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My Female Sonja: Gone Mute on My Season of Bonja

By Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

Her silence, like a still water
Now cripples me;
Like the proverbial Tortie
She has pulled back
In her unseen shell,
My Female Sonja,
Gone mute on me
On my time of Bonja!

This I must tell
If I have to, I will yell,
Had it been when
She's got her full strength
When work was much lesser;
When road to glory was less hasher,
She would 've responded to my bonja
My very struggle
To fix this new team of Five
Entrusted unto me,
We were two but like ten alive,
And foes fear our den
But then she's gone
Gone, gone mute on me,
On my season of Bonja!

Is it ill health?
Or is it lack of wealth?
Still recall I back in the day,
Oh, good old days,
When we were still in the same fleet
Thou would cause me to speak
Thou would cause me to be in spirit
And writing was fun and we made it!

If it were back in the day,
Thou would be the first 
Yes, the very first
To indicate thy support,
As thou harboured fear not
To my request
And me and thee
Would make a huge conquest.
But now, thou art on me 
Gone mute
On my day of Bonja...

Even though she's gone mute
This daughter of Zion
still in her has it,
At will she turns it on
She's got the spirit of two men
And she knoweth
She's the one I refer to;
And may we to her look up to.

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