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Biafra: The Need To Caution Okezie Ikpeazu Of Abia State Before He Runs Multiple Madness [EFFECTS OF THE WORKING JUDICIAL SYSTEM IN COLOMBIAN DISTRICT COURT IN US] [Part 1]
Abia State governor, Okezie Ikpeazu 

Author: Alex C. Okeke 
For: IPOB Writers

Hmmm! frankly, am perplexed and puzzled same time over the shameless comments coming from a bunkum in the person of Okezie Ikpeazu, a said governor of the dirtiest state in Sub-Saharan Africa. Wonders they say shall never end! This is why in the twenty-first century, when nations are bowing to political reformations, diplomatic end to unworkable political structures, advancement of competitiveness in political cum economic and social order, a political persona non-grata  a traitor, a goon, a malfeasant and a modern slave boy/man from the stables of the Government House of Abia state is foolishly and ridiculously opening his gutter to address an unprecedented global icon, a rare-gem, a genius, lover of his people, the messiah of modern political history, a chiefed technocrat, a studied royal son, a dread to the world of despots of modern slavery, a seasoned political cum economic and social analyst, a prophet of modern political dynamics, an emancipator of the down-trodden, a rare gift to humanity and the black race in general, as a "Lair" and all what nonsense I can not afford to scribble down here!

Okezie Ikpeazu, the drowning cockroach in the Government House of Abia state, in his widest imagination and hardest contrivances can never match the fit of His Holiness, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Ohamadike 1 of entire Biafraland and the supreme Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Worldwide. The truly accepted leader of all Biafrans Worldwide.

When I read in one of the lines in his comments from the scripted interview he granted the ever lying BBC Igbo service, I busted into laughter, knowing abundantly well that the effect of the judicial incorruptibility in the trial which he is currently standing in the Colombian district court of the Almighty United States of America, over his complicities in the serial murder of unarmed peaceful BIAFRAN state agitators in Abia state, is evidently responsible.

Unlike Nigeria, the due cause of the law must be visited upon anyone found culpable in the unwanton murder of Biafrans, in whichever capacity such offences were meted, no matter how smart and lying the person may device! 

Okezie Ikpeazu the criminal should be the last mediocre to lambast the unprecedented leader and inventor of modern political Reformation through freedom. Yes! in one of Okezie's comments when the Minister for Trade and Investments in person of Dr. Chris Ngige and former gov. of Omambala (Anambra) visited him in the government house recently, obviouly to sympathise with him over the ongoing trial in the United states of America, Colombia to be precise, Okezie also said that the members of IPOB were threading after the hard line posture of their leader over Biafra- now, what in Okezie's accusation of being chameleon suggests in any way that our leader could lie even after the confession of hardline-ness?

Okezie Ikpeazu went ahead to call the global membership of IPOB "jobless youths who are being used by the devil"! at this point I realised I was reading the mind of a conscienceless, inhumane and completely shameless buffoon and mass murderer!

How do we reconcile that these bandwagon of broad daylight criminals so-called elites are humans, seeing how they address the youths as jobless, after deliberately orchestrating the frustrations rampaging the youths from various angles  rendering any option of exculpation or extrication from same elusive?

We chose the path of His Holiness, Prince Prophet Dr. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the organized civilian population of the Indigenous People of Biafra Worldwide, because no matter how hard men try, none can prevent the illumination of candlelight from the pinnacle of the mountain. The disparity and discretion between light and darkness is too obvious for anyone to hide! 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu represents light, which now illuminates the hearts, minds and conscience of Biafrans Worldwide into followership. Whilst The entire elitist class, so to say, in entire Biafraland on the contrary, represents darkness. 

No matter the gimmicks and pollution employed by Okezie the criminal and his fellow bandwagons, Biafra must come to be and the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Worldwide, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu shall lead us all into the promise of the father in heaven here on earth.

My advice to the mole, traitor, criminal, malfeasant, buffoon so-called Okezie Ikpeazu, is that he should concentrate on the colour of prison cloth he wishes to wear in jail if he is lucky enough to escape the nooseman's hang, that keep disturbing our threads with news of his uncorroborated accusations, lies and frustrations because whatever is good for the goose is also good for the gander

The golden rule says "do onto others what you want them to do to you"! Okezie, remember that he who kills by the sword goes by the sword. You killed people's children, husbands, uncles and fathers and expect yourself to have peace. The law shall take its due course on you Okezie

Alex is writing with great passion  from Biafraland

Published By Ugochinyere Onyechere


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