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Biafra: The expiration of the British company, Nigeria.

Biafra children  dying  during the war 

Every product has an expiring date given by the manufacturer. Nigeria, a British creation in 1914 expired since 2014 as it was made to exist for a period of one hundred years.

ust as every expired product has a sign or symptom, the civil unrest, economic and political catastrophe currently in Nigeria are indicators that Nigeria is an expired product.
A call for oneness of Nigeria is highly hypocritical and unthinkable. It is as good as saying yes to carnage, looting, defalcation, mayhem, slavery, injustice, subjugation, corruption, human right abuse, tyranny and any other form of evil one can think of.

No right thinking person will opt to the oneness of Nigeria.
Who will wants to consume an expired product? If no reasonable person would want to consume an expired product, then no sensible person should support or work in any way for the continuity of the damnable British expired creation called Nigeria.

Nigeria is not just an expired product, it is a fraud. The British that created Nigeria knew that it was not going to work. Currently, they know that Nigeria is hell for her inhabitants. This is the reason they stated that Nigerians are like oil and water that are immiscible, meaning that nothing can be done to redeem the pitiable state of Nigeria.

Since it is a common sense to thrash an expired produce, what about a creation that is not meant to work. The obliteration of Nigeria is a justified task that should have been done long time ago. It is something that should not even exist if not that it is a British treasure. Hence, all hands be on deck for the obliteration of Nigeria, to save our future and the future of many unborn.

Meanwhile, Referendum is the only peaceful and civilized way of disassembling this British fraud called Nigeria.

Therefore, let us say YES to referendum and NO to any form of election in Nigeria and avoid those hoodlums calling for 2019 election. Your vote will only give mandate to criminals.

By Chima Alagba
Edited & Published by IPOB WRITERS PRESS
Contact: ipobwriters@ipob.org
Twitter: @ipob_writers



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