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Nigeria,  A Repeat Of The Jihad 1804 Or Biafra Referendum?

By Onyebuchi Eucharia O. 
For IPOB Writers 

Section of the Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria

This is to draw the attention of the public that what is happening in Nigeria today is the return of 1804 Jihad (religious war), not a mere politics as posed by the government.
The jihad of 1804 began in northern Nigeria when the ruler Bawa, of Gobir, one of the original Hausa kingdoms, invited Shehu Usman Dan Fodio, an Islamic scholar and a preacher of Islamic religion in 1774 to educate Bawa’s nephew and a later successor, Yunfa.

Dan Fodio in later years preached against taxes levied on poor masses in the north, which turned people’s heart against the government and left Dan Fodio with followers much than expected. When Yunfa his student, took over the throne in 1803, he tried to save Gobir territory from a foreigner (Dan Fodio) and attempted assassination that failed.  Yunfa later exiled the scholar and his followers from Degel where he lived. In retaliation for what Yunfa did, Dan Fodio assembled the nomadic Fulani Clans in a jihad that killed Yunfa, conquered Hausa land and attempted to carry the jihad to other parts of the present day Nigeria.

The conquest of the North brought the establishment of Sokoto Caliphate and what is now known as jihad of 1804 (Wikipedia).

The jihad, however, was stopped in Benue State, which the governor of Benue State, Ortom Samuel (2018) in daily sun report, opined that the attacks on Benue by Fulani herdsmen are acts of vengeance for losing the 1804 jihad because Benue people stopped them from penetrating the state through Sokoto. The governor, further referred to the statement issued by Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, that in 1804 jihad, it was Benue people who stopped them from penetrating from Sokoto to the sea and this time around, they will not stop and will make sure they mobilize all Fulani men across the globe especially from West African sub-region to ensure that they acquire arms and come to invade and take over the land (Nigeria), the only land God has given to them by conquest and no other person, ethnic or tribe will supervene on the land or have business staying in the land (Nigeria) except them”. (News express adopted from daily sun news, 2018)

The above statement, therefore, was in line with what is happening in the present day Nigeria. One should not regard these herdsmen killings as mere politics but Jihad in disguise, boldly written in the portfolio of the present Government of Nigeria through APC “Change”. When change thus, was the language of APC, no one knew the type of change till when the blood of the innocent citizen became a daily ritual, the seat of government hijacked to themselves and families, (APC agenda, 2015).

One should also know that the autocracy, nepotism, dictatorship, Boko Haram,  Herdsmen ripping the heart of the Nigeria society is not about politics, community conflicts,  power tussle, party group but a tool to confuse people the more not to realize it as ethnic cleansing and religious war ( Jihad).

 The above assertion was the reason for the intimidation and killings of Christians, Biafrans all over Nigeria and any person or group of persons who speaks against the injustice, which was exactly what happened to the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who had foreseen and spoken in his broadcast of what would befall the country if separation is not done.

The lamentations and warning of the activist were thrashed, the activist callously handled for revealing the secret of government portfolio. 

But today, the activist has been vindicated as the force of the Jihad becomes a daily headline in the Nigerian newspapers, which is a clear sign that the only solution to the Nigerian problem is separation through a peaceful referendum.

A referendum remains a peaceful process to determine self-actualization. It has never been a call for war or ethnic discrimination but a right, a lawful right for citizens of a country that wishes to secede and be on their own, which is the only way one could be saved from the brutal killings going round the Nigerian society.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), however, uses the above assertion of Jihad uprising to inform the general public of the need for Biafrans to secede peacefully from Nigeria to avoid killings of more innocent citizens because of religious belief.

In the same coin, IPOB calls on the international communities, lovers of freedom, amnesty international, Biafrans everywhere in the world to stop  Jihad by supporting the upcoming Biafra referendum that will commence soon to enable secession that will save lives of the people.

Choose Biafra Referendum and stop jihadism!!!

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