Poetic Justice: Atikulated Is Evil, Stay Kanulated for a Better Future

    Published Sunday, 21st October 2018 | 21:33 CET
IPOB Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

By Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

Date: 20.10.2018

When you see it
Hesitate not, go for it
And when you hear it,
Fail not to embrace it,
For this great idea,
That with you I want to share
Drives away demons
And puts away fear,
It is called KANULATION.

Kanulation represents good,
Atikulation is evil!
Kanulation seeks to restore Biafra
From the evil grip of Nigeria.

Atikulation is selfishness,
But Kanulation is selflessness,
It's development and progress.
Don't be Atikulated in life,
Stay Kanulated for a better future!

For clearly sees he the future,
His works well structured,
A Kanulated man.

Too blind to see,
His interest only for personal gains,
And no concern for tomorrow,
Because his mind is too shallow,
An Atikulated man.

To you, the Atikulated
Try and stay Kanulated
To avoid being rusticated.

If you are Atikulating
When you should be Kanulating,
Believe me,
You need some brain surgery
For thy act is forgery;
Thy life always will remain a misery
For embracing evil,
Try and be civil.

To you, the Atikulated,
Are you that naive and myopic
That you have failed
To clearly see the writing on the wall?
So, so ignorant of thy situation
To realize they with your life play Ball!
But of course, thou wouldn't notice it
Because you're so Atikulated
And your brain so twisted!

Hear me now Biafrans,
Hear me now, you one Nigerianists,
Stay  Kanulated for a better future,
Remain Atikulated and have fracture.

Hear me now,
O, ye sons and daughters of perdition,
Kanulation is your reformation,
Kanulation is your redemption.
To be free from evil manipulation,
Stay Kanulated.

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