Biafra: In Biafra, Africa Will Come Back To Life


Since the Berlin conference of the late Nineteenth century, Africa has been butchered, diced, fried and refrigerated. That former glorious entity then cries from the cozy, strange temperature of a man-made device  for survival.

Who will save me, she cries. Kwame Nkrumah, Mandela, Jaja of Opobo, Gaddafi, Ojukwu did all they could to rescue the dissected being to no avail.

Who will rescue me, she cries once again and this time, Nnamdi Kanu heard her voice and volunteered to help. 

Messiahs are not born everywhere. Because of this, his creator sent him to the land of the ancients lying moribund like the city of David after the invasion of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar.

Biafrans saw that he is good enough to liberate them.  They understand that once they're liberated, Africa will be free since Biafra is the trigger that can reawaken Africa when stimulated.

They so much trust him to the envy and jealousy  of our enemies. What can we do without making friends of people of goodwill? 

Nnamdi Kanu embarked on all known and unknown manner of diplomatic relations. The further he went, the madder our enemies became until few foxes spoiling our vine in connivance with the enemies, kidnapped Nnamdi Kanu in a part of Africa where he is least expected to be kidnapped.

But, did that stop him?  Did his illegal incarceration compel him to change his divine ideology?  The enemies know the answers to the questions above.

Africa, like the biblical dry bones, will live again as soon as Nnamdi Kanu is unconditionally released.  Africa and the world will be good friends.  The world should stop playing its dirty politics.  Humanity comes before interest.

I wish as many souls as will read this little write up shalom.

Peace be upon Nnamdi Kanu.

Peace be upon Biafra.

Peace be upon Israel. 



Written by Ominyi Osondu, For IPOB Writers.



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