Monday 12 February 2018 

Biafra: The Middle Belt People  Should Not Take Any Vaccination By The Army For Granted 

I am writing this piece specifically for the people of Middle Belt. It is not my job to protect you from the murderous attacks of the evil people called Fulani but I believe I have the duty to keep you alerted on the imminent danger of allowing the army to come into your land in guise of conducting operation whatever thing they call it.

I am only trying to help you get wiser, it is very important to note that the government or better put, the president of this country has not your interest at heart and will never do anything to have you protected from the murderous Fulani herdsmen. It is very important to let you know that it is a clearly stated policy of islamization and that of total conquest, that is being implemented.  So everyone should know that Buhari is fully aware of the whole plot.

You have to note it that it is not ordinary herdsmen that we know that are killing innocent people but a well trained army hiding under the guise of Fulani herdsmen. These Killers have very clear goal which is to continue  the jihad to conquer and islamise the whole country. The earlier we accept this fact, the better.

There is something you have to always ask as a question and that is, why is it that when Jonathan was in power there were no Fulani herdsmen's attacks but the moment Buhari got to power, Fulani started killing people with impunity?

Again, when Buhari took ill and went to London, all Fulanis went to hide but the moment Buhari came back, that is if the person that came back was Buhari , the killings restarted with very high magnitude. There is yet another question to ask and that is, why is it that whenever these barbarians massacre people, the government will not say anything but once the people try to defend themselves Buhari will immediately deploy soldiers? Let us look at the recent killings in Benue State. Over 73 people were brutally massacred by these barbarians and the president did say anything. Buhari never cared to visit the people of Benue State rather he invited the elders to Aso Rock. That's unbelievable, an insult and a big humiliation! But thank God the people that went knew what they went for and that evil president was disappointed. Thank God for the type of governor that is leading the people of Benue. He has the internet of his people at heart hence did not collect money from the government to sell out his people like the useless OHANEZE NDI IGBO.

Just imagine, Buhari has now asked his muderous army to go into Benue State simply because the governor of Benue State asked his people to defend themselves. Do you want me to tell you that the army is just coming to take revenge over the 7 valueless and useless Fulanis that were killed in Benue State?. Did you not hear that Buhari visited Nasarawa State to commiserate with the cattle rearers over the killing of 73 cows, which clearly makes it obvious that Buhari values cows more than the people of Benue? .

Did you hear what the police PRO said about the governor of Benue State? Is that not a clear evidence that all of these people know what they are doing and that is why Buhari had to make sure that all the service chiefs are his Fulani Brothers? The army is shielding the fulani herdsmen, the police is shielding the Fulani herdsmen, in fact all the security agents are there to shield the Fulani herdsmen.

The main purpose of writing this article is bring it to the consciousness of the people of Benue State that the army is coming to kill them and not to protect them so it will be wise to strongly resist it, none of you should allow the army to vaccinate his or her children. The people of Biafra were quick to see the evil plans of the army in using vaccination to depopulate the people of Biafra and it is very important for the people of Benue State to always know that Buhari has no genuine interest in protecting them. Kniw it that the army will only destroy your future by killing your children through vaccination.  Please you have to be wise and stop the army from having their way, SAY NO TO VACCINATION, SAY NO TO ARMY INVASION in Benue State. You have to ensure that cattle colony is completely rejected.

It is clear that there is no need to continue with the issues of one Nigeria, Benue State should now accept the reality on ground and begin now to shapen their own future or they will never live to tell their stories as soon as Biafra goes because nothing will stop the restoration of the independent State of Biafra. A word is enough for the wise.

Written by CK Fidelis
For IPOB Writers 


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