Biafra: Fears of parasites and the imperative call for the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu 

Fore-standing ingenuity of Biafrans during the 1967/70 state terrorism/pogrom and the speed at their recovery given the aberrational three "Rs" of Gowon induces phobia of taking food out of the mouth of cronies and comprador bourgeois. Still, the Fulani hegemony and her crony are gnashing their teeth upon parasitism. The disparage has restricted Biafrans to reek atmosphere that denies them every chance of contending with the World. 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu On Kuffs

A tertiary institution First Class graduate of Eastern region is adjudged a menace to the mediocratic and nepotism controlled system of Nigeria. At large, graduates of Eastern extraction are not eligible for employment except the offer of halleluya boy to stooges in the region. The game of throwing seeds of corn to the hungry has upsurged renegades otherwise known as as Efulefus & ottelectuals in words of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. 

The cost of ferrying goods from Lagos to Onitsha contravenes the public corporation principle of federalism. Howbeit, Nigeria is not even practicing quasi federalism but absolute Fulani system of government where a peccadillo attached to an Easterner is greeted with weighty penalty whilst the Fulani armed to tooth move freely perpetrating felony. 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, anterior to his illicit extraordinary rendition that impels Easterners to sit-at-home on Mondays in agitation for his unconditional release was even lenient with the crusade for equality, referendum and emancipation given the apogee of concerted machinations to subdue Easterners and occupy their land. It is not a cliché to state that in Biafra Africa died. Many talents and ideas that will transform Africa are trapped in the disparage characterized by parasitism and attendant Fulanization cause. 

Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, ISWAP and the latest polysemous contextual bandits whose terror operations are making wave on the terror index is evasively addressed by the Fulani government. Their notoriety shares similitude in arson, use of weapons of mass destruction, sacking of communities, hijack, kidnap and ransom have a renowned conciliator, Gumi who knows their mode of operation and ransom for the release of their captives, moves without any lawful pronouncement binding on him. The Communications minister and other sponsors of terrorism at large are freely moving about reinforcing their terror prosecution. 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu only voiced out for freedom without bearing arms as okayed by United Nations charter on self determination and is being incarcerated illicitly even when his follow up to procedure of the United Nations has been diatribe for not applying quasi militancy of freedom fighters of old. The amended charges are in vague as no Nigerian court has the jurisdiction to try him. The unmerited charges compounded with international crime  of gross violation of his rights are indispensable to his acquittal. His immediate unconditional release will extinct the fiasco orchestrated in the region by the Fulani government in a bid to discredit IPOB. 

Biafra actualization will bring self- reliance which is the bane of development. Security doesn't entail recruitment and deployment of security guards to strategic places but nipping in the bud the causes of insecurity which largely spans underdevelopment. Biafra will serve as a roadmap to Africa's development where talents will not be trapped in nepotism disparage but rather allocated wherewithal to skyrocket. 

The Fulani system of government in practice presently can justifiably be termed "coalescing host and parasite". Zero positive contribution in all sectors but concurrently benefiting greatly in all. 

The wanted DCP Abba Kyari indicted in the Huspuppi's scam case was not extradited to the US or incarcerated but suspended and now freed. 

I am using this opportunity to solicit the immediate release of unblemished supreme and indefatigable leader of IPOB. 

Written By Ogbonna Chita 

For IPOB Writers.



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