- Found Praying live from the holy city of Jerusalem

        Published Friday, October 19, 2018. @ 16:20 CET  by Uchechi Collins
By Uchechi collins
Reporting for IPOB writers Press

The supreme leader of IPOB today the 19th of October appeared on a Facebook live video where he was seen praying at the holy wall of Jerusalem. The news of his live appearance was first announced an hour earlier on Radio Biafra Facebook page as millions of Biafrans enthusiastically waited for this great news.

The seven minutes live video within a space of one hour, broke the internet and went viral, this is indeed another sign that the unapologetic and charismatic leader is back and proven to be hale and hearty.

Note, he has not been seen in public since the Nigerian Army's invasion of his family residence in Afaraukwu, Abia State. Since September 14th, 2017. an attack that left 28 people dead including the family dog.

Watch live video here...

IPOB is indeed very strategic in its moves and decisions, proving to Biafrans that they are in good hands. Nnamdi Kanu in his previous broadcasts assured Biafrans that Biafra will be restored come rain come sun, there'll be no retreat, no surrender. It is either Biafra or Death as he usually says.

This is a new beginning for the struggle as this great news will encourage Biafrans across the globe.

Glory to Biafra!! All hail Biafra! God Bless Nnamdi Kanu. Ohamadike of Biafraland.

More photos and videos coming soon.

Stay tuned for more updates on this news...

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