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Poetic Justice: September 14th, In honor of their souls

On this day, the blue day, with red sun and black moon
The day our enemies harmed us much
Using this evil dance called operation Python dance II
The operation wiped away Biafrans
A day that will be forever remembered

We remember this day,
The disappearance of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
With his parents HRH Eze Israel  Kanu
And our mother Lolo Kanu in their hometown
As the army invaded their house
Up until now, their whereabouts are unknown

The dance that took away more than two thousand Biafrans
Yes there is uncountable agony growing in us
Because this evil dance was arranged by the devils among us,
Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo in collaboration with South East governors.

Yes we must respect this day
In honor of their souls
And to agitate against this evil dance III
For we are still in pain for those we lost last year

We keep this day in honor of you all the brave ones
As we vow neither to retreat no surrender,
Your souls must be pleased by Biafra restoration

We wish to plead to the World leaders
To grant our peaceful call for Referendum
Let it be conducted as fast as possible
For us to choose where to belong
Our lives here in Nigeria are in danger
Daily we are being killed like an ant
Those representing us are now our chief enemies
Because of our peaceful call for self-determination
Oh World leaders please approve this peaceful call
For a call for freedom is not a call for war.

By Okoroafor Onyekachi
Edited & Published b IPOB Writers
Contact: ipobwriters@ipob.org
Twitter: @ipob_writers


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