■Author:  ONYEBUCHUKWU OLUSCO (Nwa Biafra) 

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 10, Oct 2020

Good evening wonderful people great Biafrans wherever you are on the face of this very planet earth, once again we welcome you to our live presentation this very evening, this very program that always shakes the foundation of the iniquitous zoological republic of Nigga-area, this very broadcast that vibrates to the ends of this very Earth, a program that after listening to it you will be forced to acquire common sense where there was none before.

I wholehearted welcome you to this our edition on this very day the 7th day of October in the year of our Mostost High Elohim 2020 Wednesday it's. We are insurmountable, we are irreplaceable, we do not retreat, we do not surrender we are doing the work that Heavens mandated us to, and that work is to restore the Kingdom of God upon the face of this very Earth, but unfortunately even the so-called men of God or should I say some of them do not understand this because all they are bothered about is collection of tithe and offering every blessed day making promises they know they can not keep.

Here we are resolute, we are determined, we are relentless, and we are exceptionally formidable. That is why even today they have voted millions, upon millions of pounds in other to try and stop us but they can not stop us because we are unstoppable, it doesn't matter how many idiots they will out, it doesn't matter how many bible bashers they bring out to campaign on their behalf that the zoo must sustain or should be sustained they have failed, as they have failed in the past as so have they failed today because absolutely nothing is going to stop us.

If you have joined us this evening then you are blessed because you are one of the very few people who will go away from here with a semblance of common sense this very evening because we take no prisoners we speak the truth the way it's, I have no time for political correctness here the gospel we preach is the gospel of Heaven, and here on this very Earth, we know that the will of God is happening upon the life those that are his children.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu, I am the leader of the indigenous people of BIAFRA the largest mass movement on the face of the earth bar none, an exceptionally formidable group of people right across the face of this very planet earth, and by the very special grace of Most High we adore, and we worship Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru Ime Ihe Nile, a servant of wonderful people of BIAFRA. I welcome you by saying good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you because unlike any other this is arguably the finest university in the face of this very Earth.

Before I came on air Facebook was doing their dam best to stop us from broadcasting on their platform, they blocked every account that I can use to go live on my own page, they were asking me to tell them where I am that I should switch on the location of my device so that Facebook can know where I am I don't know what they intend to do with it, and I have given them all the information they requested they still say NO that I can not broadcast this very evening, but fortunately for us and unfortunately for them we are able to do so, and we shall continue to do so regardless of every attempt they make in other to try to stop the dissemination of this gospel of heaven.

Here this evening, we shall expose the truth that they have hidden, here this very evening we shall continue the ceaseless propagation of truth the same way that Heaven has mandated us to preach it.

We must pray!

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.


We are life, and we are direct, and the whole world is listening and bearing us witness.

This very evening before I go to the substance, as usual, I want us to lay down some makers, am going to go to a speech that somebody kindly edited out and circulated, a video of Obama speaking in the Language of Gowon, the reason why I have decided to play this very clip this very evening is to remind all of our people that our enemies are numerous I keep saying this, I have been saying it from the day one but our people some of them don't understand, our enemies are plentiful there are many of them and some of them you can not believe why they rose up and decided to be against BIAFRA nobody knows. 

That is to tell you what BIAFRA potency, that is to tell you how mightily blessed we are, that is why anybody who rises up opens their mouth to castigate what we are doing that person is a product of Lucifer, and I challenge the idiot anytime, any day, anywhere it doesn't matter if you are carrying the Bible up and down the new testament and preaching rubbish the tithe, the offering and the collection once you raise up and you speak against this very noble family of IPOB you are a product of Lucifer.

Some of you may remember when I use to tell you that those of us who are agitating BIAFRA we don't know how many enemies we have.   Since yesterday I was not able to post on my own page Facebook was asking me where I am, I should switch on the location on my device that they want to know where I am before I can post on my own page, they nearly starved me from coming live this very evening on my page people don't know the amount of battle we are fighting, and for you to appreciate the mess everybody is in I want you to listen to former Satanists, Obama is a Satanists a child of Lucifer I can confidently tell you that if there is anything like Devilish conception I can tell you that Obama is a child of a Satan, child of Lucifer the man is evil beyond compare. The first black President of America and very worst of them all, a bloodthirsty man he is, am sure his people are listening to this evening so they can convey this very massage to him.

I told you before that Obama wanted the dead Buhari to win an Is Islamic agenda. What did Obama say? to keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done, it was the same thing the dead Buhari echoed during his campaign, and am asking, you will be asking yourself what the business of US President with trying to keep Nigeria as one is? Is that their business? In what ways does it concern them? In other words, what this man is trying to say is that the President of United States of America before Trump came in their x President Obama knew very well about our agitation for BIAFRA, he knew what we were doing even in 2015, when was making this or this add on this campaign for Buhari.

Ask yourself this question why would a former United States President then he was the US President, why would he come out and say that to keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done borrowing the freeze of a mass murderer somebody who is in the Guinness Book Records as one of the worst people to ever exist, Gowon is there he is No3 in the list.

That idiot Gowon is claiming that he is a born again Christian he is leading prayer, but in the Guinness Book Records, he is there acknowledged as one of the worst people to ever live on the face of the Earth. And Obama been the worst President that America ever had, somebody who claimed his ancestors are from Kenya but because of the money they are getting, because of the bribe, because of the corruption they are encouraging in the Zoological republic that was created by Britain this fool opened his mouth and said to keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done the same word used by Gowon during the war of genocide against BIAFRA.

I want our people to reason because I know many black people do not reason; most of our people do not see the reason they don't sit down to analyze, to delve into issue properly. Ask yourself why should America President be concerned about BIAFRA agitation? That is to tell you that BIAFRA is a divine project and Lucifer and all its followers do not want BIAFRA to come, what am trying to say to you is this, anybody regardless of who they are, any human being that raises up to castigate the agitation for BIAFRA that person is a servant of Devil regardless if they are carrying the Bible or not. Ask yourself why Obama would use the exact word of Gowon a mass murderer and a killer? That tells you the extent of opposition that BIAFRA is getting even from people you least expect that is why this is God's project; it doesn't belong to any man.

Can you imagine that throughout Obama's eight years presidency he was working for one Nigeria? Not to make Nigeria a better place. Ask yourself this very question, What is the business of Obama with Nigeria's unity why? What for? Because he is benefiting from it, benefiting from corruption. It was Satan himself that inspired the British through Lugard to create one Nigeria in the first place; it was a pure satanic act. The reason has been that once you suppress Biafrans in Nigeria the whole of Africa will remain in darkness, black people all over the world will remain subservient, they will be slaves forever and ever, that is why anybody, any human being, any idiot who raises up to say that BIAFRA agitation is miss guarded, is miss placed, it shouldn't be that person I can swear is working for Satan, is working for Lucifer they are in the same camp with Obama.

Fulani people are not our opposition God in Heaven knows they don't exist, and they are stupid, they are not educated, they are Janjaweed what do they know? They know nothing. You, people, are fighting forces and principalities you don't know that hates you, Obama knows about BIAFRA more than all of you put together that was why he uses the word, to keep Nigeria one. That was the impact we were making in 2015, think of the impact we have made upon till now, think of it very carefully now you understand, don't you?

Earlier this evening the news broke or should I say information filtered out of Aso Rock, it was Ruth TV that covered it very well,  and according to them, they said that Buhari identifies Radio Biafra as a major threat to national security, approves six hundred and fifty-four million to stop its transmission. I hope you are listening? I want you to now tie this back to Obama statement, I want you to tie everything together, I want people to understand the forces that are against BIAFRA.

If you go to any learned European person and ask them about BIAFRA they tell you we know about BIAFRA more than Biafrans themselves, we know what BIAFRA potency, we know that BIAFRA should be allowed to exist black people their eyes will open, black people will no longer be the laughing stock of the whole world, black people will no longer live in penury and poverty because BIAFRA itself is the light. Anybody who is against light is from the darkness, and once you are of darkness, you are from Lucifer Satan that is who you worship, Anybody who is against BIAFRA is a child of darkness.

IPOB because of our 1st October sit at home, because all over the world marching along side by side with Oduduwa agitators all over, something that has never happened before in the damnable zoological republic we made it possible. And their masters called them, Mustapha called the idiots why didn't you have a meeting and say something? And people have thought them a lesson if at all they read the comments following their useless utterances, but they have no shame, is just like a harlot who has no shame that can fight a customer on the street, they have no shame no matter what you tell them they will never go back to reason, because of these idiots the zoo allocated six hundred and fifty-four million to stop Radio Biafra transmission, who else commands such influence anywhere in the Zoological republic? Is only us only this IPOB, only this Radio Biafra it doesn't matter who you are, it doesn't matter the garbage that comes out of your mouth we are unstoppable.

Go and tell the idiot you are insulting IPOB what six hundred and fifty-four million naira is? Is rubbish, is nonsense bring out proper money, go and feed all these idiots, all these fake freedom fighters that go behind our back to go and collect contract to guide pipeline, to go behind our back to go and collect money for settlement to be building hotels and hostels all over the place those are the idiots that you deserve, we are IPOB unstoppable. Buhari identifies IPOB if you are important why didn't he identify you? Why is your useless idiotic mask-wearing Govt spending such amount of money trying to stop what they know they can not stop?

We are rolling out more this Radio Biafra is going to be in every community preaching the truth, all that nonsense from Obama keep one Nigeria one has gone we have destroyed it completely, People now have their eyes open they can reason. The level of consciousness currently obtainable in the zoological republic is as a direct result of the grace of God upon Radio Biafra and IPOB, no other thing for your information. They are bringing out money to stop us that is what they do, is it today we started seeing this rubbish?

We are formidable, and now we are sound that I can assure you, Facebook can do all they can, Facebook do you know that somebody went to a zoo Embassy am not going to say the place in the Middle East, are you aware the counsellor staff inside there was grumbling and saying that this mans picture that is here is no longer living are you aware of that? Facebook, are you aware of that? Do you think you can protect what is unprotectable? Do you think you can collect money and be foolish everybody? You support evil, we are saying to Facebook look at his ear, he is wearing a face mask, and his ear is bent like kpomo why is his ear-bending? How come Jonathan's own did not bend? And Facebook is saying it is a hate speech. Facebook but you have not answered the question why is the man's ear bent? They can't answer it because they are fighting against BIAFRA they think they can defeat us?

Anybody claiming that Buhari is alive you are a supporter of liers, you are a lier yourself. Look at his ear, and as we have promised them this year or next year, anytime he decides to come out again we have prepared people who are willing and ready to die, to give up their life in other to prove to the whole world that this idiot wearing a mask is a little boy and a boyfriend of Aisha Buhari. We are making it very clear to them wherever this idiot is seen abroad we are going to approach him, we pull off his ear that the world may see that his ear is fake.

If what we are saying is not the truth, why would they be voting such huge sums of money to try to stop us? Using it to bribe washed out, compromised completely failed freedom fighters. They are not doing anything, Nnamdi Kanu is not doing anything, but your federal Govt is paying you money to become an informant, you have been reduced to an informant tell us where IPOB Radio is that is what they are doing, and because they have promised them that they know where our transmission station is that's why they have voted money for them now they are encouraged.

You can do nothing, you can not track an FM not now, not tomorrow the technology doesn't exist. You can do all you can we broadcast via satellite so what are you going to do? They know we are unstoppable no idiot can stop us, they have not given birth to you. Our land must be cleansed, sanitized and cleaned that mentality of defeatism, of cowardice and of treachery that obtained in 1970 can no longer obtain, we fought a war and just gave just like that, they should have continued fighting that war even if it means the death of everybody, let those who are alive continue with the generation of BIAFRA.

We are growing from strength to strength, this very evening this gospel has been heard in Kano, is in Lagos, is in Abuja, and you are still busy writing rubbish. The more you try to fight IPOB, the stronger we become, nobody born of an idiot in Africa can stop what we are doing they have not given birth to you, who are you? Stupid set of people you think you can stop what we are doing? I think you are demented.

Orji Uzor oko oko you want me to respect people that invited operation Phyton Dance to come and kill us in our own land? In our own compound? But because you are foolish, because you are very senseless and idiotic. People think that what we are doing we can be bought over maybe they are doing it because of money they have tried money did not work, oh they want to be famous they have tried it it didn't work, but you were given one small Ghana must go bag, and you sold your conscience, and who you are, shameless people behaves like prostitutes they have no shame that is how you know them if they had a shame Ohanaeze will not exist.

I gonna play a clip for you. Am going to play a clip of somebody who is from Ikwere and you will hear what he is saying because people listen to us, what has been the job of Ohanaeze? You know that your land was burglarized, divided they went to Egbema they cut Egbema into three, they came to Ohaji they divided Ohaji into two, they went everywhere and divided us what did you do? Because who people are in Ohanaeze are direct slaves to Fulani they receive money from Fulani, they are working for Fulani agenda.

They were saying oh leave it IGBO land is only five states I said to them no, you must go and look for your people. You are in Edo state we are everywhere, we are fighting for BIAFRA yes that is true, but this BIAFRA is going to be based on ethnic identity so nobody will feel cheated, everybody will be recognized we have said it time and time again.

You must go and look for your people for posterity sake, but After the war, the Fulani man said to them outside this states or East Central State you can not go, it was IPOB that came and change the narrative and say that is all rubbish. You can not have somebody answering Ifeanyichukwu in Edo state, in Igbanke speaking IGBO and you say he is not IGBO you are talking nonsense, they said you are trying to land-grab I said you are talking absolutely garage they are IGBO people.

Some of these people that fought the war and the war ended in 1970, there was a mentality of cowardice that they brought, and they want to infect, they want to inject that cowardice in every generation that comes. Oh, have you seen war before? Do you know what war is? What war is greater than operation Phyton Dance one, two, three and four and crocodile smile? Is it not the same war? Is it not the same AK-47? The same people dying every blessed day at the hands of this murderers is it not the same thing? Have you seen war before people are so foolish, Israel have been fighting a war since the day they left Egypt till today.

In Ebonyi, Miyetti Allah is packing their cattle, and they are going back to the North if you don't know, consistency and diligent. Miyetti Allah is running away from Ebonyi state I told them they would run from Ebonyi state and they are running if they stay there their cattle will die with them, and they understand it very well.

Idiots because you lost a war in 1970, because of that all the generation to come must be as cowardly as you are, you are coward you are carrying the Holy Bible of God is God a coward am asking you?

When Yoruba wanted Presidency Yoruba did not go begging anybody, Yoruba agitated, agitated until they allowed Olu Falae and Obasanjo to contest in 1999, 2023 Presidency that is the headline, Tinubu should not contest, IGBOS ready to go down on their knees to beg, always begging you have been begging for over fifty years you beg, you beg nothing comes your way, the little crumbs you have now, the fact that even the Fulani are looking in your direction is because of IPOB, because of what we are doing.

What type of people is this? What type of elders is this? Are you people the only ones to lose a war before? What type of thing is this you will go down on your knees to beg who am asking you? I have never heard of such nonsense before, unbelievable you are going to beg. Who tells you that power concedes to the people that beg? You take it by force. You saw the way the Fulanis with the help of Obama Islamist how they removed Jonathan from office did they beg Jonathan to give them power? They took it from him by force you were there as a witness.

You want to go and beg who are you begging am asking you? Are you not ashamed of yourself? Beg somebody for what for Presidency? Unbelievable, do you see the cowardly mindset they want to put in our brain? Do you see how they want to condition us so that in the next two generations we are finished if we carry this nonsensical mindset oh we lost the war, have you seen war before? We lost the war in 1970 is America not at war today? Is Britain not fighting a war today? They conquered you with the war they are still fighting till today, is even Fulani the Miyetti Allah not fighting till today to conquer you? 

Do you want to go down on your knees to beg who I ask? Who are you begging? Do I beg Facebook? There is a notice right now in front of me here, and you have previously posted something that didn't follow our community standards you won't be able to go live do you know that? Am I not live on the same Facebook? Because we have a never say die attitude we continue relentlessly, you kill us and we continue, if you kill ten next time, you will see twenty. All of you cowards what are you afraid of? Is it somebody that is moving cattle from place to place you are afraid of? All these nonsense, stupid, idiocy has to come to an end.

You will go down on your knees and beg who I ask you? Did Fulani people beg did they beg anybody to become the President am asking you? Did Yoruba beg anybody to become the President? You people are disgracing us, and you so-called elders you are humiliating us to hell with your Presidency.

I am telling Devil Umahi you can not give Ebonyi state to Fulani Janjaweed it can not happen Devil Umahi can see them now they are now going back? Some of you should go and look at what IPOB has been able to accomplish in Ebonyi state something that has never happened anywhere else before,  all those abductions they have done has it stopped us now from driving away Miyetti Allah from part of Ebonyi state? We know they can go and regroup and come back with their Army to come and attack people, but we are waiting for them, I said to Devil Umahi Miyetti Allah can not take Ebonyi he thought I was joking, I can say that we drove away Miyetti Allah from Ebonyi state and they will go, am telling you the truth they will go if their cattle stay there their cattle will die, and they know it very well, they must go from Ebonyi state.

Do you know hardened we are? Do you know how prepared we are? So you people think maybe they just got up one morning and decided to do agitation for BIAFRA? How foolish all of you are. What we are doing is divine, and for this zoo, for them attempting this rubbish am going to make sure there is a Radio in Katstina, there will be Radio Biafra in Katstina so when is talking Aisha Buhari and the children when they go holidays they will hear it, there will be Radio Biafra in Katstina for them to know how strong and formidable we are.

All this Efulefu that go to them oh we are begging you, please nah we lost the war we are begging you, you are dealing with the wrong people, we are Biafrans, we are children of the soil, we are all over the world we don't depend on any of them for finance and for help Chukwu Okike Abiama is in control.

I am giving you only six weeks there will be Radio Biafra in Katstina I will take this very battle to your homes individually, all of you there will be Radio Biafra in Katstina, in six weeks from today if there is no Radio there then discount me as human being six weeks there will be Radio in Katstina mad people everywhere.

If not that we stood up against the Fulani Janjaweedsm in Ebonyi state do you think that Fulani would have called for Dangote trailer to pack their cattle and go back to the North do you think so? I gave the order they can never have peace in Ebonyi state until they leave and they are leaving. Miyetti Allah should better pack everybody and go, bring your cattle go to Garriki or Maza Maza where they sell nama go and sell your cattle, and you go back, or you hire a house in the town and live, you see our forest and our bushes you can not stay there, We heard some people saying there must be a security outfit we don't need one, we don't need any we are on the ground, we are everywhere in Biafraland where we say there will be no Miyetti Allah there will be no Miyetti Allah. Ebonyi state is No1 when we finish with Ebonyi state we go into Enugu until we drive them away from our farmlands, from our forests.

"We don't need your money, all we want and all we are asking for is our freedom."

I don't know when Nigeria became great I have no idea, they are great they have no electricity, they have no good roads, they have no schools, they have four refineries, but they import fuel so when people say that Nigeria is great please, please I beg of them, of course, great in stealing, great in looting, great in mediocrity and great in Fulani Janjaweed. They talk about greatness as if there was a time that Nigeria was great, great in what aspect am asking you? You sell oil and gas from my blessed land of BIAFRA, that is the only thing that you have when people say that Nigeria is great. I want to ask them how? When? Where did Nigeria become great?

I want to ask are you telling me that this person with his ear that is robber bending all the time when he is wearing a mask is that a human being? Nobody can answer this very question. I want to ask all of you again in the zoo, all of Nigga-areas, all of you that claim you went to school, you are graduate, you are learned, you are educated let me ask you once again have seen the ear of the idiot, of the little boy you call your President is that normal behaviour of an ear when you are wearing a mask? If that is normal, why come Jonathan's ear have not gone kpomo the way this boy own has gone? Why can't people who claim they went to school, they are educated why can't they ask a very simple question why is the ear of the President bending? Nobody is asking the question apart from us we in IPOB on this very platform, that is why they said we are a security threat to the zoological republic.

And to make matter worst they brought an oversize barrel, you know something they constructed somewhere in Abonnema, they loaded a few empty containers on it, and they moved it to Onitsha, and they said that Onitsha Riverboat had now opened, in the zoo people when the asked me what I wanted I added this Rivers port as one of the things I would like to see reopened, many years ago so now they think that they can get to our people, they can get you to become a one Nigerian by this stunts, the stunt is that the barge put the empty container on it and they took a picture to deceive the idiotic and the gullible to tell you that Onitsha Riverport has been reopened that is what they do.

Look at the second Niger bridge they can not complete it, but they have money to build a railway line to Niger republic what does that tell you about their priorities?  The same oil and gas they are taken from our land they have gold in the North, but in the North, they are mining their own gold, the state Govt is importing equipment to process their gold, and you have idiots in Biafraland all they can think of is oh IPOB is our program, this thing that Nnamdi Kanu is doing but in the North, they have the natural resource, they have gold, and they have diamond today they have gone and imported machinery to start processing their gold it belongs to them, but in Biafraland everything we own belongs to everybody now who is foolish? You or these people controlling you? Look at the stunts. This is how foolish they have made our people became.

The North is mining their gold, but In Biafraland everything we own belongs to the North, our oil, our gas belongs to the North. Zamfara obtained a piece of equipment to begin gold refine. Zamfara they bought equipment worth three billion nairas, who gave Zamfara state three million? It is the money they are making from illegal maiming nobody is shooting them, going there to burn their villages. Why would Zamfara be processing their natural resource from the ground and people from BIAFRA can not do the same with the oil and gas and the coal that God gave to us? We have everything why can't we do it? Why must Govt take over?

How many things have you heard about SARS? They have been scraping SARS for the four past years, every month they kill innocent people, and they scrape it and every month SARS continue growing from strength to strength. There is breaking news, and it says why we can't scrap SARS. From the same Police force, from the same Police headquarters, they can not scrape it because it's the Fulani agenda to reduce the population of young man and woman in the South, it's a simple common sense.

If not for IPOB Fulani Janjaweedsm their advancement of Miyetti Allah with their six terrorist groups would have overrun everybody by now, if not for the work that IPOB is doing through this relentless broadcast on Radio Biafra by now we would all have been cowards And Fulani would have have been ruling Ebonyi state by now, but instead, they are putting their cattle back on Dangote trailer and taking them back to the North that is how strong we are.

There was something that I saw earlier today about appointment of an Emir Fulani; El Rufai made it very very clear he said Fulani Emir who is to show you that no Hausa person can be a part of it. 

I asked a question on Sunday, and I said can you show me an incident of SARS killing anybody in the North? Nobody can provide proof of that.  What hope do you have? The people are instructing SARS to go and kill in charge of your life; they are killing innocent people from the South. 

People don't know they are in a cage; people don't know their life has been messed up until it affects them until SARS kills your relatives until that happens you will not take what are they doing serious, that is one thing about the brain of a black person that I find irritating, must you wait for something to happen to you before you raise and campaign for the society to do what is right? As I keep saying that is the difference between white and black people.

We are not interested in IGBO Presidency, and we are not interested in a Biafran Presidency, we are not interested in an Izon Presidency, we are not interested in any restructuring of any kind people can go and restructure their family that is their business, what we want is freedom let the people decide in a referendum the time has come for the people to decide for them because power resides with the people and not with the idiots in Aso Rock.

Our media people have been arrested in Akwa Ibom State, and if you are holding them I advise you peacefully to let them go, they have done nothing wrong, or you take them to court and let the court decide, you are wasting your time the more you arrested, the more of us come forward, the more you kill us, the more our mothers will give birth.

Anybody thinking that one-day IPOB will cease to exist, or that one day we will stop agitating, or stop speaking forcefully the way we do as a group of people to demand to control their destiny then you are mistaken. We are not going to stop not today, not tomorrow, not ever that is why to us I don't know how you see BIAFRA, I don't know how you see IPOB, but to us, BIAFRA is our religion and here on Radio Biafra is where worship because Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama is our God, we are never ever going to stop until BIAFRA is restored, and as I told you, please keep your fingers crossed because very soon the world will talk about us that I can assure you, with all the love in my heart from me from here it's good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For  Umuchiukwu Writers.



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