Biafra: Ignorance Of Self Assertiveness; Nitwitted and Mendacity Of Eastern Governors

The worm that eats a wood is usually located within. It is founded that the executive arm of government spans the president, governors, local council executive officers and other component officers vested with political will to execute their routine without impediment or imposition of influence. 

It is also established that an elected governor has the legitimacy to run the affairs of his/her constituent unit without being compromised by duress of the central government.

I have also, delved into the Nigerian Constitution for a section that vitiates the executive powers or deposes the incumbency of Eastern governors for curtailing terror operations by Fulani killers but no constitutional provision was found.

Infact, it is the apogee of their unletteredness, thirst for dung from cancerous assholes and stodginess to initiate policies or allow equivalent gesture that adversely affect the states they are entrusted with wherewithal (security vote) to secure.

Eastern governors adjudge it necessary to stooge for the Fulani purportedly for dishonesty continuity under the covers of nepotic anti graft agencies and ignorance of their legitimacy. 

Revenue allocation for Eastern states can not be denied the governors for diatribing state terrorism, extirpating Fulani bellicism, demanding for proportional opportunities and etc like their Northern counterparts. Consequently, their Northern counterparts call the shots even wielding the same executive powers. 

At this end, it can be asseverated that   the hegemony swayed by the Fulani over the Eastern governors is occasioned by their lack of probity hence the acquiescence of Fulani agenda. 

The toothless disposition of the governors on Fulani violations in the region prompts one to question their executive powers and legitimacy. 

The police force and other security outfits belonging to the executive concurrent list is immaterial to any defense of cecity of the governors. 

Security can only be attained by human development and not via deployment of heavily equipped military personnel to underdeveloped areas. 

The interest of Eastern governors is election. Election is the fulcrum that keeps afloat their course of immaterialism and incessant defalcating of the commonwealth. It's crystal clear and even easier for a toddler to fathom out the backlash from the governors and the Fulani over civil disobedience hinging on electoral apathy of the people. Hence their crafted means of conducting the Anambra election culminated to the perpetration of international crime bordering on illicit extraordinary rendition, torture and incarceration of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. 

The aforesaid reek of barbarism validates the need to narrow the options of nitwits, renegades and sadists in processing their incompetence. 

Their hope is dashed but tantamount to pharaoh's obstinacy.

Written By Ogbonna Chita, 

For IPOB Writers



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