Paris Peace Forum: New proof showing Buhari was never in Paris as claimed by Cabals

    Published Monday, November 12, 2018 @ 18:15 GMT
Paris Peace Forum November 2018

Please kindly go through these Live photos coming from Paris Peace Forum currently ongoing, after the commemoration of World War I Armistice at the Arc De Triomphe hall in remembrance of world war victims. As you can see the two-day event will run from 11-13 November. but world leaders started arriving on November 9.

Look closely and notice Buhari missing during the commemoration, The main event started on November 10 with leaders from all around the world.

Observation No. 1

Buhari was absent at the Arc De Triomphe where every world leader who visited Paris for the event was present contrary to what the cabal told Nigerians on the news, that he departed for the Paris summit.

Observation No. 2

Go through the official guest list and you will notice Buhari the President of Nigeria is not on the list but the cabal claimed he left for the event.

Observation No. 3

Notice the pinned badge on every guest how it looked liked and see what is on Buhari.

Observation No. 4

Notice how the stage looks behind every speaker and compare with what Buhari is standing on, actually the photo they are showing you is the Paris Climate Change summit in 2015 where the real Buhari was present and gave a speech. you can look this up yourself on the web.

Observation No. 5

The last photo where they were seen looking up at the screen, Buhari was photoshopped looking down and standing beside Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko who was seen present at the previous day, how come Buhari who was absent in the beginning suddenly appeared in the hall for speech when gate closed at 5pm on November 10, 2018.

Meanwhile, with forensic analysis of the photo by Cortana shows Buhari missing from the original photo, you can do this yourself if you have recent windows 10 running on your computer.

The man in Aso Rock was never in Paris as claimed by the cabals, Nigerians open your eyes, you are being played.
Jubril is swimming in $250 Million dollars of your tax money. Nigerians Una mumu never do?



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