secession of Biafra has gained him and IPOB a level of international respect and recognition.

Biafra, on the other hand, remains a name and event that can’t be erased from the minds of many in the world. Nigeria’s history can never be completely told without the mention of Biafra – particularly the Nigerian-Biafran war of 1967-1970. In 1967, a civil war broke out between The Old Eastern Nigeria and the rest of the country. The Old Eastern Nigeria took Biafra as the name of their new state. This new state was led by Colonel Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu.

History will recall that the people of the old eastern Nigeria, were killed in their thousands in 1966, after a coup and a counter-coup. The majority of them were from the Igbo tribe. These mass killings convinced the Igbo that they were not wanted in Nigeria. The war which started in 1967, lasted for three years and ended in 1970. The war till today remains one of the greatest accounts of genocide in Africa.

After the war, the Igbo continued to be subjugated, economically, politically and otherwise. But the majority of the Igbo concealed their war scars and integrated back into Nigeria. One could say that they suffered in silence. They suffered a lack of infrastructural development among many other things.

After over 50years after the war, nothing had really changed for them. If you put aside their sheer will to be successful, their region would actually still look poor and backward. But the Igbo and their brothers went to work to build wealth for themselves again. History records that those who had their money in Niara were given only 20 pounds by the Nigerian government, no matter how large your savings were.

After the war ended, Nigeria went from one Military regime to the other. And out of fear and “defeat syndrome,” the Igbo never spoke of Biafra again. But in 1999, the quest for a new Biafran state was started by a man called Uwazurike. His group was called MASSOB. He protested the continuous killing of Igbo in the North. Uwazurike agitation has died down considerably. And that is a topic for another day.

Before his arrest on 18th, October 2015, by the Nigerian DSS, Nnamdi Kanu had actively campaigned for the secession of Biafra, from London. He was the major voice of Radio Biafra. Millions of Ndi Igbo tuned in daily to listen to his ideology and teachings. It is believed that he opened the eyes of millions of Ndi Igbo to the rights they should be enjoying as citizens of a country. Many loved what he was saying, and followed him. That followership is what resulted in the number of IPOB protesters Nigerians often see on the streets.

The agitation for Biafra by IPOB and majority of the Igbo reached a boiling point on September 14, 2017. On that day, the Nigerian armed forces attacked Nnamdi Kanu in his father’s compound, in Afaraukwu, Abia state. After what seemed like the allied forces invading Germany, the soldiers failed in their attempt to silence him. It was reported that many of his followers lost their lives while defending his home. Others lost their lives as a result of a clampdown by the armed forces. This show of force was called the python dance.

For one year, it seemed like he had been eliminated during the renowned python dance. But Nnamdi Kanu’s speech from Israel on Friday, October 20, 2018, brought great joy to his followers worldwide. And ever since that day, his gospel about Biafra freedom has been as unshakable as it was before his disappearance.

Ever since Nnamdi Kanu became popular with his campaign for a Biafran state, the nation has been divided in opinions and ideology. Many in the South support his ideologies, while others in the North and also the South do not. He is accused of plotting to divide Nigeria. He is seen as a threat to Nigeria’s sovereignty.

But then, the question remains: Has Nigeria’s sovereignty being beneficial to those who call themselves Nigerians since 1960?

The answer is No!!!

When you look closely at Nigeria, from a non-sentimental point of view, one would agree that things are falling apart. A country that once held so much promise is now the object of laughter. A country which calls herself the giant of Africa currently has over 16,300 of its citizens suffering in prisons in other countries. In May 2017, it was reported that 10,000 Nigerians died while crossing the Mediterranean Sea and deserts. They died running away from Nigeria – a country that was meant to take care of their social and economic needs.
Nigeria can be said to be a shadow of its former self, though that glory was short-lived. There now exists a clear leadership failure and carelessness. And the worst is that this carelessness has become a habit. The people don’t trust their leaders and the leaders don’t care. The constitution is a sham and does not seek justice for all component parts of Nigeria.

Crude oil is drawn from the Southern part and used to generate revenue for the government. But the very place that this crude oil is gotten from is abandoned. Research shows that the Niger Delta has some of the worst slums in Southern Nigeria. How do you expect the militants not to rise and demand their rights? It then seems like, without force or violence, the political elite will never listen to the people.

Many Nigerians are tired of the status quo. They are demanding that the constitution is reviewed and the country restructured. The Igbo on the other hand, together with IPOB, led by Nnamdi Kanu, is asking that Nigeria grant them independence. The Yoruba are saying that if the Igbo leave Nigeria, that they too would leave for their Oduduwa Republic. It seems as though it is only the Hausa-Fulani that loves Nigeria as it is presently run.

Statistically speaking, 70% of Nigerians are fed up with the type of federalism being operated. They say there is too much power at the center, Abuja. They want a restructured Nigeria, where the states and regions would have power over their resources. But this has been met with strong defiance by the political elites – those who benefit from the Nigerian system of thievery called Federalism.

Nigeria is headed towards doom. And it’s only a matter of time before the time bomb explodes.

Among all these voices demanding change in Nigeria, the loudest, remains that of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. They have been killed for their quest for Biafra. IPOB have matched one million men on the streets to demand a better Nigeria, a better Africa. They have chosen civil disobedience as their weapon, and that has gained recognition among the international community. Their ideology of a free Biafran state, would return Nigeria back to the drawing board and avert the impending doom.

It is believed that Nigeria can only get better if the regions are returned to what they were at independence. Or better still made independent nations. And right now, nobody has a clear-cut strategy to that division like Nnamdi Kanu. Nobody preaches that gospel more than Nnamdi Kanu.

So, when asked if the Biafran agitation can save Nigeria from the impending doom, a sincere Nigerian’s answer should be a resounding YES!
Biafra and World News
|published, February. 4. 2019|22:15

Nnamdi Kanu Addresses the Issue of Election Boycott on Radio Biafra London

Written by Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

Nnamdi kanu

On the 2nd day of February, 2019, The great leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his eagle eyed deputy Mazi Uche Alphonsus Mefor sat on Radio Biafra London to categorically address the issue of the Nigeria Presidential election boycott and as well Biafra Referendum.

Recall that the Biafra Referendum was publicly declared to ensue on 16th February by the IPOB leadership on the 28th day of February, 2019, the same day, the Nigeria Presidential Election is due to take place.

The fixing of the Biafra Referendum on this same date (16th February) with the Nigeria Presidential election has raised many questions and confusion among the Biafran people as to how possible it will be for IPOB to succeed in this quest.

Tonight, Mazi Kanu and his Deputy, Mefor successfully addressed the issue on radio Biafra London. They gave many reasons why Biafrans must boycott the Nigeria Presidential election. One of such reasons is that the Nigeria leadership system is designed by the Fulani Islamic caliphate to favour them and them only and disfavour other region, such as Biafran people and  this can no longer wash with us.

He said that since the people have been voting since 1999 when this evil constitution was created, and it's not working, it never worked, they should at least try something else (Boycott the system)because insanity according to Einstein "Is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

As we all know, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB is a "Wise Man,"
and his Deputy, Mazi Uche Mefor is equally a Wise man, you can then imagine what would be the out come when the both of them come together to address an issue. Tonight, being 02.02.2019, the two wise men, both sat together and broadcasted on Radio Biafra London. You can picture in your mind the huge spark their wisdom had produced, the impact their speeches have made in the lives of their listeners out there. May Chiukwu-Abiama take all the glory!

So, I urge our African brothers out there to always stay tuned to Radio Biafra London so as to get healed from their long term confusion as a black man.

"Election Boycott in Biafra land, come this 16th of February 2019 is a must on the part of Biafrans,  unless the Nigeria government responds to my request," Kanu had said.

Speaking further on the same issue, he also said, "Our people must reject the 1999 Constitution designed by the Fulani Islamic Caliphate to rule over us." The freedom of the Biafran race remains IPOB ultimate goal and she is not relenting in the pursuit of this God's Kingdom from being restored on this very earth.

"Nothing stops Biafra, not even our stupidity as black people for it is obvious that when a black man is hungry he can even decide to work against his own family from whence he came, and that explains why we have so many Saboteurs in our land today working against the restoration of Biafra." Kanu finally concluded.

One thing is sure, these saboteurs will always fail because Biafra restoration is something sacrosanct and ordained by Chiukwu Abiama. It can never be stopped, Work against it at your own peril! They may kill our people (IPOB family members carrying this heavenly Message of  God's Kingdom on earth), they may humiliate and subjugate us, but in the end, Biafra will come and Chiukwu Okike Abiama shall take all the glory.

In conclusion, the boycotting of the Nigeria Presidential election is the IPOB indirect way of "Referendum," as this will prove to the entire world how serious we are in our struggle for Biafra independence.
On the day of this election, many International observers will be present to monitor the event and present their findings to their own people. This is to say, when Biafrans successfully boycott the election, these international observers will discover our plight and include it in their data.  Therefore, it is important that Biafrans adhere to this directive/instruction issued out by the IPOB leadership that is fighting very hard to restore the freedom of her people from the contraption called Nigeria.

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