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Biafra: massive turnout as IPOB inaugurates unit in Oguta

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Mazi Christian Nwosu  Ijeomah
For IPOB Writers.

There was massive turnout of Biafrans in Aru Village of Oguta LGA, Imo State on Thursday 11th Oct, 2018 for the inauguration of IPOB unit in that village.

IPOB leadership is presently focused on the agenda of creating awareness regarding the forthcoming Biafra referendum, though the referendum date is yet to be announced, yet, the need to create awareness on what referendum is, and how it would be done remains a target for IPOB.

IPOB leadership has always emphasized on working today for the event of tomorrow (preparing ahead of time). Referendum is simply a vote of 'Yes/No' on whether you are in support of the call for a change of political sovereignty.

The leadership deems it fit to educate the people(Biafrans) on why they should vote 'Yes' and how it should be done. To do that effectively, every nook and cranny of Biafra land must as a matter of urgency and necessity embrace IPOB family. The presence of IPOB unit in any community, town or village makes this task more easier.

Most likely, it is for the above mentioned purpose, IPOB Writers learnt, that Mazi George Onyeibe, IPOB amiable African Rep directed the Imo State coordinator to carry out the inauguration in Aru Village.

Meanwhile, it was learnt that Imo state coordinator, Mazi Charles who fixed the inauguration on 11th Oct, 2018, despite his tight work schedule, made sure he was present at the inauguration.

He defied the cloudy  weather condition for the inauguration. The seriousness of Biafra referendum message, commitment to the task given to him, as well as the hunger to educate Biafrans on the need to embrace IPOB which represents freedom for all Biafrans compelled him to ignore the distance between where he was coming from and the venue.

As a result of this singular act of pathrothism from him, the zonal, provincial and district leadership were impressed. Though the time for the inauguration was 4pm, but the enthusiasm and hunger in Biafrans made them to gather 3 hours before the scheduled time.

They sang freedom songs and danced around to the amazement of non indigenes who live among them and passersby.

It was noted that even some villagers who didn't show interest during evangelism joined and participated efficiently.

It was really a joyful day for the people of Aru village in Oguta LGA, Imo State Biafra land as the leaders took turns to speak on Biafra referendum, what to vote for, and the boycott of every upcoming Nigeria elections.

In response, some of the village elders and Biafra war veterans expressed happiness and satisfaction with the ongoing work by IPOB leadership in respect to the freedom of the people of Biafra. They thanked IPOB leadership for inaugurating  a unit in Aru village.

The newly inaugurated unit coordinator, Mazi Chidiebere Christian Nwosu Ijeomah congratulated the unit members and Biafrans who did not only troop out, but participated well. He urged them to be faithful to the message of Biafra referendum received from IPOB leadership in the state.

He said, "Our hope in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's led IPOB for the freedom of Biafrans from Nigeria Fulani British controlled slave masters will not fail us".

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