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The general strike day across Biafraland has been tagged "Saboteur Day"

September 14th, General Strike Day

Biafrans wish to express their anger over the profanity on humanity in Biafra land. Biafrans are being maimed with impunity overtimes in the zoo called Nigeria. The worst is the sacrilege of abducting a ruling king and his Lolo in their community. In that incident on the 14th of September 2017, many lives were lost. We don't even know if the Islamic military of Nigeria have eliminated Eze Israel Okwu Kanu and his Lolo or not, Nnamdi Kanu has been missing since the invasion and our so-called "Igbo Leaders" are silent, busy running errands for their Fulani masters planning to bring in another Python Dance 3 in our land.

Earlier last month, our mothers protested demanding the whereabouts of their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his parents and the zoo as usual broke another negative record of torturing mothers and grandmothers. a new low in the record of human right abuse in Nigeria.

We can recall that a few months ago Arewa youths protested in Abuja, burned USA and Israel flags in protest of President Trump's decision to move the U.S embassy to Jerusalem, These Islamic Jihadists were freely escorted by the police while they carry out this despicable act, the same treatment was recorded but these same military forces keep killing our youths whenever they come out to  protest and the recent humiliation of our mothers is the height of it all "where is our son 'Nnamdi Kanu' and his parents" Our mothers asked only for them to be rounded up and stuffed in a tiny prison room, beaten and maltreated like animals including pregnant women.

As a people we see it fit to tell the world that we are not comfortable with the way events are going on in this British creation and is becoming intolerable, by declaring 14th Sept. 2018 a day of the general strike across Biafra land. We declare dissatisfaction and remember our own who died at the hands of the Nigerian military with the help of these saboteurs, we shall never forget them.

We are asking the international community to intervene before it is too late for We shall not allow ourselves to be slaughtered like animals, we reserve the right to self-defense which is a fundamental right of every human being.  It's suicidal not to defend your life when tampered with.

We are also using the same date to remember the quislings in our land, telling them that they will never go free because after the rain comes sunshine. the likes of Nnia Nwodo and his Ohaneze ndi Igbo, the five eastern governors, Joe Igbokwe, Orji Uzor Kalu, Bishop Chukwuma, etc.
We shall never forget nor forgive them.

Meanwhile, to all Biafrans, If you have Biafra blood running in your vein, you shouldn't be begged to respect and honour those that died to make sure that our inheritance (Biafra) is restored.

Therefore, anyone who disregards this call for general strike shall be addressed as a  Saboteur because Sabotage is one of the greatest crimes in our laws. Udo diri umuchukwu okike.

Written By Chima Alagba
Edited & Published by IPOB Writers
Contact: ipobwriters@ipob.org
Twitter: @ipob-writers


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