Published Wednesday 22, August 2018/8.33PM

Biafra: Emancipation From Mind Slavery


Written By Ibei Ibi

You Can Make Yourself A Permanent Slave In Nigeria Or Liberate  Yourself Through Biafra Referendum.

When you sell your conscience in exchange for a  physical or material gift, you are a slave.

When you deny your origin, in exchange for position, appointment or "Ghana-must-go bag", you just render yourself as the permanent slave.

When you are being bribed to give out your ancestral lands for grazing Fulani herdsmen cows, you make yourself a permanent Slave.

When leaders who are supposed to protect the interest of their communities conspire with the government to massacre their own people in a bid to secure Vice Presidential position, such leaders are slaves and in bondage.

Slaves are people caged in a confined area or house without access to moving freely, they are in perpetual shackles, physically, spiritually and mentally.

As a Biafran, you can make yourself a slave in Nigeria when you use all your resources to develop other people's states or communities living in your state or community in Biafra Land in the dark. That is the shortest cut to making yourself a permanent slave.

Till the day you thoroughly emancipate yourself from the shackles of corruption, bribe, greed, envy, self-centeredness, etc, you are in a full-blown slavery.

When all (human, mental, physical, economic and environmental) resources in your land are being controlled and utilized by certain non-indigenous people and the owners only depend on bribes and amnesty program kickback, it is permanent slavery.

But you can liberate yourselves today through Biafra Referendum.

This is a wake-up call made by IPOB because your destiny is in your hands. Many fowls meet their deaths simply because they are following and eating corns kept to trap them, that is exactly what bribes, greed, fake promises, etc do to the unwise.

The referendum is freedom!
The referendum is emancipation!
The referendum is liberation!
The referendum is being in charge!
The referendum is absolute control!

Old Eastern Region(south-south and south-east), let us wake up and embrace Referendum for Biafra today.

Edited & Published by IPOB WRITERS PRESS
Twitter: @ipob_writers


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