Thursday 31st May 2018

Poetic Justice: Ghost In The Crowded Street 

The ghost appeared like
A chilling breeze
Freezing the whole crowd
In the streets and markets,
Schools and roads
To an indoor pose
To enjoy its coldness

The ghost remains
 A host of agony
To a mournful Nation
That hugs pains
And anarchy
Day in, day out
In West Africa
Where the new-day sun
Begins its journey
And sorrow, sorrow,
 Endless sorrow
Becomes the language
Of the people and
The story of their hearts

If tomorrow comes
And the sorrows
Are not remembered,
It means there was no nation;
If life continues and forgets
 The sacrifices of the past,
It means the conscience is dead;
If mouths speak of all
But not of the slain
And the starved nation,
It means there is no history.
But today made a history
All foot danced
The yearly drum beat
Played to salute
The slain Warriors,
The heroes and heroines
Who fought vigorously
In cold-blooded war
Till their souls
Kissed death

And all heart in the land
Mourned and mourned,
Offered tears and flowers
To the silent voices
In the lowly grave
Whose offence only
Was to seek freedom;
To smile freely in
The land of their fathers.

All you warriors of today
Trapped in the forest
Of bullets and daggers
Look up! look up!
Take courage from
The past ones
Who trusted and believed
In this journey to fatherland
And then,
Remain resolute
In one love and
One command
To keep up the truths
That put the slanderers'
Reports to stop
Now that the long
Awaited hope is at hand
Because the hope for Africa
Is Biafra's freedom;
And we all shall work to Save Africa by
Freeing Biafra, the land of
The rising sun

All hail Biafra!!!

Written by: Onyebuchi Eucharia



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