| Published Wednesday, October 16, 2018 | 22:51 CET

        Poetic Justice: Let There Be Wisdom

When thunder
Appeared suddenly
Dancing everywhere
Caged the sky with
Thick cloud
The sun, to go hiding
The breeze, to blow angrily
Unveiling the butt
Of a walking fowl
Let there be wisdom

The dancing thunder
Is on the same side
The same drum beat
The same steps
And directives
The one seen before
The tone known by all
That host and wash off
The brain never to ask of
The birthright and identity
For four years of agony

Let there be wisdom
To hug the past
And think widely
To recall the same exhibition
Of iron promises
Filled with rust and dust
That comfort in hell 
Not as thought
Of being a remedy
To the suffering

Listen, listen
Hear it again
The same sound of waterfall
The same flow of river
The same colour of skin
Tribe and believe
But in new style and disguise
To keep the flame
Of slavery radiating
Let there be wisdom

Now, to whom shall
Trust be given?
The beast in human form?
The chameleon and its many colours?
The tongues and its deceit?
The killers, in farmland?
Street and churches?
Or the saboteurs
In the playing palace?
Let there be wisdom

Yes, to recall the tales
Of the past horrors
The agonizing voices
Of the ancestors
The bloodshed of
The innocent brethren
The dying face of
The staved children
The dark tent
Of the falling
Heroes and heroines
The shattered future
Of a blessed nation
Crushed with pride
Let there be wisdom

Yeah, to know
When the deceivers
Are in the field 
To host the audience
When destroyers
Pour wine, to the dream
When slavery stands
Tall over freedom
The freedom of Biafra
Let there be wisdom

Yes, boycott election
Support Biafra referendum
For Biafra freedom
All hail Biafra
Land of the rising sun

Written by: Onyebuchi Eucharia. O.
Edited & Published by IPOB writers
Contact: ipobwriters@ipob.org
Follow us on Twitter: @ipob_writers


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