|published, December. 22.2018|16:25

Cry for Restoration

By Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

IPOB members protesting 

Memory of old days
Still know me by name
The days l called peace
So calm, the land.

recall the old days
When men were still men
And women were still women,
And "Truth" still remained.

I recall the old days,
In our culture
Keeping right was in our nature,
If you lie,
You die.

But those days are gone
Evil now prevails, humanity is done!

Noblemen have gone mute
And fail to confront the truth,
When leaders pillage and loot.

Is it the effect of white supremacy?
Whatever has happened to decency,
How this came to be,
Remains a mystery!

In Africa,
In Nigeria,
Even in God's Temple,
People now killing people,
Ideas are crippled
Laws no longer obeyed
And In fools leaders are made.

Heaven hear me,
As I pray to thee,
Oh Lord of Host!
Kill the enemy's boast,
Take thy full course,
And make things right for us.

Oh, Providence
We need thy benevolence!
Free Africa,
Free Mother Biafra
Bring back good norm
May your kingdom come
Put to an end, our mourn
So that we may Glorify thy holy name.

Edited & Published by IPOB WRITERS PRESS
Contact: ipobwriters@ipob.org
Twitter: @ipob_writers


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