Can a restructured Nigeria bring peace to a broken country?

  Published December 30, 2018 | 21:35 CET
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How a restructured Nigeria can bring peace to a broken country

In the light of damning under-developments and conflicts bedeviling the African continent, it is not out of place to state that a restructured Africa will restore the much needed peace. Various countries within the continent should be made to go through this policy by their leaders for peace and development to be manifested. African countries are sharply divided along tribal, ethnic, cultural and religious lines. Amongst these, the most alienating and destructive are tribal, ethnic and cultural differences. Most tribes and ethnicities within the continent have it as irreligious, associating with certain nationalities and so, they begin to seek for different fora to place demands for either a referendum, restructuring or outright sovereignty.

Without apologies, I  make bold to state here that the present day Africa, was structured by the European and American colonialists through their policies of alienating or partitioning tribe A in the North and tribe B in the West, whilst others in the East and South were made to see themselves as enemies respectively. Drawing analogy from Germany and Spain for instance, which are developed nations and going by their mental, intellectual, economic, social and institutional prowess etcetera, it is irrefutably correct to say that they would not have attained such heights even peacefully if they were lumped together as a country.

Each country in Africa has irrationally been structured in such a way that it breeds under-development, conflicts, and retrogression. It is beyond imagination, what catastrophic experience it would have been if nations like France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Holland and United Kingdom were one country without the consent of their citizens. Just also consider joining Mexico, United States of America and Costa Rica as an entity. How would such an arrangement work? "No matter how civilized one is, one can never change his/her identity". The worst case scenario has always been rough when a tribe/ethnicity realizes it's impoverishment/subjugation and says enough is enough and begins to place demands for a change in government. This, of course, will trigger off a measure of resistance and unacceptability when the beneficiaries resort to arming them to destabilize existing peace. As war breaks out, some individuals who are particularly foreign covert invaders will get enriched.

Now is the right time for African leaders to begin to institute untainted national conferences and dialogue in their respective countries. This engenders an atmosphere of re-negotiation of their sovereignty through referenda that will get everything wholesomely restructured for the benefit of all.  The most agonizing of it all, is that majority of the African leaders have shamelessly mortgaged their consciences, thereby dancing like puppets that are controlled by their marionette. If really the leader of the global community love Africa/Africans and want peace and tranquility to reign in the continent, they should allow Africans the freedom to decide their fate through unambiguous referendum exercises, particularly those who have totally lost confidence in the evolving developments in their respective countries. Come to think of it, why do European nations, the United States of America and the United Kingdom consistently provide aids to African countries when such aids recipients have the wherewithal to permanently and abundantly cater for themselves? What are the benefits of these aids donors when realistically, they also have citizens in their home countries grappling with poverty and its effects? Some of the tribes in Africa it should be noted are more populated than most of these European countries. Therefore, why can they not be allowed the pleasure and freedom of forming and administering their own countries?

This is not suggesting that problems in Africa are fundamentally caused by the developed global community but rather, they form an integral part of the chaotic situations bedeviling the African continent. It should be noticed that the world powers do not show interest concerning warring or conflict-ridden countries that are poorly endowed, naturally. Most of the rebels armed by these world powers have absolutely nothing positive to proffer besides destruction and death. In-depth analysis into these anomalies would unravel quite a number of made billionaires from these foreign political institutions and organizations. Under such circumstances, restructuring African countries for peace and development would remain elusive.

Occasioned by divergent tribal cum ethnic groups forced into unworkable unions by these colonial overlords, the only attainable remedy out of the woods, is for all affected countries to willfully decide for themselves, whether to maintain the status quo or clinically opt out to regain and foster their sovereignty. This is the only panacea for the much-desired peace and progress.

Taking a cue from "Brexit" experience which offers the British citizens the right and opportunity to decide via a referendum, their membership or otherwise of European Union and  also the Irish people in the United Kingdom, one cannot but align with the inalienable wisdom and rights of Africans to freely decide for themselves, where exactly lies their fate. The warring factions in the Middle East, Asia and Africa are similarly enmeshed in avoidable conflicts. They should be allowed the same unfettered approach to deciding what best soothes them in the light of the foregoing. The people's will and desire must have to be respected and this is the duty of an unbiased civilized global community.

Written by Amb. Damian C. Amazu



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