■Author:  ONYEBUCHUKWU OLUSCO (Nwa Biafra) 

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■ 06, Oct 2020


Good morning wonderful people great Biafrans wherever you are on the face of this very planet earth, we welcome you to another edition this is emergency broadcast this very morning in the land of BIAFRA, depending on where you are I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu I am the leader of the indigenous people of BIAFRA all over this very planet earth, and by the very special grace of Most High Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile a servant of the wonderful people of BIAFRA, we are live, and we are direct this morning.

I welcome each and every one of you, as I told you yesterday that I will make it this morning to look at what the fool, the mask-wearing idiot has to say and we are not surprised that he did not say anything very very important or something noteworthy, but today is a very massive day in the lives of our people and we are sitting at home right across Biafraland and am sure that people are listening to us at this precise moment.

Everywhere is on lockdown in Biafraland because we are under one divine command, we are doing the work that Elohim has asked us to do, we are going to pray this morning as always because we are nothing without the grace of Most High Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru Ime, Ihe Nile, we are going to pray a very simple prayer that our enemies will, of course, be put to shame. It's a Psalm that I love so much Psalm 70. Absolutely important that we pray this prayer this very morning, the whole world is waking up to this, am sure that even our Oduduwa brothers and sisters, our brethren from Yoruba land they are listening right across the world.

The zoo is moving straight ahead or should I say precipitously into an inevitable crash and disintegration. And I am very very glad to say that we are at the vanguard, at the forefront of this very effort, in fact even Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) have spoken things are happening everywhere.

Let me give glory to Elohim first of before we proceed!

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.


We are going to move on speedily, and I want the world to know that Biafraland is locked down completely, people are saying 80% compliance may God punish all of you, what is the meaning 80% compliance? I want total lockdown everywhere complete shutdown, and I am telling the volunteer command Biafraland needs to be lockdown until 6:00 pm tonight. Any idiot, any fool, any nonentity that tries to defile this because their father is from Fulani, or Fulani has given them money should be dealt with this very morning, stupid people when Fulani Janjaweed ask you to stay at home because of Covid19 that doesn't exist in our land all of you sat at home and did nothing, today we are sitting at home to let the whole world know that the zoo is finished, and it's a direct order to the volunteer command this very day Biafraland must be locked down completely and totally.

Everywhere is on lockdown in Biafraland, it's not about public holiday. It's a lockdown, and that is how it suppose to be because we own our land, Biafraland belongs to us. It ours and nobody else is, and that is how it is going to be.

I welcome each and every one you, I don't want to listen to some of the idiocy coming from Aso Rock this morning, and you are having diamond jubilee 60 years of the contraption of the zoo, moving from direct British rule to British indirect rule, before 1960 was direct rule now is the indirect rule you are still controlled by Britain. I want to ask you a very simple question this very morning, afternoon or night depending on where you are, was that address today from that idiot the mask-wearing Jubril the ll, was that a live broadcast or recorded? Of course, it was recorded, you claim that whoever you call Buhari is alive, you claim you have a president in that president own country they are doing a recorded broadcast, and people are so foolish it's unbelievable. That is why each time I come live on air they say you are insulting black people  I say I insult them because they are foolish. 

Nobody can rise up to ask if I have a president why a recorded broadcast? And like I said I knew they would make a mistake, they always make mistakes all the time. I knew there were going to make a mistake even Channels Television they know it was a recorded broadcast but they put live on it, that is what they do these are liars and deceivers and today we are going to dissect them.

I want the pictures and videos of our 100% compliance sit at home to be everywhere so that BBC IGBO that agent of Fulani Janjaweedsm they won't come out tomorrow morning to come and write rubbish as usual. Or Devil Umahi will not pay them to write rubbish, I am giving a direct order to volunteer command in Ebonyi state to ensure that Ebonyi state is locked down till 6:00 pm, you will see it as I warned the zoo Army and the Police don't allow me to get angry, any day I become upset, and I give the order you will run away from Biafraland it has started, Chineke ga akpo unu oku. Now you will understand that you are dealing with people who are not only learned but very highly intelligent, now you will know, and the zoo will fall, that zoo is going to fall, it doesn't matter what you do the zoo is collapsing.

Mad people everywhere they think we are joking? We own Biafraland Biafraland doesn't belong to Ohanaeze, it doesn't belong PANDEF, it doesn't belong to any Governor no idiot, it belongs to the people, and the people have spoken, and today they are sitting at home in complete adherence to the order that was given. That is who we are we are one people under one command, and from now onwards we enforce it, we are now going to let the world to understand that we own the land not these Fulani Janjaweed agents in our midst. We own the land belong to us, and there is nothing absolutely nothing the enemies can do.

I want you to do a simple compare and contrast, the video they played for you this morning claiming that is Buhari talking, and I want you to compare and contrast 2015 independence broadcast with the rubbish you had this very morning. Because we said yesterday that they are running scared that was why they hastily put their video together, maybe the person who brought the new mask from China manage to land after all, and they hastily put things together, and they have broadcasted it, of course we know deep-fake not real and am going to prove it to you this morning it's deep-fake video. That is one thing that they don't understand I warned them don't bring out this idiocy, this ridiculousness, this foolishness anytime you try to do that we are going to dissect it, anytime you try to be too clever then we will make you understand that you are wasting your time here this very morning we are going to do it.

Look at the grammatical sequencing of this very boy in the recorded video that was played this morning and listen to the old Buhari you will see that grammar has changed, so Buhari, all of a sudden, has now gone to Cambridge he can now pronounce words properly? I want you to do a simple compare and contrast because that is why people go to school.


This very morning I am asking the whole world, especially black people, to look at these two videos and tell me if they are the same person? And to make matter worst, how can you be in a country and you are playing recorded broadcast? And you claim you have a living President that is, not possible.

Let me tell those Yoruba people working for Facebook, Oduduwa is going to be free very soon, every Yoruba person working for Facebook, suppressing the truth and trying to allow Fulani Janjaweed to continue, you are going to trial even in Oduduwa land because what you are doing is betrayal, what you are doing is treachery working with Facebook that has now gone and collected money from Nigerian Govt in order to dish out falsehood, in other to suppress the truth, because I understand that pictures and videos making round this morning about successful sit at home that Facebook is busy removing them I don't know why.

I told them you will always make mistakes, anytime you do any of this your nonsense there will always be mistakes and it's my job and duty of this noble family of IPOB all over the world to the point that out for you.

Now hear a recorded speech, a country of fraudsters, is a country of deceivers, of liars they deceive and cheat our job is to expose them by what comes out of their mouth, from what comes out of their mouth we expose them. Look at the new Buhari they have brought to you Jubril the ll and look at the old Buhari and tell me if they are the same. Anybody with common sense looks at the idiot that Queen Elizabeth is writing to about anniversary, and I want to ask is this a human being? Look at his face? 

It was truncated by another round of rule, who truncated it? Is it not the person they claimed you represent it, not you? Do you see how foolish Fulani people are? He is talking about truncating a democracy, in 1983 this set of fools of course Buhari is dead, this little boy here pretending to be Buhari let us assume since you are pretending to be Buhari and you are talking about truncating of democracy was it not you that truncated democracy? Facebook has come as I started to play this very voice now they have started to remove people from listening on the Facebook page because I said I want it posted, they have now started removing people, all of a sudden it's now collapsing the numbers are falling.

This is what people don't understand. These are agents of neo-colonialism they want you to remain in perpetual poverty that idiot in Facebook office in Lagos responsible for removing people who are listening on my page you will pay very dearly for it, now that we are letting the world to understand about the latest fraud, these are the people that claim they love Nigeria, these are the people that said oh we want Nigeria to grow and move forward, this is the extent they are prepared to go fraudulently deceiving people.

Do you see that Fulani has no shame? Sometimes it's very, very difficult to shame someone who has no shame. In 1983 the idiot who is now dead buried in Saudi Arabia that you are broadcasting on his behalf, he was the one that overthrows Shagari regime yet in the year 2020 you had the temerity to open your mouth to talk about military truncating democracy can you believe such nonsense? That is the hypocrisy of Fulani Janjaweed. With the fact that people allow them to get away with this is actually mind-blowing, unbelievable he is talking about truncating election when it was him that did it, to tell you how completely hopeless Nigerians are they voted for the same person that overthrew a democratic regime that tells you all you need to know, about the idiocy in the zoo but at least we are curing them.

The thing about black people sometimes is this, when there is a fraud you will see most of them they are in on it, Channels television fraudulent put live, but they know it wasn't live. Because they didn't know how to respond to us, so one minute they are going to broadcast, the next minutes they are not going to broadcast until they decided oh it's an anniversary we must do something.

Sixty years of existence as a nation, so Nigeria is 60 years according to this baboon that they put  Buhari higher-reality face mask on his face, Nigeria is 60 years old and how many years old is Obasanjo? Obasanjo is older than in Nigeria. I want people to understand; we want people to come to the understanding that Nigeria is a fraud. Nigeria is 60 years old, Obasanjo is I think 84 years old if am not mistaken or thereabout, so they claim, Nigeria is 60 years old, Obasanjo is 84 so what nationality was Obasanjo before 1960? This is the question they can not answer. This is the question we ask them every blessed day they can not answer it, every blessed day we ask them the same question. If you are a nation of 60 years old so, who were you before 60 years ago? They can never it.

Do you see why Facebook is working with them? Do you see why the owner of Facebook is another corrupt idiotic and a criminal? Why they are supporting evil can you see it? Some of you don't understand, some of you can not reason the essence of Radio Biafra what we are doing in IPOB is to open your mind so you can reason properly like a human being. Ask yourself this simple question the Chinese are now colonizing us; Facebook is also there making their bid. Ask yourself, why black Africa? Ask yourself that very question the Arabs came and enslaved us, Europe came and enslaved us; now China is enslaving us, now ordinary Facebook a simple social media platform is enslaving you do you understand it?

As a black person, must you be evil? Must Satan work with you all the time to defeat the purpose of Go? And of course, they have failed and will keep failing. We are analyzing the nonsense coming out of the mouth of the mask wearer, and one idiot wrote this morning can't you see Buhari? He is now talking, he is life, and I weep for black people, no wonder everybody wants to colonize you, no wonder you people are useless, no wonder you are hopeless because you are black, you are an African you are stupid, you can not reason very well.

Ask yourself a  simple question, and the beginning is this if you are in a country you are alive and you are a President why is it that you can not do a live broadcast? Ask yourself that very simple question anybody with common sense can understand that but the people in the zoo don't, because they are Zoological republic animals they can not reason very well.

Who created the security challenges? The same Buhari you are representing said that Boko Haram is his brother, an attack against Boko Haram is an attack against the North, you people created it. It's only Fulani politicians that goes about creating terrorist groups, and you claim you are facing challenges if you are facing challenges which made those challenges to exist in the first place? The same Fulani Janjaweed. And people are still in that same useless place saying they are Nigerians that is how foolish they are, that is how useless and hopeless they are, that is Biafraland is on lockdown this very day because people are foolish and hopeless they can not think properly, I do not understand in the life of me why can be so pathetically wretched both intellectually, both in terms of lack of common sense it defeats me completely.

Other countries are in a recession; those countries are their refineries working? They have refineries, is it working? If those countries were to shut down their refineries the way you idiots criminals shut down four refineries in the zoo, do you think you will have petro today to put in your cars or to run your generator in Aso Rock? A whole seat of power is running on a generator; these are the idiots that people claim need to be supported.

Now I want to play the voice of the old dead late Buhari whose vagabond spirit is wandering in the Arabian Desert as we speak. Because he was rejected by hell, he couldn't make it to heaven; even Lucifer rejected the soul of the evil genocidal Buhari who is lying in a shallow grave in Saudi Arabia.

As I warned them if you come up with this garbage this morning you are going to be in one almighty mess. Look at the face of the man, first of all, you will see him with his glasses, as usual, China has done a very good job this silicone they have done now is very good, they have done a very good job. Now as always with every face mask in the history of mankind look at the eye area the eyelid, look at the eyebrows, look at the glasses simply look through the glasses. How many eyelids does he have? I can count three here because they had difficulty if you make it smooth you will not be able to mimick the age which is 80 years old. You can not mimic it so in other to try to create the eyelid of an 80 years old they ended up messing themselves up. Zoom the picture look at his eyes and go back to your own picture, go back to the picture of Obasanjo go and look at all of them, I challenge Femi Adesina, I challenge Garba Shehu, and I challenge even the great harlot herself Lauretta Onochie I challenge them to go and get me the picture of any other human being with three sets of the eyelid.

Please click on the two links below to see the pictures. ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡



All of a sudden this one is now speaking perfect English, look at the recorded broadcast click they played this morning and the one they did before, 2015,  2020 the one of 2020 is younger, the one of 2020 speaks perfect English compare to the one of 2015, so the more the years go by, the younger he becomes, the more perfect his English becomes and people are there saying Me President that is how they are, that was why they went back to Presidency because there know there is no President.

Where is Yemi Osinbanjo? 60th anniversary where is he? Can nobody find him? Where is Buratia? as I told you he is gone never to return again. He is gone everything we tell you is the truth absolute truth, the gospel from Heaven. These are the things our people need to understand, and this is the reason why I said they should not in the first place have brought out that idiot this very morning and I told them and I warned them, any time you bring out that clone you will always make mistakes every time because that is not Buhari and can never be.

Recorded delivery on an anniversary, diamond jubilee recorded delivery now people in the zoo should ask themselves when are we going to hear this man speak to us live as a human being if he is living? Recorded is for the dead the reason why people say I am talking to you live is that you are talking to the living, you are a living being, so you are alive, and you are living, and you are talking. Why recorded delivery? Do you have two eyebrows and two eyelids? Are you a monster? Look at his hands am pleading with you and get me 80 years old anywhere in the world with this type of fresh hands.

And now today the news is breaking right now, BOKO HARAM: invite Chadian soldiers to fight with Nigeria Army. -- Zulum tells Buhari the Governor who has been under siege is begin for Chad to come, I have been saying it from day one since we started this platform Radio Biafra, this version that we have since 2012, I have been telling you always that Nigeria never wins any war on it own. Now I want to ask the Supreme Court Fulani administrator of Imo state, and I want to ask Hope Uzodinma ordinary Boko Haram they are inviting Chad? Imagine when IPOB goes violent? Maybe you will invite the Army of hell to come and help them, and they have never won any war on their own before somebody must come to help them.

That Nigeria seems to prevail was because Britain fought against BIAFRA; it wasn't Nigeria that fought against BIAFRA. It was Britain that fought against BIAFRA. Why because Biafrans are reasonable, because we progressive, because we are naturally endowed, our intellectualism comes from the womb of our mothers they knew they could not control us, but Britain knew that Fulani could be controlled very easily.

I want people to wake up and to begin to reason that Nigeria was designed to cage you, the people that built Nigeria was Britain; they created it, not you. Their main aim of creating it is to subjugate you, to use you like an apron in the fulfilment of whatever rubbish that they have put in place.

I told Nigeria I will destroy you with the truth, God is destroying Nigeria, not me. Destruction with the truth only the truth, it doesn't matter how many people you engage you gave money to, like the useless, corrupt Facebook but I can assure Facebook categorically, they have all the in the world they can do whatever they can, but Oduduwa is going there will be no Facebook in Oduduwa land and also in Biafraland we want them to understand that, for suppressing the truth they can never ever go free, for this evil they are doing they can never ever go free, Facebook can never ever go free.

What we are preaching this day as we have always preached is that Nigeria has no Army and we are telling them if you are fighting in Nigerian Army remember what Fulani Herdsmen are doing in your village, remember the mothers who have been raped, it could be your mom, it could be your wife, it could be your daughter that is why I keep insisting, that is why I keep saying I want everybody leave the Army for Fulani to be there if you are in the Army shouting one Nigeria your village is going people must understand that.

If after all these years Oduduwa has risen up that should tell people something, forget about BIAFRA we have been agitating to be free for a very long time. If Oduduwa people can wake up one day and say enough is enough that tells you to need to know that there is no hope for Nigga-area, there is no hope or whatsoever they are begging Chad to come and fight for them because they know Britain will not come, they know America will not come and help them, they know Russia can no longer come to bomb civilian population again in Biafraland.

We are formidable am telling you this IPOB is a monster I tell you because we stand on the side of truth always because that was the oath we took to speak the truth always regardless of the consequences and that truth shall set you free. After many years of preaching this gospel and people say you castigate people, you insult them the same people you claim am castigating have they not risen up the Oduduwa people? Is Oduduwa not all over the world this morning? BIAFRA and Oduduwa are protesting side by side.

Watch what is going to happen to Aso Rock, we are waiting for that boy. We have now prepared men in the US, in Europe and in Asia people who are prepared to die, you see that mask on his face? We must remove it am telling you the truth, only if he will remain in Aso Rock sleeping with Aisha, only if that boy will remain in Aso Rock with Aisha having fun, once in a while he will wear the mask and come out that is the only thing that will save him, any day they come abroad we have told US Government and every other Government of the world be prepare shoot us because we are going to meet him and will drag that mask out of his face for the whole world to know that the zoo is a fraud, they don't know how serious we are.

They are playing with us, they don't know what is coming after them as I have been warning them I was warning South-East Governors, so they call themselves to stop this killing of IPOB family members, stop all this arrest they will not hear, stop it, stop it they will not hear now they are hearing from us, and that is how is going to be until BIAFRA is restored and beyond. Facebook their judgement is coming to write it down on a piece of paper, their judgement is coming for tampering with the children of the Most High, the truth that God said must be preached to the sons of men, if am talking you write it down Facebook they think they are invisible you will see, you will hear what will happen to Facebook and people will play this clip and say you said so.

Where is Buhari? Dead in Saudi Arabia, where is Abba Kyari? Dead, where is Isaa Funtua? Dead, where is Mamman Daura? Dead, let them announce that Mamman Daura is dead I will pronounce the next Fulani cabal leader that will die and the idiot will die, that they may know how serious we are, that what we are preaching is not of man, what we are preaching is not that of man is ordained by Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama.

Today BIAFRA is standing side by side with Oduduwa is over for the zoo, there is something I want to bring to your attention which was passed on to me earlier before we came on the air. Afanifere, Ohanaeze fault structure of the zoo, ACF demand referendum on one Nigeria. For the very first time Arewa Consultative Forum have to use the word referendum, are you not clapping for IPOB or do you want me to tell you to clap for IPOB and for Radio Biafra or what? Are you not clapping for IPOB? For the very first time Arewa Consultative Forum demands referendum on one Nigeria, the word referendum has now been used who brought it into play? IPOB, The word self-determination is now everywhere courtesy of IPOB, when we say that this very massage was given to us from Heaven, some people do not believe us, but today Arewa Consultative Forum is talking about Referendum now you see how powerful we are, we are not powerful Elohim is.

Fulani have out hatred in us, Fulani wickedness has put hatred in us, and they are going to get it.

People should go on live video to bring us compliance everywhere, bring us the compliance of our sit at home everywhere. You claim you are a Governor give a counter order nah, and all these idiots give a counter order nah, all the idiots making mouth give a counter order I have given an order and everywhere is locked down give your own counter order let's see. Some people are building a house every four years they start a foundation, some people they claim they are freedom fighters, but they are building a house during the last election they manage to loof their property, now they are looking for money to do celling and POP, and they feel they can counter an order that I gave? And now ask them where they are? They themselves they are sitting at home that is how formidable we are because the zoo is gone, the zoo is finished everywhere is on lockdown.

God is angry with Buhari; the country will break up Primate Ayodele issues prophecies, which useless prophecy? I have been saying it we will destroy the zoo, I say it with authority, I say it so that you can do whatever you want to do to stop the disintegration of Nigeria, am telling you that the zoo is gone, is gone final. I will destroy the zoo, and as I do it, I will be boasting about it. I will be boosting in the name of the Most High Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru Ime Ihe Nile because not by our strength we have no strength we are mere mortals.

God said I would use IPOB to deliver those in bondage in Nigeria, but for you to do that you must speak the truth always, it doesn't matter who gets angry, which elder is insulted as long as you stand on the truth the zoo will fall and is it not falling today?

To us, BIAFRA is a religion. Do you understand what they mean? I want Aso Rock Fulani Janjaweed, and I want everybody listening to appreciate this, you need to know that we are mad about BIAFRA. Insane, insanity and very soon if you want all of us to go down we will go down with everybody. The only choice you have now is what Arewa people are saying that let us have a Referendum. Because of this same referendum, you killed us, and now you are talking about the referendum? Do you see that we always win? We talked about self-determination for our people, is it not everywhere now? Is it not what everybody is clamouring for? Because of who we are uncompromising, we stand on the path of truth, and that is why if you are not afraid of IPOB I feel sorry for you because you don't know who we are.

I will fight the zoo to the last drop of my blood because they don't reason, they don't understand.

Arewa has gone for the referendum and not restructuring, what stupid restructuring? Who is interested in restructuring? Arewa demand referendum, but will they pursue it? The thing about black people is that they believe in the theory, we always theorize and theorize, and nothing happens, absolutely nothing happens. But we are making it work, IPOB that thing you theorize about we bring it into a practical reality that is who we are, we don't believe in the theory and can never ever believe in it.

We have come to the end of our program this morning, very briefly we want to let the world to understand that they have made their usual mistakes again, and an telling them now we are waiting for them, I told you, people, that CNN and BBC will write about us very soon, I will give you the secret so that when it happens, you will know I told you so.

Anytime they say Nigeria President is travelling abroad we know he is wearing a mask we are going to remove that very mask, it doesn't matter where he is, it doesn't matter who is around him, and there will be gone fight in that country. And then the whole world will hear about it, And the zoo is gone from there, we can sacrifice lives maybe five or six people can be shot dead, but in the end, BIAFRA is going to come, they will die knowing fully well that due to their heroes BIAFRA was restored, I can't lie before God and man the zoo is finished.

I thank you very much for listening, as I keep saying you must respect IPOB but first all and most of all you must respect the Most High Elohim in Heaven that decided to use IPOB to do his work in this very earth, I thank you this very morning for listening to us.

The ordinary IPOB family members are the elites you have in Biafraland, that is why people try to emulate what we are doing because we are formidable by the grace of the Most High of course. I thank you very much for listening to us this very morning the day that zoo disgraces themselves once again, from me from here good morning.

Written By Onyebuchukwu Olusco Nwa Biafra For Umuchiukwu Writers.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For  Umuchiukwu Writers 



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