Written by:
Rev Innocent Chukwudi Peace
For Media Head IPOB Abuja



At around 12.30pm I was on my way for an important appointment to somewhere in Maitama Abuja and I got a phone call.

Me: Hello

BBC Anchorman: Hello Rev Peace this the BBC Igbo service and we are calling you from our studios in Lagos and we want to know your reaction as one of the media representatives of IPOB on what Governor Rochas Okorocha said about Biafra when we interviewed him lately

Me: Please can you call me back in about 10-15 minutes because right now I'm in transit and I can’t really be in the best of position to grant you an interview.

BBC Igbo service anchorman: OK sir will call you back in 15 minutes time.
At now sitting comfortably on a sofa in the reception area of the office I visited and my phone rang again...

Me: Hello

BBC Igbo service anchorman: Yes Rev Peace can we now go ahead with the interview?

Me: Yes we can
BBC Igbo service anchorman: OK as I asked before we need your reaction on what Governor Okorocha said about Biafra when we interviewed him recently

Me: And what is his position on that?

BBC Igbo service anchorman: He said that your group IPOB's position is quite different from the generality of the Igbo nation's position.

Me: And what did he say is our position and that of Igbo nation's position?

BBC Igbo service anchorman: He said that IPOB want to cause war in the country with their activities and that the last thing the Igbo nation want now is war

Me: But from your own perspective as an educated young man working in BBC do u really think that IPOB is calling for war?

BBC Igbo service anchorman: Yes because seeing some of the IPOB members protesting with sticks and machetes I think that might actually snowball into a war or something like that

Me: Cutting in listen my friend I think I am beginning to see why some of our members have been accusing you people at the BBC Igbo service as coming at this point in time to fight IPOB and the restoration of Biafra because for you to say that you have seen IPOB members protesting with sticks and machetes shows that you guys are actually guilty of the accusations if not how can you say that about an organization that have been recently recognized by a reputable and one of the most trusted world body like amnesty international, other world bodies  and leaders as the most peaceful freedom fighting group in the world, a group that have organized countless mega rallies around Biafra land attended by millions without recording even one incidence of injury or lawlessness and moreover where and when have you seen IPOB members protesting with sticks and machetes??

BBC Igbo service anchorman: Well let's go back and talk about your position on what Rochas Okorocha said about your group.

Me: Well what I have to say about that is that Rochas Okorocha is only protecting the monthly Abuja allocation which he is looting and using to buy up houses everywhere and stashing away in foreign banks then making sure he is positioning his in-law to succeed him as the next governor of IMO state and virtually running IMO state as a family business and in the light of all these the political crook knew quite alright that with the coming of Biafra he is going to lose all that he has been enjoying so he is ready to do anything to maintain the status quo including scaring Ndigbo with the threat of war but I and you know that calling for referendum is not a call for war because Britain the owners of the BBC where you are now calling from recently had a referendum to exit the EU the Scots also had theirs in same Britain and nobody talked about war and as you must have known south Sudan, Eritrea, Catalans, and Kurds all had their referendums without wars so how can any right thinking person call a call for referendum a call for war?? 

Moreover we are all here in this country when Goodluck Jonathan gave up the presidency just because he wanted to avoid bloodshed but between I and you we know how much blood has been shed in this country since he relinquished the presidency that someone opined that human blood is now cheaper than fuel in this country and as I'm talking to you now Fulani herdsmen have surrounded the whole of Biafra land in bushes, forests and farmlands and the IG of police has announced the withdrawal of firearm licences and ordered everyone with firearms including local vigilante groups  to surrender them within 21days and that should make any sensible person be concerned knowing fully well what the herdsmen have been doing killing, raping and taking over lands in a bid to subjugate and finally islamise this country with the tactic support of Buhari at the presidency so even if there's going to be war because of our call for referendum that would not make us stop because even if you don't call for referendum as it stands now we are already at war and as our people always says you don't run away from war because someone may die...

BBC Igbo service anchorman Thank you, Rev Peace, for your time.

Me: You are welcome.
And immediately the secretary came to call me that it is time to meet her MD for my appointment.



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