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Christmas, Igbo Transporters and the Hike in Transport Fares: An Assumption to Sabotage Biafra Restoration.

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Written By

Comr. Felix C Onyemachi
Edited by Mazi Edozie,
For IPOB Writers Media

The Igbo people in the South-east section of the country are known to have, over the years, developed special interest for the Christmas season and as such would do everything possible that they mark the season in grand styles. The Igbo people celebrate Christmas more than any other tribe in the world. Even in the face of economic hardship, their love for Christmas cannot be compromised.

It is on records that the only tribes that remember home are the Igbos and the Israelites. Even when they die in a foreign land, they would prefer their dead bodies be brought back home for burial. As people that have travelled far and wide, the Christmas time provides the Igbos the opportunity to see their families and loved ones again.

Most of their weddings are also around Christmas time. Chieftaincy coronations are mostly organised and celebrated in Igboland during Christmas periods. An Igbo man always sees himself as a sojourner wherever he is outside of his homeland. The Igbos see Christmas as a time of great merriment period when cousins, in-laws and friends come home from all over the globe to celebrate Christmas in the village.

The Christmas period is usually associated with a hike in the transport fares, especially for those people travelling from Lagos to the South east or from the Northern part of Nigeria to the South east. As a general rule in Economics, when the price of any good or service rises, the quantity demanded will fall. This law does not hold in Igboland during Christmas because, many people, not minding the increase in transportation, are eager to go home, no matter the cost.

This increase in transport fares during Christmas has given our enemies in the restoration of Biafra to start asking the question, whether the Igbos really love one another? These enemies of Biafra restoration have forgotten that when demand is higher than supply, price will surely rise. People are willing and eager to travel home during Christmas and the only way transporters can match their demand and eagerness to travel home is to purchase more buses that would ease the transportation problems during this yuletide period. It is only during this period that transporters can partially recover some of the money used to purchase these new buses. After these festive periods, the demand will come down and price will also come down. The Biafra enemies are good in associating anything bad with Biafra restoration, the Igbos don’t love one another. They have even forgotten that this increase in transport fares is not found amongst transporters in Biafra land. The normal air ticket from United Kingdom to Nigeria is from £450-£650 but during Christmas period, the air tickets sky-rock more than £1,000.  Is the high cost in ticket fares from UK to Nigeria during Christmas period also caused by Igbo transporters? The fact that the Igbos are business inclined does not make them become enemies to their fellow Igbo people.

I am here to tell these Biafra enemies that the Igbos love each other more than every other tribe in Nigeria. If you see any Igbo rich business man, listen to his story how he got to where he is today; he would always start with, l was a poor boy at home with my parents when my uncle, brother, or relation took me and brought me to the city to learn trade with him and finally settled me to start my own. Is there any tribe in Nigeria that can contest that they help each other in business more than the Igbos? The answer is NO! It is only in Igboland that you would see an Igbo man who has trained and settled more than 100 young men and all are doing well in their businesses.

In the area of education, it is only Igbo man that l have seen who would train a child that is not his in schools, up to the university level. Only an Igbo man would send a relation abroad to go and find means to survive without minding how much it costs him. Which other way do you want Igbos to show that they love one another? Every Igbo man wants his brother to live comfortably and not to rely on others.

A typical Igbo man would rather teach you how to catch fish than to give you already caught fish.  There is a program going on in Igbo land called “Onuru Ugbe Nwanne Agbaala Oso”, an initiative that helps Igbo people in needs. This initiative has helped so many Igbo people who cannot foot their hospital bills, rebuilt so many people's houses in Igbo land and yet, our enemies are still propagating the notion that “Igbos don’t love one another”.

A typical Igbo man, no matter what and where he may be, would always have home at heart, and wherever they see their people, they make themselves known. Wherever they are, they would surely have Igbo meetings and their gatherings of their local government people.

When an Igbo man marries, he takes good care of his wife and children, plus his wife’s relations unlike the other tribes that don’t respect their wives.

In my next generation, l pray that l should come back as an Igbo person. There is this spirit of greatness always at work in them; they don’t just do things ordinarily. They speak with one voice and speak one language, living in unity.



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