Nigeria crumbling as more lies are exposed by IPOB, video evidence proves Buhari dead

          Published Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 10:35 AM CET

Dear Nigerians,

As smart as you claim to be, see how the cabals are fooling you, making use of your brains to fry Fura, You claim to be a smart yahoo yahoo guy but now you are the mugu, even when we are trying to give you some sense still some of you are braindead dumb to the spine.

For all the educated Yoruba doubting Thomases and illiterate Alimajiri Sai Baba fan club, if you have a good sight and you can still hear the sound very well, kindly pay attention to these two videos. Your brain 🧠 must be working properly for you to complete this simple task. The first video is Buhari speaking on national TV in 2016 and the second video is Buhari’s unelected Sudanese replacement courtesy of the Fulani cabal led by Abba Kiyari. Watch the impostor His fake Excellency Jubril Aminu Al-Soudani speaking on Nigeria national TV in 2018.

Any animal or human being for that matter, who can see with his or her pair of eyes, is not deaf and posses a half functioning brain, will definitely notice without delay that both videos are different men. The 2016 one is the real older but now dead Buhari while the 2018 version is the younger Jubril his replacement from Sudan. Also, notice the voice pitch on both videos are not the same despite the best efforts of Jubril in the second 2018 clip to sound like the late Buhari.

IPOB have placed many evidence in the public domain to prove to the world that the man currently answering His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari in Aso Rock is fake because Buhari is dead. More mind-blowing evidence against this impostor and criminal silence of the media and politicians will be revealed soon.

Please share this post and videos to the ends of the earth that truth may prevail and liars shamed. Mind you Buhari has not yet returned to Nigeria after the supposed trip to Armistice Day commemoration in Paris. Every head of state that attended the event has since returned to their country. Why is Jubril-Buhari missing without an explanation to the people of Nigeria?

Nnamdi is trying to liberate you from more mumu 3.0 instead you prefer to be uselessly fooled by a handful of individuals. Shame to all the learned individuals in Nigeria, Where are the doctors, engineers, lawyers, judges, clergymen, politicians, smart students, educators, businessmen and women, How did you all became so stupid to have sold yourselves short, how come you are suddenly blind to these facts from IPOB that you allow your hate for Nnamdi Kanu and ignorance to override your rights to self-respect and esteem.  When will you rise up and demand for answers as every normal nation would do? Abi una mumu never do?

How can a few individuals in Aso Rock deceive an entire population of 180 million people not even one person has the guts to rise up and speak out? If you decide to sit back bear in mind that this is the end of you and you are no better than a cow in the slaughterhouse. The cabals invited a foreigner, a low life Sudanese, paid him $250 Million dollars of your hard earned tax money to deceive you and rule over you and you didn't bother to ask questions despite eye-opening proofs from IPOB, OMG it means your own stupidity was made in China and your generations shall forever remain fools unless you rise up and do the right thing just as every other country would do.

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