Biafra: The Biafra Destination In a Fast Changing World

In a world once again in transition from one power shift since the end of the second world war in 1945, there is a new realignment of political forces taking the world to another power shift. In the eastern parts of Nigeria neo-Biafranist tendencies are boiling to the top of political events, and from there spreading into Nigerian state institutions, affecting how these Nigerian institutions cope with fulfilling their  obligations according to the laws that set them up. 

From the Nigerian constitution to various laws across the nominal federation,state officials frequently bypass laws and act extrajudicially to effectively govern Nigeria.

An Igbo man known as Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is currently in detention for months since the middle of 2021, after what was apparently an illegal abduction,or rendition, from an east African country, Kenya. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the leader of a new wave of revival movement seeking to restore the Republic of Biafra which was suspended by a truce in the terminal stages of the Nigerian civil war in 1970. 

The truce of 1970 ,or the surrender documents tendered, by the Colonel Philip Effiong-led Biafra only stopped the shooting war,or the hot war,it was made to stop the insane policies of genocide against vulnerable Biafran children and elderly. Other aspects of the Nigerian civil war continued, and even to this day in 2021: economic blockade of eastern ports;lack of investments and infrastructure became state government policy; rights abuses became rampant; appointment or imposition of leaders from outside the southeast.

These post-civil war policies have made Mazi Nnamdi Kanu very relevant in the eyes of the average southeasterner. Since 1970 the southeast has been forced into a neocolonialism stage. In this stage of colonialism,it is African officials trained in Western European ways that now carry out the indirect orders of subjugating, conquering and killing fellow Africans so that the white masters will continue to get cheap primary products through world trade.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu knows the stakes are high in this nasty and brutish neocolonial stage, therefore he and his group, IPOB, Indigenous People of Biafra,are seeking civil disobedience and ultimately a referendum to breakaway from Nigeria. 

IPOB disavows violence or war to achieve Biafra, therefore the continued incarceration of it's leader is counterproductive to the president Muhammad Buhari APC government. There is no easy way out for the Nigeria Biafra problem, deployment of security agents to the southeast is a throwback to the colonial policies of British officials between 1901 and 1960.

The solution lies with an Nnamdi Kanu who is free to take decisions on behalf of his people,he cannot do this under any form of duress. Nnamdi Kanu should be freed as soon as possible so that the real dialogue about a post-neocolonialist Biafran future can begin.

Written By Ufondu Tagbo For IPOB Writers. 



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