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November 26, 2016.
By Ken Pat

Information has been gathered from reliable sources that Justice Binta Nyako, the judge presiding over Nnamdi Kanu's case has been under serious and unrelenting pressure to deny Nnamdi Kanu bail. The bail which is meant to be determined on the 1st of December has kept Buhari restless and focused on tampering with Justice and the rule of law as his habit is.

Prior to the last court hearing on 17th November, Buhari through the Department of Secret Services (DSS) ordered Binta Nyako to come to Aso Villa,  according to sources, details of the meeting was to pressure Justice Binta to deliver a Buhari judgement, which is to deny Nnamdi Kanu bail. Our sources has it that when she refused the request, they sent plain clothed armed men to her house to intimidate her. Still, she refused to open the gate, they then sent her a threatening letter to her office at the Federal High Court Abuja.

Our intelligent Sources intercepted the letter and read it. In the letter personally signed by Buhari, Binta Nyako was threatened and told not to grant bail to Kanu until Buhari decides the time to set him free.
Now, what should worry the world the most is the actions of Justice Binta in the last court hearing, all the actions listed below which are of no significance to a fair and ordered court hearing suggests that the pressures and threats could be having its desired effect on the honourable judge.

On the 17th of November, Justice Binta consistently harassed the counsels to the defendant during the court session, she accused supporters of the defendants especially IPOB who were in the court, she also encouraged the harassment of the respondent's supporters outside the courtroom by not stopping DSS from threatening them, she ordered for all the electronic devices(Example Phones, Camera, etc.) of the defendants especially IPOB to be seized, she ordered that nobody should capture video or still image of the defendants with focus on defendants supporters especially IPOB.

A DSS officer told a Biafran reporter that Buhari ordered Nigerian journalists not to report the proceedings of Nnamdi Kanu's case. This interprets that Buhari wants a media blackout on the case so that it will be easy for Justice Binta Nyakor to pass influenced Judgement in favour of Buhari. This also explains the reason for the heavy attack on IPOB media reporters and supporters with electronic devices meant to record or capture images.

Again, let's revisit the threat to kill one of Kanu's defendant counsels, Barrister Ejiofor, by the DSS, when Justice John Tsoho was the presiding Judge. There seem to be a strong underlying correlation between these events, starting from the pressures mounted the judges and threats to the defendant counsels.

Threat to justice and the rule of law is however not a new habit to Buhari, recall how he threatened Barr. Ahaiwe to withdraw the certificate case filed against him, not to mention his refusal to obey court orders and his attack on the judiciary orchestrated by way of arresting judges who refused to be used as pawns for his evil deeds.

Let us assume that Justice Binta Nyako knows as much as not to give herself the status of a hired agent by Buhari.

Let us also presume that Justice Binta Nyako whose husband, the former governor of Adamawa state was indicted for embezzlement of public funds and under prosecution by EFCC will not use Kanu's case as a quid pro quo for her husband's pardon. Let justice serve its course, let justice not be overturned by Justice Binta Nyako as requested by Buhari so that her husband's case file will not be re-opened. Nnamdi Kanu's case is not for such games. The downfall of any human, not to speak of a judge, would be to choose disgrace over honour.

Edited by Mazi Collins
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