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The Land is Filthy: No Election, No Infliction

Nnamdi  Kanu 

Enemies of peace in disguise
Deceiving the gullibles and unwise
Watch out as they hover around
Like vultures hover above the air
About to feast on a prey.
As election draws near
They pray thee to vote with no fear.
Do you hear?
Be weary!
Be vigilant,
Thy future more important.

br /> To my warnings
Thou must pay heed
Be mindful
And careful,
Of those human Chameleons
They may appear to offer help
But they are vultures in human forms,
Animals in uniforms!
They never have good norms.

First, they make you weak
And label you unfit
And put you to disgrace,
Enemies of progress!

Beware of the demons,
In political wing
The wolves that predict
All the pretty lies
In the contraption,
The abominable jungle
As they feed fat on thy sufferings
They overlook thy murmurings,
And make you feel guilty
Of their own crimes.

To folks they aren't civil
To the land they infest with evil
These sons of devil
From the pit of hell
God free us from their spell.

Oh, tears well up in my eyes,
As I see our land being pillaged
As people are constantly killed
As hopes and dreams shattered,
As strangers play us as toy
And the fruit of our land they enjoy,
My heart is in turmoil!

But in the end,
Biafra will come
In the end,
It will be over, this storm!
It does not matter
How they try to molest us
It does not matter
How they try to shame us;
And it does not matter
How they try to kill us
Because one day,
God who really matter
Will honor us,
And we shall to His Holy name
Give all  the glory

By Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

Edited & Published by IPOB WRITERS PRESS
Contact: ipobwriters@ipob.org
Twitter: @ipob_writers



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