Sunday 04, February 2028

IPOB condemns arrest of Benue Police Chief over killed herdsmen

Press release

It did not come to the leadership and family members of the Indigenous  People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide as a surprise that the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Gboko police station in Benue State has been arrested for failure to use police resources to protect invading Fulani herdsmen. This perverse logic can only be obtained in Nigeria where reason and common sense is always in short supply. We condemn the criminal silence of the weak majority and those that claim they are leaders of the various socio-cultural organisations that litter the political landscape in Nigeria. The humiliation and arrest of DPO Bur Dooior a native of Tiv is indicative of the crass insensitivity of those at the helm of security decision making in Nigeria. Had the DPO been a Fulani man he would not have been arrested. In Nigeria today, there is one law for Fulani people and another for the rest of us.

We must recall that a few days back, at the height of the genocide in Benue,  President Buhari went on record to say he was not in a hurry to take action against his fellow Fulani who were the ones doing the killing. Suddenly the death of 7 Fulani terrorist herdsmen have spurned the presidency into action. Those in doubt about the real motive of this administration can now see it very clearly that Fulani lives, even that of terrorists are more valuable than that of law abiding citizens.

Even the most vocal defender of this brutal Fulani dominated cannot excuse this blatant apartheid going on in Nigeria. Since the continued killing of the innocent citizens in the country by Fulani terrorist supported by Fulani dominated army and police officers in Nigeria security apparatus, the IG of police, Chief of army staff including the Director DSS never for once deemed it necessary to send men of Nigeria army and police to protect lives and properties of those affected. Instead they send their soldiers and police to protect the killers while harassing and intimidating helpless citizens.

Why arrest the non-Fulani DPO of Gboko because of the death of 7 Fulani terrorists, whereas in neighboring police stations manned by Fulani DPOs are being promoted even though the greatest killing of innocent civilians happened under their watch.  We also wonder why Nigerian Army and Police chiefs never considered it necessary for once to arrest those police and army  officers who masterminded the massacre of innocent and unarmed civilians on 30th of May 2016 as documented by Amnesty International. How about those civilians massacred in cold blood at National high School Aba on 9th February 2016, who was arrested for their deaths?

The arrest of Gboko DPO was not right by so doing and must be condemned in all ramifications by all men and women of good conscience across the globe. Equally condemnation is the promotion of Fulani DPO's and army officers who perpetrated and abated the killings of innocent people of Middle Belt region and other parts of Nigeria. It is a clear proof, if any were needed, that this Fulani APC government is sectional, parochial and ethnic enteric. It is nothing short of an apartheid regime and does not belong to all, except the Fulanis.



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