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Poetic Justice:  30th May Biafra Fallen Heroes Day

Poetic Justice:  30th May Biafra Fallen Heroes Day

By Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

Date: 30.05.2018

Time is about everything
Use yours for something.

There's when to cry
And not to cry
When to die
And not to die

When to fight
And not to fight
When to show might
And not show might

When to rejoice
And not to rejoice
To make a choice
And not make choice

When to stay
And not to stay
When to play
And not to play

When to sleep
And not to sleep
When to weep
And not to weep

When to eat
And not to eat
When to sit
And not to sit

When to kill 
And not to kill
When to feel
And not to feel

When to dance
And not to dance
When to prance
And not to prance

When to born
And not to born
And When to mourn
And not to mourn.

Time is about everything
Use yours for something.

On this faithful day,
This 30th May
Is the day
When we Remember 
Our fallen soldiers
And our fallen brothers.

This 30th May,
We weep
For our sisters
And our mothers
Who died in the war.

This 30th May
Is the day we pray
For those who sacrificed,
Those that got crucified
For our sakes.

On this beautiful day,
This bright Sunny day
Of 30th May 
We again gather
To remember 
People like Bruce Mayrock, 
Christopher Okigbo,
Odumegwu Ojukwu,
Col. Achuzie
And many more, 
Who laid down their lives so that we may live.

Today is the day
That Biafrans, all over the world
Reserve to mourn their fathers
Their grandpas 
And grandmas
Their aunties 
And nieces
Their uncles 
Who died in jungles.

Today is the long awaited Fallen Heroes day.
It is a day,
That's worth remembering.
A day of sorrow and grief
A day to shun evil and mischief
A day to lay curses on 
Our tormentors,
To Nigeria and her co-conspirators
For killing us 
For enslaving us
And for caging us
In this hell-hole fake nation.

Today is the day 
We remember and mourn
Our dead.

Okike, we implore thee
To feel our pains;
Lay unto us no blames
And come for our rescue
For our race
Is under threat of extinction
Your children, 
About to be wiped out 
From the face of earth
By this murderous nation.

Free us now 
From Nigeria
Free us now
From this firm grip
Of the British government
Deliver us, oh Lord of Host,
From this captivity of negativity,
So that we may live
And unto thy Holy name give glory!

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