| Published Monday, 22 October 2018 | 15:35 GMT

Kaduna Crisis: Curfew Imposed as 55 Killed in Southern Kaduna Conflict

At least 55 people were confirmed killed in the Kasuwar Magani violence that had a religious undertone led to the Kaduna State Government on Friday to impose a 24 hours curfew on Kasuwar Magani.

Many residents of Kaduna metropolis on Sunday rushed indoors as irate youth burnt old tires along Katsina road, Ibrahim Taiwo road, Lagos Street and Ahmadu Bello Way.

The attackers, who were on military uniforms, invaded the community early this morning and opened fire on some young men who were guarding the area.

A resident of the area, who gave her name as Ene, said that the young men had mobilized themselves to avoid any intruder from entering the community because of the curfew.

She said, “We could not sleep last night because of the gunshots. Some young men were guarding the major road leading to Narayi to avoid any attacker from penetrating but early this morning, some soldiers in white Hilux van came there and pretended to be on patrol.

“They opened fire and Killed many of them. They left with some corpses but returned to dump three of the bodies this morning.

“The fear is that some youths have mobilized themselves for reprisals. As we speak, the whole Narayi is like a graveyard.”

Earlier on Sunday, there was tension in Kaduna metropolis following the rumor of reprisal violence from the Kasuwar Magani area of the state on Friday.

The Kaduna State Government in reaction imposed a 24-hour curfew on Kaduna town and its environs


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