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BIAFRA: The call for sit-at-home every MAY 30TH, a litmus test for genuine conscience
By Chika Fidelis

IPOB's call on the people of Biafra to stay at home on the 30th of May 2018 in honor of the millions of people, Biafran men, women and children who were unjustly and brutally massacred during the Nigerian civil war of 1967 through 1970, is not in any way a call for war.

It will interest me to say that making reference to the massacre of Biafrans during the war remains an understatement because the massacre of the Biafran people  did not start during the Nigerian civil war but could be in actual sense traced to 1945 when the Northern Fulani barbarians discovered that the people of Biafra do not deserve to have their rights to life. This is actually a complete show of wickedness and brutality. Since 1945 the lives of Biafrans became nothing to consider in the history of the existence of this contraption called Nigeria. The most annoying aspect of this killings is that the Fulanis kill the Biafran people with impunity - none of these criminals have been brought to justice since history of these killings. The perpetrators have always been protected by the various governments in power on each occasion.

The truth about the whole thing is that there is a well planned policy of wiping out the Igbo people and in fact the entire  Biafrans from the geographical enclave called Nigeria. All these killings were and are still a major part of the implementation of the conquest/Islamizatiion policy of the North as backed by the British who on their own are so desperate to protect their economic interest in Nigeria which is no other thing than the oil and gas from BIAFRA land. It doesn't really matter to Britain, how many millions of Biafran people are killed as long as the oil keeps flowing from  Biafran land to the United Kingdom. The Queen of England feels good with that situation as long as the Royal Budget is in good shape. This is the major reason the Biafran people remain hunted by the evil governments of this contraption called Nigeria. The British discovered that the Biafran people are very intelligent and as such would not be absolutely loyal to them so their option was rigging the political structure in favour of the ignorant and less intelligent North whom they believed would always obey their instructions so as to continue  colonizing Biafrans perpetually using the moronic and foolish Fulanis from Northern Nigeria.

It is for this reason that the lives of Biafrans no longer matter; it is for this reason that the British government decided to support the spread of Islamization in Nigeria despite the fact that Britain is a Christian nation.

The People of Biafra are continuously massacred with impunity every year, then every month, and now every week and in fact there is hardly a day that passes now without a Biafran life being lost: if it is not killing by the herdsmen, it would be by Boko Haram, if it is not  by Boko Haram it will be by the Nigerian Military and its allied forces in a clear form of  State sponsored terrorism against the Biafrans. But in all these despicable moments, the people of Biafra have always been made to be both hopeless and helpless.

It is worth noting that since after the civil war, the Nigerian government has always remembered the Nigerian soldiers whose lives were lost in that war without any regard for the people of Biafra, millions of Biafrans who were massacred during that war; when most pregnant women had their bellies slit open and their babies brought out and cut into pieces, oh my God, the brutality was much, yet the government does not see any need to honor these people but the truth remains that beating a child unjustly is  evil but forcing(beating) him to stop crying is another height of wickedness. This is the reason IPOB is saying that it is a good and worthwhile gesture to honor these victims of civil war as well as the gallant men and women who died defending our motherland because the effort they made was the reason we are still Living today as a people. This is indeed a test for a genuine conscience because there is no right thinking person from BIAFRA land who will come against this call for SIT-AT-HOME on the 30th of May 2018.

There is hardly a family in BIAFRA land that did not lose someone during this horrific show of brutality called Nigeria civil war, some lost people who died in the war while some lost people to the starvation policy of Gowon and his evil cohorts.

Therefore, asking BIAFRANS to sit in-doors for a day is not in any way a big demand, hence, everybody in Biafra land should as a matter of conscience devote fully the 30th day of May every year to the memory of the people who died that we may live. Men, women and children of good conscience should comply with this order. The Nigerian Military and police are completely made useless by this very simple gesture because when we get off the streets, they would never see anyone to kill.


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