BIAFRA: The Best Time For Referendum Is Now

Authored by CK Fidelis

IPOB writers

Date: 08/02/2018


There is no better time for the people of Biafra to come together and decide on the way forward for their future and those of their children and generation unborn but now. There is no much time to waste because any delay now will spell doom for the entire people of Biafra.

Everybody is now aware that the government is having a secret agenda different from what they are telling us. Who among us will say that he or she has not come to agree with the realities on the ground, the fact that Nigeria is not a country for all but belongs to a certain people called the Fulani. For so many years, greed and selfish political interest have been destroying the unity of Biafra people, the so-called elders and leaders in Biafra land have for the sake of money and pursuits of political positions betrayed our common aspiration as a people, the totality of their actions, behavior, and attitudes point to the fact that they were and in fact are betraying us in all aspects of our interests in economy, politics and religion. These so-called elders have not for once done anything to favor the people of Biafra and the worst still is the fact that they don't want to listen to the cry of the people they are claiming to lead. They believe that the wishes of Biafran people do not matter and as such, they will insist on having their wishes imposed on the people of Biafra. A typical example of what I am saying is the issue of Biafra freedom and restoration which is the general wish of the people of Biafra but this does not matter because these people called elders believe that remaining in Nigeria will favor them more because their Fulani-slave Masters would always make them comfortable and ask them to shut their mouths up while the people of Biafra will continue to suffer in the midst of abundant resources that are being syphoned by the parasitic Fulani rulers. 
These few cheats in Biafra land would not mind if everyone here dies so long as they keep having their full share from their Masters and this is quite abominable to God.

The most shameful thing is that these so-called elders will go to Sokoto, and sultan will tell them to go and kill their own youths and children and they will come back to implement it to the fullest. That was what happened during the operation python dance II which the president of Ohaneze Ndigbo John Nnia Nwodo in conjunction with the South East governors approved for the government to bring in army into Biafra land,  leading to the decimation of over 100 innocent youths of Biafra land, and to our much surprise, all of them went to Abuja in celebration of the death of the people of Biafra, they pupped Champaign for the destruction of the home of Nnamdi Kanu as well as the abduction of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra. What a very big shame! A big shame that the North will always protect and defend their own, the West will never back-stab their own but in Biafra land, our elders will themselves kill their own youths for speaking out against Injustice meted against them. What a grave shame!

Anyway, the essence of this article is not to get mad at our household enemies but to beckon on them to have a rethink because now is the right and better time to turn a new page because tomorrow will definitely be too late for them. 
I am asking Nnia Nwodo and all the governors in Biafra land to quietly consider the way things are going on now in this contraption called Nigeria, the Tivs never supported the people of Biafra, they rather were used to kill the people of Biafra but what is happening today? The Fulani are killing them without Mercy and the same government the brought in has been aiding the Fulani to kill their people with the main goal of wiping that group of people and occupy their land. They Oduduwas have also understood this fact and that is the reason their elders and governors have openly spoken against the cattle colony proposal made by the federal government as the only remedy. But the question here is, why is it that the so-called elders of Biafra land afraid to speak out? It is probably because they may have taken secret oath of allegiance to the Fulani, they may have signed some sort of secret agreement to remain subject to the Fulani and this is the reason they are sabotaging the efforts of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to restore Biafra in the pretence that they want the country to be restructured and they only say this verbally without any program to get the government to listen to them. Their proposal is just like the barber's chair syndrome, that is, movement without motion, The main reason they are asking for restructuring is just to frustrate Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB but the truth is that nothing will stop the coming of Biafra because God's hand is in it.

Finally, I call upon the elders of Biafra land, the governors of Biafra land and the entire people of Biafra to come out now and support fully the works of Onyendu Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB.


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