Wednesday 28 February 2018 

The Nigerian Army should produce Nnamdi Kanu or say his whereabouts - IPOB

Yesterday it was a fake non-existent DSS computer generated 'IPOB leader' they christened Okwudili Ezenachukwu who nobody has ever seen or heard from, today we are being entertained with yet another tale by the moonlight that our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his beautiful devoted wife were spotted in Accra Ghana. The originators of this fake news and their merchants went as far as publishing old pictures of the couple to lend credence to what is, in essence, a calculated attempt to absolve the murderous Buhari regime of direct involvement in the abduction of our leader.

The fact still remains that Nigerian soldiers, exclusively comprised of Hausa Fulani men, invaded the home of our leader and abducted him alive or took away his body on the 14th of September 2018. Planting diversionary stories in the media to lessen the intensity of international pressure on Buhari to produce Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will not achieve the much-desired intention of misleading the public, rather it will keep reminding the world that our leader is still missing presumed dead.

No amount of fabrication and idle none-substantial speculation will deflect or weaken our resolve in pursuit of freedom for our leader and Biafra. This is not the first, the second or third-time such frivolous speculation has been placed in the public domain. It started with our leader being spotted around  Cameroonian border disguised as a Yoruba woman. When that failed to be substantiated with pictorial proof or evidence they moved to situating him a militant camp in the Niger Delta under the protection of our brothers the Niger Delta Avengers.

IPOB Members

After a few months went by without any shred of proof they alleged that our leader was ferried by boat through the Atlantic Ocean to Ivory Coast. When again that failed to gain traction, they came up with these miraculous sightings in Ghana. These sightings are beginning to assume the same dimension as those of Elvis Presley reportedly seen severally over the years around his home in Graceland Memphis USA.

We are waiting for the next instalment of these comical sightings or where they will say our leader is. Hopefully, this time around one of the Nigerian security agencies will have guts and decency to come forward to say they have him in their custody. The sooner the Nigerian Army and government speak the truth about the whereabouts of our leader, the better it will be for Nigeria. Understandably and rightfully so, a lot of people are angry about what has befallen our leader and they are beginning to manifest their irritation whenever the name Nigeria is mentioned in a public gathering in Biafraland. How long the high command of IPOB can keep this anger under control is unknown to us but what we do know is that those holding our leader or his body should not let this anger become uncontrollable.


Published By: Ugochinere Onyechere


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