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Poetic Justice: Nnamdi Kanu my leader, Biafra my passion

IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu spotted in Israel Today, Friday 19-Oct-2018

Biafra oh Biafra
In the den of lions
And cold dark cage
Where hope seems
Like yesterday
I long for you
As you are alone in tears
Every day it moves
Dark and darker
 Each moment in agony

Oh Biafra
Time is here now
To fulfill all thy needs
The warmth and comfort
In thy own land
Oh...in truth and honesty
I stand tall and huge
Ready to shake all
That pierced thy heart
Those killers and abusers
That shed thy blood
And  ever ready to speak more
Of thy sorrow to the world
And tell of thy beauty
As have done in the past

For love of thee
I can withstand
Any torture or poison
I can smile with tear gas
And enjoy the dance
Of gun and bullets
And walk side by side
With death to see thy victory

Biafra my Biafra
I will continue to kiss
Thy agony to heal the
Sore and the wound
I will continue to lay hands
In thy heart to feel
The pains of dagger
 In thy heart
And if darkness fall suddenly
And my voice is not heard
Just know I have gone
To steal all the light
And freedom
In the world for
Thy sake

Now I have return
And raise my sword
To fetch freedom
From its hiding place
And tell it to blow its
Flute of victory
For victory is ours
Victory of Biafra,
Victory for the entire
Black race
Free Biafra, free Africa
Support Biafra referendum
For Biafra freedom
Biafra, land of the rising sun
All hail Biafra

A poem dedicated to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu De Great on 19/10/2018

By Onyebuchi Eucharia.O
Edited & Published by IPOB Writers
Contact: ipobwriters@ipob.org
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