Thursday 31st May 2018

Biafra: The Complete Success of Sit-At-Home Order and The Nigerian Media Attempt to Mislead The World

Empty Roads Proofs A successful Sit-At-Home

Author: Chika Fidelis
For: IPOB Writers Press
Date: 30/05/2018

The people of Biafra have once again shown to the entire world that the restoration of the sovereign State of Biafra is unstoppable and of course sacrosanct. I am quite sure that observers would vividly confirm this report as a complete and accurate account of what actually happened today despite the uncountable attempts made by the OHANEZE NDI IGBO, the Nigerian government and all other enemies of Biafra, to thwart our efforts towards a massive compliance with our sit-at-home order.

The most pathetic of all these conspiracies was the miserable publication by the Vanguard online Newspaper that tried to concoct and deceive the people of Biafra that IPOB has distanced itself from the SIT-AT-HOME order, this is a very big lie and in fact a lie from the pit of hell.

The IPOB high command never gave any such statement and of course, that was a desperate attempt by the government through the media to deceive and misguide the people of Biafra. But today the people of Biafra have shown that the sheep will always recognize the voice of the owner, so Biafrans were able to know that it was a desperate attempt to mislead them. In fact, what really happened is that there was a complete and total Compliance with the sit-at-home order to the extent that the order was observed even outside of BIAFRA land. our people have shown what resilience truly means. The observance of this sit at home all across Biafraland remains a testament of the readiness of Biafrans to welcome their darling Nation in birthing.

In Onitsha today, it was a total shut down, what of Nkpor, Oko, Ekwulobia and in fact the whole of Anambra state was completely closed down. Enugu was completely closed down, Aba was completely shut down to the extent that the Nigerian army started killing innocent people again today, at Uratta junction at Port Harcourt Road the army shot and killed an innocent man in anger, what about Igweocha, Igweocha was totally shut down, Bayelsa, Abakaliki and all over BIAFRA land to the extent that the Ogoni people completely closed down the water ways, everywhere was shut down today, bringing a huge shame to the most notorious Ohaneze Ndi Igbo who claims to be the elders of the Igbos.

Our Video evidence is a bigger testament against the falsehood been published by the viral and deceitful news platforms viz: Vanguard, Daily-post and the Punch newspapers, who have gone ahead to make uncorroborated publications, to mislead the gullible on the outcome of today's sit-at-home order.

I want to ask the stupid people of the North who have been using the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo to distract us if they would not learn from henceforth, that as long as the issue of Biafra restoration is concerned, the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo and the so-called Eastern governors are completely irrelevant. We are now waiting to see what the Arewa Consultative  Forum would say, will they issue another quit notice, what will they do now that it is fully understood that the Biafran people are resolute and eager to leave this guardian contraption called Nigeria?

It is quite a big shame, that all the media platforms in this country have been bought over by the government. There is evidently not even a singular news platform in Nigeria, that is still committed to the tenets of media practitioner. All media platforms are now working for the government. Is it not a shameful thing that PREMIUM TIMES of all News media could report that the Sit-at-home order was a failure in Enugu, Abakaliki and Awka but funny enough these areas were where the order recorded huge successes with verifiable recorded evidence most of which have been posted online, it is very important now to State it clear that anyone that aligns himself with the media platforms in Nigeria will completely mislead, with the lies that have characterized their reportage over the years.

What happened today is and should remain a complete eye-opener to the useless Buhari government, the murderous Fulani herdsmen and the Sultan of Sokoto as he is called. They should all note that it is no longer viable to invest in or depend on Nnia Nwodo and all other political jobbers in Biafra land to arrest and kill the project restoration of Biafra, it is now very clear that Nnia Nwodo has no control either does he exert any influence on the people of Biafra.

John Nnia Nwodo and his bandwagons are totally and completely irrelevant and should henceforth be disregarded by the federal government and the Sultan of Sokoto as such, they should focus on reenacting the quit notice to Biafrans as that would not yield better results to them (Conspirators), but to us Biafrans. Any strategy or method adopted by conspiratorial Nigeria and her cronies the British only ends up bringing us closer to the dreamed restoration of our beloved Father-land BIAFRA.

In summary, thank you Biafrans for a successful compliance with the sit-at-home order.  We shall do even greater as our referendum draws closer. See you on our victory day!
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