■Author:  ONYEBUCHUKWU OLUSCO (Nwa Biafra) 

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 03, Oct 2020

Good evening wonderful people great Biafrans wherever you are on the face of this very planet, we welcome you to another explosive, exciting edition of our live presentation on this very day the eve of the very pathetic, ridiculous flag independence of the damnable zoological republic.

We are live, and we are direct, and I can assure you that the whole World is listening to us. Wherever you are I welcome you personally on behalf of this very noble family IPOB all over the World, let me start by saying good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you because this very platform, this very Radio Biafra is listened to right across the face of this globe, there is no time zone you will go to and you won't find somebody listening to us especially via our IPOB community Radio App. Also Radio Biafra App, we are on FM in Biafraland, in Kano, in Lagos and also in areas of Abuja as well.

We are doing all we can to ensure that entire Biafraland is saturated with this gospel of redemption, even in the Middle Belt as well because now it feels like people have woken up at last. All these years we have been touring and working, and preaching this very gospel all of a sudden this year 2020 people have now received it, and that is why you see great movements in both lands where the stray  Fulani Janjaweed thought they held stray before.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu; I am the leader of the largest freedom fighting movement in the face of this very earth. Therefore it gives me great privilege to say that I am a servant of wonderful people of BIAFRA. By the grace of the  Most High Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile with every humility, with every submission to the will of God Almighty in Heaven, we serve our people in truth, with honesty, with every diligence and stubbornness you can imagine, because we are not going to stop until the damnable zoological republic is completely and utterly decimated. There will be no Nigeria that name will not exist I assure you before God and man, and I swear on my life that the name Nigeria will not exist by the time we are done with the zoo that is how resolute we are, that is how determined we are, that is how formidable we are.

Before we go any further we must pray, this evening you will permit me I will pray in the language of Heaven, in the language of the ancients the same way that Roman Catholicism during the very early of Christianity prayers were conducted in the ancient language of Latins, that is what we are trying to do here. We must pray to Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile without who we will not be where we are today, we have no strength of our own we are mere mortals, we are nothing, we are born, and one day we are going to die, but one thing shall remain, and that is the word of God because that have stood the test of the time from the beginning of the time and till the end of the time.

We must pray!

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.


We must preach this gospel of redemption  Chineke nna mere m ebere, the zoo has fallen and I say it with every degree of certainty. Those who are propping up the zoo they have spoken today, Her imperial Britannic Majesty as always have sent her congratulatory message to the country that they created; this is something that we are going to focus our minds and our analysis this very evening.

When we come on this very platform to preach this very gospel of redemption, this gospel of hope, this gospel freedom we do so convinced that the people listening to us are intelligent enough, they are discerning enough, and they understand enough, they are schooled enough to read between the lines.

Queen Elizabeth the II has sent her message, and everybody who is against the quest for the restoration of BIAFRA, or Oduduwa or the even Kwararafa Republic of the Middle Belt must listen to me very carefully and attentively this very evening. We have the unique privilege today to announce that the whole World is listening and listening very attentively nothing the enemy can do, they can try all they can they have tried in the past and they have failed, that is why every effort they are making now to stop this very movement is bound to fail, and I  remind Fulani once again that your forebear came to our land to conquer us many many years ago and they failed, they failed very woefully. This time around again you are going to fail not minding all the machinations of corrupt idiotic and shamelessly Fulani slaves like Devil Umahi, Okezie Ikpeazu and that idiot, that fool that some people still stupidly refer to as a Governor.

Some idiots who don't reason still call that fool Hope Uzodinma a Governor because they have no brain they can not reason, did you vote for him?  Did you ever vote for Hope Uzodinma I ask you? Why would you refer to him as a Governor? Governors are those who were voted for by the people, or even rigged into power with the consent of the people. Now I ask you why would any sensible being refer to Hope Uzodinma as a Governor did you vote for him? He is the Fulani administrator of course supreme Court Fulani administrator of Imo state he is not a Governor. If you refer to him as a Governor again I will block you, if you are my friend I will ban you am telling you the truth because you are a fool, why should you refer to Hope Uzodinma as a Governor did you vote for him? This is how you people perpetuate if evil thing lasts up to one year it will become a tradition. You keep calling him Governor he stays there for one year and people will think now he is a Governor who told you he is a Governor? He is a Fulani appointed administrator of Imo state, that should sink into your skull.

Suppose you listen to us if you are part of this very movement you need to be consistent. Philosophically and ideologically consistent, you don't waver, you don't go back, you don't try to join the animals in the zoo to behave the way they do, as long as nobody voted for Hope Uzodinma he is a Fulani appointed administrator, and he is doing their bidding for them I will get to the idiot later on, and I must warn all the idiots those from his village, those who are close to him if we can destroy the zoo Hope Uzodinma is a nobody. Any day I remember that idiot, any day I remember Hope Uzodinma believe you I am warning you now the same way I warned the zoo Army and would not listen, I warned their Police they would not listen any day I remember Hope Uzodinma oh my God you will hear the story that idiot you will hear the story.

Now that he is working for his Fulani masters, all of you are mute, and you are dumb you do not see it. They are patrolling, doing a show of force whereas there is a war going on in Borno, Borno State Governor has been attacked three times in a week there is no show of force in Borno, but there is a show of force in Owerri because Hope Uzodinma wants to tell us that he is a Fulani slave he can do as he pleases and we are coming for you, am announcing it live so that the whole World can hear so that when it starts happening they will know I announced it on Radio Biafra, the same way I announced the raising of our dragon flag I said it live on air and is happening. If you people want us to live we will live, you want us to die we will all die. I assure you, and we take each and every one of you down, God punishes all of you you are doing a show of force in Owerri, but there is no show of force in Maiduguri there they are running.

You want to prove to your Fulani masters that you are doing very well in Owerri may God punish you there you are a fool, any idiot supporting Hope Uzodinma all of you will go down with him bastards everywhere, idiots everywhere. Fulani will appoint you, and you will come to our land and be talking rubbish you and Devil Umahi you are talking absolutely garage you people are fools, they are using you, but you don't know, you think you can come and play Afonja in our land is that what you think? You and that idiot Devil Umahi you think you can come to our land to play Afonja to give Biafraland to Fulani? God will punish you and your entire household, come and try it and see come and give our land to Fulani let us see, com and give Ebonyi state to Fulani let us see we will all perish there, we will all die in that very place.

When they killed our sister, did you do anything? When our sister was massacred and killed, did you do anything? You, idiots, are all over the place claiming you are South Eastern Governors may God punish all of you, all of you are stupid, all of you are hopeless idiots you think you can trade our land for your stupid Presidency is that what you think? You can use Biafraland to convince your stupid, idiotic immoral Fulani masters that you now ready to become a President you people are mad, and you will be dealt with am telling you the truth. Now you will understand how insane we are; you will understand how fanatical we are.

Let Hope Uzodinma pray that Nothing happens to anybody in Owerri, am telling you before God and man if anybody goes missing in Owerri If anybody gets to shoot at, anybody gets injured, anybody gets killed in Owerri because of this Fulani rubbish in Owerri am telling you Owerri will burn to write it down in a piece of paper,  go and ask them in Enugu, am telling you tonight Hope Uzodinma that idiot that Fulani put in Owerri and all his idiotic supporters am telling all of you if you think that what we are making is the mouth, is an empty threat I dare you to shoot one person in Owerri God will punish all of you,  I will burn the whole of Owerri down try it and you will see ndi ara, umu oko oko useless fools everywhere you are playing with us.

I want to preach this very gospel what her Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth the ll sent to her creation, all of you idiots are answering one Nigeria people because you know nothing when I preach this gospel I preach it in truth and in every honesty.

There is nowhere else on this earth where the same thing that obtained in Africa especially in the Zoological republic called Nigeria will obtain and people will keep quiet for 60 years it hasn't happened anywhere else before, that tells you the depth of idiocy and stupidity that afflicts an average Nigga-arean because their brains, their skulls are empty they don't reason very well. The Queen is sending you a congratulatory massage the Queen is sending you this very massage because she created you, her family created you, you are nothing without them, you will not be a Nigerian without Lugard coming you will not know anything like Nigeria. So when I hear people stupidly and ignorantly trying to defend what they don't understand, I become very, very sick.

I want to understand something, and I want people to please try and clarify something for me why Britain will be sending a message of felicitation to President Muhammadu Buhari the same Queen that wrote a condolences message, Buhari died in London the same Queen wrote a condolences message to the people of the zoo that they created. I call you a zoo because all of you are laboratory animals, Nigeria is like one giant experimental lab of the British because nowhere else on this very planet have a man try to create the most populous, or should we say people who assume to be the most influential black country on the face of this very earth, and when people make that very erroneous assumption, they seem to forget that the people that created them are British. 

No black man created the most populous country of black people on this very earth it was done by white people that is a fact of life, so when any idiot regardless of who you are standing up to say we are the most populous, we are diverse talking rubbish did you make it possible? It was made possible by the family of Queen Elizabeth the ll, that now wrote you a message, writing to a man who is dead everybody knows that Buhari doesn't exist but because there is this conspiracy to allow the Fulani to remain there, to run everything down, to impoverish everybody, to lower the standard of living, to make absolute life hell for everybody who is unfortunate enough to inhabit that very contraption that is the reason why they are sending a message of felicitation.

Independent from what looks at how they deceive themselves? Nigeria's independent if you are foolish as most Nigerians are if you are daft as most African people are you will not understand that they themselves are the ones that created Nigeria, so how can I be independent with something that you yourself created how is that possible I ask? A very simple question, how is that possible I ask you?  They created you all of a sudden Nigeria became independent 60 years ago, what Nigeria? Who created that thing that becomes independent? Britain created the Nigeria that became independent from Britain, and still answering Nigeria till this very day, oh common black people please try to reason, black people try to engage your brain cells am begging you, she is congratulating you, you guinea pigs that they created.

Pipeline on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean sucking oil and gas free of charge all the way to Exeter in England is anybody disputing it? Are you disputing it? Why do you think they want Fulani to be in charge? Because they know that if they have a Biafran in Aso Rock the person will rise up and say enough is enough cut this very oil and gas and pay for it. Don't you understand that is why they support one Nigeria? Are you pretending you don't know? And any idiot who claims they are for one Nigeria is because their family is benefiting from the chaos, the mayhem, the corruption, the backwardness, the arrested development, poverty and deprivation that is afflicting that very zoo, zoological republic it gives me pressure indeed because they created you.

Who created the Commonwealth? Britain created Commonwealth to house all their colonise together, with the Queen as the head of Commonwealth. The same way that Sa'adu Abubakar the Sultan of Sokoto is the head of every religious movement in the zoo unbeknown to some useless people in that Zoological republic, when I talk about one Nigeria I am overcome with rage, you don't understand how much I hate anybody, not just Nigeria itself, you can not begin to fathom how much I hate anybody who refers to him/herself as a Nigerian because you are the lowest of the low, your education is meaningless, you are so foolish because you can not reason very well.

It was Britain that planted hardcore fraud, stealing in Nigeria. That was why Umaru Dikko ran to Britain when he stole wait for it, 4bilion pounds in the mobile bank. Umaru Dikko a Fulani man these are hardened criminals they contribute nothing to the economy, they have not done anything to move the zoo forward all they do is to loot, to ask for power to control AK-47 and to impoverish and terrorize all of you into submission, but unfortunately for them, they never knew that IPOB was coming, when we started they were calling us all manner of names they are not serious, oh they want popularity, they are miscreants, they are taunts, they know nothing, oh they want money, they want to be popular, and at each juncture, we have defiled all their expectations and all their thinking about what we have come to represent, they have failed, and that is why the zoo is crumbling today.

This newspaper The Nation concluded by saying Nigeria got her independence from Britain on October 1st 1960. Which Nigeria? Did you create Nigeria? Did your family create Nigeria? Was Nigeria created by Yoruba man? Was Nigeria created by a Biafran? Was Nigeria created by Hausa man? Who created Nigeria? Same Britain, do you see how they are messing with your brain because they see you as a black monkey? You people you can not reason that is why they are messing about with you. That is how foolish black people are, and I will say it anywhere without any apology, black people are foolish by nature to believe you me before God and man we are useless we can not reason very well.

Some people listen to what we preach, and they get upset instead of them to tell their children the truth, to say that maybe this uncle saying this thing is because of the way we have been behaving, our behaviour is atrocious, our behaviour is bad to look at what Facebook is doing? Facebook in Lagos is staffed by black people, are there, but these black people if you ask them how everything is? They will tell you that things are very bad, there is no light oh, things are bad oh, omo the road to my house is unpassable, but the idiot is in Facebook headquarters suppressing the truth knowing full well that that truth will set the people free.

Without the revolution in Russia, will Russia be great today? Without the revolution in France, will France be great today? Before the Russians decided to revolt or the French before them all this nonsense they are elders, respect your elders, had France been respecting their elders will they be great today?  Even Britain that you are looking at do you know that in Britain there was a revolution led by a man called Oliver Cromwell? Some of you do not understand history. Did America not have a revolution? Did they even not go to war to end slavery because of what they believe in? That is the thing about white people they fight for what they believe in, and a useless black moron will just be there absorbing and consuming whatever garbage you feed the fool, that is why an 80 years old man will take up a page in a newspaper and be writing rubbish saying, I am against Oduduwa agitation, I am a Nigerian and am asking this idiot did you create Nigeria? Did your father creat Nigeria? This name that you are answering Nigeria, Nigeria who gave it to you? Your slave masters from Britain. 

That is why you are a Nigga, that is why you are a black, that is why you are unreasonable, that is why you have no running water, no electricity, that is why you have no good roads because your brain cells are not functioning, when I say it they say I hate black people I don't hate anybody I want you to wake up and do the right thing, and that right thing is to reason very well, that right thing is to bring the zoo to an end, Nigeria must end, for people to survive the zoo must come to an end. It was Britain that created Nigeria, not a black man, don't you get that into your skull?

Every day you complain, you complain they look for a solution, what is that solution? You go back to the foundation of the zoo and ask yourself this question, this Nigeria that I am dying for, this Nigeria they say is our country which created it?  And once you have asked yourself that very question, the next question naturally becomes what the interest of the person that created it was? And from that day you will cease to become a Nigerian, any idiot that comes to you to say I am a Nigerian you will hate that person instantly as I do. Once you say I am a Nigerian I hate you immediately because I know your brain cells are not correct, you are not a human being.

Independent anniversary my foot mad people everywhere, Britain created Nigeria, Nigeria is one giant laboratory with a multitude of animals in it, I want to ask that, Prof, I want to ask that PhD holder, I want to ask that idiot defending Aso Rock saying let us go and vote I want to ask you a very simple question did you create Nigeria? Did your father creat Nigeria Or your great grandfather? Who created it, and for what purpose? Created by Britain to serve British business interest and they are still sucking our oil and gas till this very day. Because from day one they came to take away our natural products and they are still taking it till this very moment. You fool calling yourself Nigerians idiots who can not reason very well.

All the empty boost about Nigeria been the giant of Africa was because Britain made it so, Britain deliberately by design initially said we are Britain we want to get one over France, there was competition, there was a scramble for Africa Portugal was there, Germany was there, all the big hitters were there scrambling and colonizing us like a bunch of idiots which of course we have let us be very honest about it. Forget all that nonsense about black pride is garbage if we were proud there is no way we would have allowed only twenty thousand Europeans to colonize the whole of Africa of nearly forty million people I want you to understand that very clearly.

If you believe in Nigeria you are a fool, I have asked all of them to come and debate me I was on heritage TV last night of course unannounced, I ask anybody if you have a brain in your skull if you believe you are a Professor if you believe you went to school I challenge you to a debate, and I have said it always, God in Heaven knows if you can last for only two minutes with me, I will abandon BIAFRA mad people everywhere umu oko oko.

All the empty boost giant of Africa Britain made it so not you, have you conquered one inch of territory before? Nigeria is a giant of Africa and is asking you name one head of state, name one Nigerian patriot who went out and conquered territory for Nigeria nobody did. The same boundary that Britain agreed with France their door neighbour and their brothers are what exists till this very day; in fact, they even lost some to France. We are Nigerians smiles, in America, I want to give you an example, in America patriot they went and conquer land for the United States of America am asking you that claim you are a patriot, Nigeria, Nigeria giant of Africa tell me one inch of land you added to Nigeria since Britain drew that very boundary? The answer is zero.

" You must be learned, and If you are not learned you can't understand what I am saying because in your skull is that typical idiocy, the foolishness of a black man from Africa they don't reason very well, and here we are awaking everybody".

The effect of that British racist and demeaning construct is visible till this very day, they deliberately empowered a bunch of nomadic retards in  Fulani, that can't boost of excellence in any field endeavour or discipline. Unless you class cattle rearing as an achievement, even the cattle that they move from place to place is an instrument of war, the only industry they control is moving cattle from place to place, and they are even using it to conquer people, telling you we have to graze in the forest, we have to graze in your farms. That is why I maintain my warning tonight to Ebonyi state and like Imo state anybody supporting Devil Umahi, any fool supporting him. he went and took money from Islamic Bank and built four flyovers, and built a market and some of you are so foolish you don't understand what is going on, and Ebonyi state is going towards Islam, is going towards the North he has given them a free raid they can do whatever they like, they can kill our people and get away with, and we are saying no to that.

And I want Devil Umahi to understand, Okezie Ikpeazu in Abia, and the Fulani administrator in Imo state that our land can never ever be taken over by the Fulani Janjaweed through Miyetti Allah. I am telling you this, and God is my witness, am telling you the truth and very soon you will see the result. Am telling you the gospel truth they can not take our land, Orji Uzor Kalu foolishly gave them Lokpaukwu look at what they are doing, have you seen our brother with a machete cut on his head and all over the place in our own land? They forcibly are now taken people farmlands in Lokpaukwu and Lokpanta curtsy of Orji Uzor Kalu, and he wants to come and campaign to be President? Is impossible all of you know is impossible.

Any Army that comes into our land will die there, am telling Fulani tonight live on-air copy it out and sent to US department as you normally do. If you come into our land with the intention of working with all these idiots to take our land and give to you people, all of you will die there am telling you the truth, go and ask they will tell you.

All of you illiterate animals clamouring for one Nigeria I want to remind you of something that you don't know because you are foolish, the thing about a foolish black person is that when you meet a foolish typical useless idiotic black person, it's almost impossible to shift their reasoning, I want to attempt tonight to see if I can shift their reasoning to be able to reason properly.

We have driven them away from Aso Rock they are no longer there, they can no longer come out everything is now recorded, they can not speak live or take questions live down to the might of IPOB, and what we have done to the zoo, I want to remind Devil Umahi and that idiot Fulani administrator of Imo state Hope Uzodinma if we can stop Nigeria so-called President from speaking to the people who are you, idiot? A lowly bastard who are you? Do you know what IPOB is? Do you know how strong we are? Do you have any idea? Or is it because I am holding men back I don't want them to do anything? Do you know if I unleash these men you can not last up till tomorrow morning? When we pursue you, we get you, and your tongue will touch the ground.  Because we kept, quiet your idiocy is increasing every day. In fact am praying let one person gets hurt in Owerri as a result of this your show of force, Hope Uzodinma I will scare you am telling you the truth I am saying it so that when it happens, you will know I gave the order, that time that terrorist you want to call me you will call it in the open. 

Hope Uzodinma if anything happens to anybody in Imo state in Owerri, I am warning everybody living in Owerri if anything happens to any IPOB family member in Owerri God is my witness I will set an example with Hope Uzodinma that others may learn, that anger that I have for Ohanaeze I will unleash it on Hope Uzodinma then they will understand how upset we are, mad people everywhere umu oko oko, idiots everywhere.

You people underestimate us, ask the zoo they were underestimating us, as Nnia Nwodo told them to forget why negotiate with Nnamdi Kanu? Am here who he is? He can not do anything, but today the zoo is rocking, you people said is IPOB miscreants, leave them he is talking from London nothing can happen, but is happening, isn't it? Can your President talk? Can he get speak in the open? We caged the idiot inside Aso Rock, we have woken up the consciousness of people, Yoruba have woken Oduduwa is here, Middle Belt is rising up who is going to stop us? Who is the idiot that is going to stop us who is the fool?

Pray that they kill somebody in Owerri then Hope Uzodinma will see me, he will now see me very well, face to face he will now meet me. Then he will know how fanatical we are about what we are pursuing ndi ara.

Hope Uzodinma you will think others did it, Atiku killed Massob and got away with it anybody can do it, in Anambra state it was done but now we have raised our flag, there is a difference between when the flag was raised and when it was down. We have raised our dragon flag an eye for an eye; if you kill us we kill you, am telling you to be it Nigerian Army, Nigeria Police, Nigeria customs if you kill any Biafran be rest assure that as night follows day, you will die am saying it live and the World is listening, am not hiding it's called self-defence. If you think there is those time you can come open your gun and be shot, no, as you shoot and as you are going we will catch you on the road, and you will die there, ask those who are receiving it and they will tell you.

Now all of you understand What Ọjukwụ saw, what Ọjukwụ saw Zik did not see it, and today my leader has been vindicated, vindicated beyond every reasonable doubt but Zik was an intellectual he has PhD, he is an elder he was there speaking grammar all the time. Ọjukwụ told him Nna anyi there is something I see, this people they don't mean well for us he couldn't see it he was blinded by one Nigeria. They gave him Amina, and he quickly forgot everything he started talking rubbish.

We are students of history, we know that Russia only becomes better after a revolution, we know that France became a force after a revolution, Britain become a world leader after a revolution, there must be the revolution and is more than ripe in the zoo, stupid people.

You people don't know how angry we are, how many did you kill at nkpo? How many did you kill at Onitsha? How many died at Obiama? How many did you kill during Trump rally in Igweocha? How many were killed in Enugu? How many did you kill in my house? Has it stopped us? Do you see how foolish you are? Don't you know that the more you kill us, the more hardened we become? You don't understand It's simple logic, if Boko Haram that did not go to school can be given you problems in your own territory in the North, imagine people like us who are educated in IPOB do you think you can last with us am asking you?

Our mission here is to impart knowledge, to make people think critically not because we hate you when I call you a zoo animal is for you to go back and ask yourself why Nnamdi Kanu is calling me an animal? If you think about it am telling you before morning you will come to the conclusion that I have actually done you a favour, we have done you a favour because now you can reason properly. Can't you see the Middle Belt do they have the courage to rise up before? But now everybody is rising up, down to this IPOB People are now waking up and asking questions, what gave them impetus and courage to do so? It's Radio Biafra and IPOB nobody else, no other entity.

All we have been doing these years without anybody knowing is to get your brain to start thinking, to get your brain to start asking critical and certain questions. Those questions Facebook don't want you to ask them because they are working for the zoo.

Imagine that we have BIAFRA do you think that Fulani will come and kill us in Ebonyi state? Do you think that if you have the Kwararafa Republic in the Middle Belt that Fulani will come from Mali, from Niger to come and kill somebody in Agatu? of course in Biafraland? Ask yourself, why are the killings going on in the zoo? Why are people dying? Is because you are in Nigeria. If Fulani is on their own, Hausa's on their own who will kill each other and take over their farm? 

You Nigerians you are foolish but are you also blind?

I thank God Almighty in Heaven Chukwu Okike Abiama that this new generation it feels me with great pride and joy, as I said yesterday this is the people I have been waiting for, I know that Yoruba will rise up one day, I have been waiting for the right people, and now they have come, and you will see what is going to happen.

We have gone very far; you can not stop us in a country where everything is begging, signing a law? Oh, Buhari please can you revisit confab report of 2014? Oh Buhari please do this nah, every day you are begging, the Buhari you are begging the idiot skeleton is in a grave in Saudi Arabia, his tormented soul is wandering in the Arabian Desert, Aisha Boyfriend is busy they are shopping all over the World, they are busy having fun.

Victor Sunday has been taken to Uyo for interrogation he has done nothing wrong, those that attacked Zulum convoy in Borno no one has arrested them, there is no house to house search arresting people, only in Biafraland. In Uyo for that matter, they have started in Uyo, and when we show them 1% of our madness now they will start complaining, they are the ones looking for trouble as always. And as I will keep saying the same way they provoked Boko Haram into armed conflict, it was Nigerian Police that caused it Boko Haram was peaceful until Nigerian Police attacked them, that is the fact of life.

Anybody wishing to confront IPOB you must be prepared, you must be prepared we are everywhere we are very very powerful I tell you that, not out any strength of our own but by the very special grace of Most High Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile, we are very very resolute and formidable, we are fanatical so before you pick a fight with IPOB be very very carefully because you will never win. We have destroyed the zoo without firing a shoot the zoo is down, think of what we can do to you, think of it very carefully, please.

Can you imagine what IPOB did? Their President can no longer speak live impossible, do you underestimate how powerful we are? We have to stop Nigeria from having a President they don't have any, Buhari dead in Saudi Arabia somewhere, the idiot they brought as his replacement can no longer speak life can you imagine that? Which other people can do that anywhere else in this World if not IPOB? That is how potent we are, that is how formidable we are, that is how powerful we are the zoo is gone, and people can see it. We are determined, we are resolute we are not going to stop until BIAFRA is restored until Oduduwa is restored never stop, even Middle, even Hausa.

I said to this Fulani at the end of this very war that you have started  I am telling you you will not be in Gobir, am warning the Fulani that at the end of this race am telling you every Fulani Janjaweed born anywhere in the World you will remember two names, IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu because you will not be in Sokoto, as am telling you now write down on a piece of paper, this war that Fulani have started will last forever. Fulani can not be in Sokoto Hausa people will rise up and take over Sokoto from them, you watch and see what is going to happen to them they are mad they don't know what they have done.

That idiot is not Buhari if Aisha Buhari or anybody else can take me to court in any civilized country around the World, alleging that what I am saying is wrong, that mere fact of filing a case I will resign as the leader of IPOB. Listen to me very carefully I did not say that I have to win the case, or they have to win the case no, and I said if they file a case in the Court of law in Europe, and in the US alleging that what Nnamdi Kanu is saying is wrong, his slander with the mere fact that they have filed such a case in the Court God is my witness I will resign as the leader of IPOB. Am not asking them to prove their case, just go and file a case in the Court, I want to let the World understand how foolish black people are.

They are playing with us, and they don't know how formidable we are now they understand it. I want Hope Uzodinma, Devil Umahi, Okezie Ikpeazu to look at Aso Rock see how they are panicking talk less of you, one day I will get upset, and I will give an order, and you are gone, am saying it live so that when it happens, you will know it's me that gave the order.

No matter how well you try to disguise a mask there will always be mistakes, and until they come up to admit what the World knows already we will continue to hold them, hostage, their lies will continue to strangle them.

Osinbanjo doesn't exist all Photoshop and deep fake videos, where is Osinbanjo? Forget all the pictures, forget all the nonsense they said he is going to have a teleconference with the head of Facebook in the zoo, where is Osinbanjo I keep asking? These are the things they are covering; these are the things that Facebook is covering. I am asking Boss Mustapa what you people have done to Osinbanjo where is he?

I want the World to also understand that the masters of embezzlement which are the Fulani Janjaweed they are it again, they have embezzled wait for it, 67bilion school feeding funds. Fulani this are rouges and criminals they will keep looting, they will keep stealing nobody is going to stop them.

We also know that there are Army patrol and Police patrol in Owerri we are waiting for them. And as they are patrolling in Owerri ISIS ambushed Borno State Governor three times in a week and tries to kill him nobody is patrolling there, that is why I said that Nigerians are sick in the brain, they are animals they can not reason.

Because we allowed Nnia Nwodo to get away with Operation Phyton Dance, have you now seen that has enabled Hope Uzodinma to call for the killing of our people? And am warning those that are close to him that what he is inviting he can not finish it am telling you the truth, go and warn him he is asking Buratai his masters to come and kill his people for him, these are the idiots campaigning for IGBO Presidency, after killing us then who is going to vote for you? I want people to understand that those you call your Governors; they are the ones killing you, but your stupidity will not allow you to see it. This nonsense going on in our must stop, the time has come for us to confront this Efulefu Governor's we must meet them head-on this nonsense must stop.

And on that note we have come to the end of our program this very evening I thank you all very much for listening, and not minding our rage and our anger we are propelled by the love we have for our people that some of you may change from the way you reason and begin to like human beings, I thank you once again all of you individually and those of you hosting the watch party. Collectively I thank you all for listening. And for your watching and comments on Facebook this very evening with all the love in my heart, concern and appreciation from me, from here good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For Umuchiukwu Writers



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