OPINION: Will Referendum be a Solution to the Biafran Conflict?

Published Saturday, 13 October 2018 @ 14:02 CET by Uchechi Collins
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Comr. Felix C Onyemachi
For IPOB Writer’s Press

Biafrans need peace, happiness, joy, progress, security, and justice and these could only be realised by self-determination through referendum. Biafrans know what they really want and can no longer be deceived by egocentric politicians. This goes along to support the wise saying that “You can’t desire Egypt and desire the promise land at the same time. You must be specific with determination about what you want, to be able to reach your destination. There is no going back to the expired and rejected contraption called Nigeria.

We are calling for Biafra independence through referendum and so the best thing is to separate. The reasons being that we just want to control our political destiny to enable us build our own factories; build our roads, cities, bridges and not having to depend on somebody in Abuja. It is widely believed that an independent Biafra will resolve the issue of the marginalisation of the Igbos.

It is a common perception that we have heard many times that Igbo people are marginalised in a Nigeria that only serves the interests of the other ethnic groups - the Hausa and Yoruba. In almost 30years of democracy, Nigeria hasn’t had an Igbo president. They have been denied basic human development, basic social development and basic economic development for the simple reason that there exists in the polity mutual suspicion, mutual hatred and mutual resentment.

While the Igbos comprise one of the 3 largest ethnic groups in Nigeria, they have fewer states than the Hausas in the North and the Yorubas in the South-west, and subsequently get a smaller budget allocation. This, some feel, puts them behind the other regions. The South-east has not been at the forefront of Nigeria’s development and none of its cities are major economic hubs.

The present Nigeria regime under the leadership of President Muhammad Buhari has been after the emasculation of Igbo businesses. The Hausa/Fulani Oligarchy are after Innoson Motors. They are targeting to bring it down as they did to other Igbo businesses and technologies. President Buhari goes after Ibeto Group and freezes his account. While his interest is to pull down Igbo businesses, he gives several monopoly of businesses to his kinsmen like Aliko Dangote.

While most Nigerians were celebrating the results of the outcome of the recent PDP primaries won by Atiku Abubakar, they forgot that there is no difference between President Buhari and Atiku. The problem of Nigeria is neither Buhari nor Atiku, but rather the indestructible structure called Hausa/Fulani Caliphate. Whether Buhari loses or not, it does not affect the well-being of the Hausa/Fulani Caliphate as long as both contestants are Fulanis. The Caliphate has succeeded in replacing their late hitman, Muhammad Buhari with Atiku Abubakar to continue their Fulani agenda. Not until this structure is totally destroyed, individual leaders in Nigeria can never perform according to public expectations. This is why we must insist on referendum.

According to Paul Unongo, Atiku Abubakar is the highest financier of Miyetti Allah Cattle breeder’s cult in Nigeria and these people are strongly behind the unlawful killings carried out by Fulani Herdsmen across Nigeria and Biafraland. This development may hinder justice for the victims of terrorism by the Fulani Herdsmen if Atiku becomes president.
There were some Igbo “Efulefus” who were dancing and rejoicing when Atiku Abubakar was declared PDP presidential winner because of the post of Vice president. Even if Atiku picks a Biafran as a running mate, it will amount to nonsense and has no effects because this Biafra restoration is sacrosanct and remains irreversible. Our people must stop this macabre dance to self-destruction. Just like Atiku and Buhari have sworn to preserve the structure of the Hausa/Fulani Oligarchy in Nigeria, Biafrans should not deviate from their agitations for self-determination through referendum.

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