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Mediocre Minds: Their Contributions Towards The Biafra Struggle

By  Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

Today, I would like to talk about Mediocrity and the role of a mediocre in the struggle for the restoration of Biafra.

The term, Mediocre means, Not too good, not too bad; poor.

People of this nature are the worst human on earth because they can never get it right. They never get things done but spend most of their time apportioning blames on others who really work.

A mediocre leads a confused life. In trying to explain this, Ernest Agyemang Yeboah wrote, "Until you press the switch button of the light in your room on, you shall always have light in your room and still live in darkness." That's it! That's exactly the life of a mediocre.

"Mediocre minds usually dismiss anything which reaches beyond their own understanding." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld.

A Mediocre always trades in gossips; condemns people's ideas without generating his or her own ideas and attacks you directly or in indirectly without first finding out the reasons for your UNORTHODOX ACT.

A Mediocre is always prideful and likes to be treated as special. He is an empty vessel that makes the greatest noise! Hence, he does not have focus in life.

Regarding the struggle for Biafra restoration, some of the mediocre who don't understand the true mission of Nnamdi Kanu-IPOB have been bribed by the corrupt Nigerian politicians and they now function as the agents of destabilization. Their quest is to fan the embers of discord among the Indigenous People of Biafra so as to stop Biafra from coming.

Such individuals are everywhere, even in IPOB. But I trust IPOB, because its foundation is very solid, and it was laid on "Truth" and "Honesty." It will always survive any ugly situations or attacks from the enemies and even from frenemies because it thrives on excellence and does not encourage failure, lies, and deceit.

Recall that IPOB motto is "WHITER THAN WHITE AND WHITER THAN SNOW." This will forever remain the way it is.

A Mediocre is the same as an objectionable person. An objectionable person has been aptly described as "One who by his or her demeanor constitutes himself or herself into a nuisance. His or her behavior in both public and private life is incompatible with social decorum."

A Mediocre is not a good motivator. He is a complete misfit and always brings people's morale down in all situations. How will a mediocre be able to elevate people's spirit when he doesn't even understand the language of leadership? How will he be able to control the people when he is oblivious to the fact that sometimes in life, - "Diplomacy and Finesse is better than coercion?" He is simply a disaster when it comes to relating with the public.

Do not be cowed into accepting defeat from a mediocre. A friend of mine whom I admire so much once begged me to accept the hits and blows coming from a mediocre in one particular situation so as to allow peace to prevail at that point in time. But after properly examining her statement, even though I quite understood where she was coming from, I had simply told her "No" right to her face, that I would not pay heed to her advice, not this time around, because I was not that kind of person that would allow mediocrity to run me over.

My advice to you out there is to keep pushing and never relent nor give in to the demands of a mediocre. The truth remains that, "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."  - Albert Einstein

Like I have stated above, such individuals are everywhere. Some of them even masquerade as FREEDOM FIGHTERS under the umbrella of IPOB but in actual sense, they are there to discourage and disorganise the activities of the REAL HARDCORE, HARDWORKING AND GALLANT MEN of IPOB. They are wolves in Sheep's Clothing.

People who fall into this category of mediocrity are the ones the Nigerian government is using to suppress and kill the struggle for Biafra restoration. They are the ones you see out there, both on the social media and other gatherings, kicking against the activities of Nnamdi Kanu-IPOB. They are the agents of Lucifer from the pit of hell. Their sole aim is to bring disaster to the children of God, nothing more nothing less.

I, therefore, urge IPOB worldwide to be wary of these braggarts, this churlish mannered set of individuals, this band of vandals who are hell-bent on stopping us from what we are doing, because they can never contribute any damn good thing to our lives and to the struggle. THEY ARE LIKE THEIR PAYMASTERS (THE HAUSA-FULANI NORTHERN CABALS  IN THE ZOO CALLED NIGERIA), VERY BACKWARD AND MENTALLY RETARDED.

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