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SIT-AT-HOME : IPOB orders sit-at-home on May 30th heroes day

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It has become imperative for the leadership and entire family members of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, to reiterate once again the absolute importance of strict compliance with the sit-at-home directive issued by the highest command of IPOB on 30th of May 2018. Every family, kindred, village, clan, town across the length and breadth of Eastern region, Mid-West and Middle Belt is expected to remain indoors from 6pm on Tuesday the 29th to 6pm on the 30th of May. 

It is expected, as was the case last year, that a team of local and international observers will be on ground to monitor compliance and interview people. This 30th of May 2018 sit-at-home is the clearest possible way for we Biafrans to convey to the whole world our determination to forge a distinct path away from the murderous chaos that Nigeria has become. There is no other pain free way to attract the attention of the world than ensuring that entire East, Midwest and Middle Belt is completely locked down on the 30th. 

All over the world in over 100 countries and territories, IPOB family meetings will gather to rally and offer prayers in memory of our heroes that sacrificed their lives that we may live. We owe our Biafran soldiers that fell in battle an eternal debt of gratitude which our annual sit-at-home is only but a minor but significant contribution this generation can make in acknowledgment and honour of their supreme sacrifice.

We expect international media outlets to cover this year's events extensively. Television stations across Europe have started airing Biafra War documentaries and sensitising their populations about the genocide that consumed over 3.5 million lives of which over a million are children under the age of 10. Apart from Jewish holocaust of the Second World War, the highest number of recorded deaths as a result of targeted hatred towards a particular ethnic group occurred in Biafraland from 1966 to 1970. A four year period of sustained campaign of ethnic hatred, slaughter and genocide unprecedented in the history of Africa. Rulers of Nigeria set out to kill every single Igbo man, woman and child and had they been left to their devices, they would have succeeded. That is why anybody talking about restructuring in Biafraland is a traitor and slave merchant. 

If not for the extraordinary bravery of Biafran soldiers in battle, covert and overt intervention of the World Jewish Council and particularly the personal appeal of Dr. Henry Kissinger to the then President Richard Nixon of the United States, the British through their Hausa-Fulani surrogates would have ensured the complete extermination of the Biafran race from the face of the earth. The result of which would have meant that no identifiable Igbo person would be in existence today. Whatever remnants that may have survived the onslaught would have been forcibly converted to Islam. This is reason why every single Easterner, no matter where domiciled in Nigeria, must stay indoors on the 30th to honour those that gave their lives that we may live.  

We must remember all that died unjustly not just because it is expedient to do so but because it is the morally upright thing to do. We must honour them and we know it is right to do so.

All Fulani police commissioners that litter Biafraland must desist from commenting about this solemn occasion. Some of them have offered comments that we deem insulting to the memory of the dead. We don't have a say about how they honour their victims of Boko Haram violence in core Arewa North and those killed by their fellow Fulani terrorists. We have chosen sit-at-home as the best way to say thank you to all our brave  soldiers for what they did for us between 1967-70. It will be crass insensitivity of the highest order for any Fulani police or army officer in the East to intrude upon our grief.



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