| Monday, May 28, 2018 |  10:30 CET

Poetic Justice: "Gone to Be Reborn" 

By Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

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The exit of me 
May be your joy
That, I know.

And to thee
It's a good riddance
That, I also know.

And again I know,
That all thy struggle
Is to see me buried in the soil

For the sake of peace
And to relax my feet
And prepare for a higher race

Am going, going, going!

Thou frenemies
Thou Enemies
Of peace and Unity
Do you hear me?

Am going going going!

When you look for me
And you no more see me
Then and only then 
Shall you realize
That am gone
Your plans achieved.

But just like a seed
I shall, and will 
Again be REBORN
And have thee to MOURN.

For he whom Okike
Has sent forth on this journey
To free his own society,
To him, pledge I my allegiance
To Nnamdi KANU
Shall I always stand with

His second coming
A disaster to the fake nation.
His absence, 
A confusion to the ignorance

Okike has sent him
Okike has sent me
Nothing shall stop him
And Nothing shall ever stop me

Like a seed,
Shall he again reborn
And when he's done
Shall have Nigeria to Mourn

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  1. To him whom okike sent
    To nnamdi kanu Biafra stand. His reborn will mourn the fake nation.
    Chiukwu abiama ekele ooh


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