Written By Chika Fidelis 

 IPOB writers

Date: 02/08/2018


Over the past few weeks, there have been a series of political defections from one political party to the other. Senators and House of representatives members have been dumping their parties to join the opposition and those of the opposition are joining the ruling party, although the ruling party has been hugely hit by the largest number of defections in the history of Nigerian politics. 

Notable politicians like Governor Aminu Tambuwal and his entire legislators ( Sokoto State), Governor Samuel Ortom (Benue State), Senator Dino Melaye and 15 other Senators and 38 members of the House of Representatives all from the ruling party APC have defected to the opposition party PDP. 

The most interesting aspect of this drama is the announcement of his defection to the opposition party by the Senate president Bukola Saraki. 

Wow! to most people, what is happening to the ruling party APC is nothing but defections which is normal in politics but I see it as something beyond that: I see it as a well-designed procedure to retrieve power from the impostor JUBRIL from  Sudan who has been claiming to be Muhammadu Buhari. It is a better way to get out of that mess because all these men were part of that big conspiracy that brought Jubril into Aso Rock. How can they stop this man without exposing themselves? So everyone abandoning the party would provide a better way to stop him without exposing themselves. I see it as NEMESIS at work to oversee the shutting down of this contraption called Nigeria.

The government of Muhammadu Buhari and APC seriously masterminded the Islamization agenda which has obviously resulted in the killing of thousands of Christians in the country in the pretense that herdsmen were clashing with Farmers. This government, in essence, has been responsible for the provision of sophisticated weapons like AK-47 for the Islamic militia called herdsmen. The government has shielded, protected and openly defended these Killers while pretending to the world that these were herdsmen clashing with Farmers but how can that be true when 90% of the killings were inside Churches and homes with very few cases of people being killed in their farms and in all these cases the government has not held even one person accountable instead it has approved the condemning to death of five Christians who were said to have killed one attacker in defense of their own lives. How can that be true when some of the villages that were destroyed have been taken over and renamed by these so-called herdsmen? This is unbelievable and the world has remained unconcerned.

The government of APC has converted the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC into its oppressive machine such that any person, no matter how innocent he is, would be arrested, manhandled and intimidated for standing in opposition to its evil ideologies. One would wonder why Senator Dino Melaye has been arrested severally with several attempts made on his life.

The governor of Benue State Samuel Ortom who has been a good and innocent man since as a member of APC is now being accused of a fraud of N23.6B by the EFCC just a few days after defecting to the opposition party PDP. 

The Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu has been arrested and harassed by the EFCC just because he belongs to the opposition. It is very obvious that the government is simply using all the agencies to witch-hunt and shut down oppositions. You can now see the reason Muhammadu Buhari made sure that all the Service chiefs are of the Fulani extraction and my question now to Nigerians is this, "would anyone be surprised to see Buhari clinching to power and refusing to handover next year, assuming there will be elections?", I won't be surprised if such happens but I am quite convinced that there won't be any elections come the next year 2019.

Most people appear to be happy with the issues of defections happening now but the fact is that these people who are defecting to the opposition now were the same set of people that collectively brought Nigeria into this mess, so defecting to the opposition does not bring any meaningful solution but boycotting all elections in Nigeria in general and Biafra land, in particular, would better give us good results and I completely agree with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB on the issue of "NO REFERENDUM, NO ELECTION IN BIAFRA LAND". 

I simply agree with my spirit that all these things happening now in Nigeria are the closing events that will herald the final destruction of Nigeria, the country that actually never existed. it is gradually being wounded up by NEMESIS because of the evil perpetrated by the British who invented it in 1914 as part of the British government-owned industry of then repute, the Royal Niger Company. There was never a country called Nigeria because the various indigenous nations that were amalgamated in 1914, that is the Arewas, the Oduduwas, and the Biafra nation was never consulted neither were they involved in any treaty that gave rise to the contraption called Nigeria. The country is tilting towards its total dismemberment and it will be destroyed to its ashes from which will emerge the original indigenous owners of the land.



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