Wednesday 07 February 2018


Just as the bible said that all have sinned and have fallen short of His glory, it is now very clear that almost all the elders of our land have failed totally. The entire Biafra land is in a very mighty mess because of the way and manner these elders have been conducting themselves in Biafra land.

There is no doubt about the fact that Biafra land has so many educated men and women, well read elites but most unfortunately these elites are made up of people who don't know their worths, people who prefer sycophancy to integrity. These are the class of people who call themselves elders of Biafra land. So it will be quite appropriate to say that Biafra is not that very fortunate when it comes to having responsible leaders, of course, we have some that are responsible but how many are they remains a question to answer.

For a very long time our elders blatantly refused to accept the realities of our time which include the facts that Biafra is a hated nation especially in this contraption called Nigeria; the next being that Biafra land is only needed because of the resources that are coming from it; another point is the belief that Nigeria belongs to the Fulani while the Biafran people are meant to serve them, and finally the fact that as long as Nigeria is concerned the Biafran people cannot ascend to the Presidential seat except the North just decided to give them a chance - this is because the political structure was designed to retain power in the North. These are the truth that our people have refused to embrace.

It is indeed worrisome to see how our elders who are supposed to be the pillars of the land have decided to play the second fiddle, preferring to be slaves rather than Masters that they are meant to be. It is quite unbelievable that a well trained professional from BIAFRA land would be comfortable playing role of a servant to an uneducated and illiterate Fulani man. This is indeed very shameful.

My greatest suprise in this regard is that none of the elders of Biafra land has ever spoken out against the injustices that have been going on in this land, none of them has been able to speak about how to address the evils that have been going on in this country, rather they are busy chasing personal interests and gains to the point that they betray our collective aspirations just to ensure that they sustain their selfish interests. These so called elders believe  that the people should listen to them and do their wishes instead of them listening to the people they claim to represent, they don't care about the wishes of the people that they are representing and that is the height of irresponsibility of these so-called elders.

In the western world we see elected officials resign from offices just because the People they represent have shown disapproval for decisions affecting them negatively but here, the reverse is the case. This was why the people remained without any credible leaders  until the emergence of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as sent to us by God to come and lead his people into the Biafra freedom, being man that is trusted by the people. He commands the whole respect among the people and that becomes the reason for all the envy and hatred shown against him by these recalcitrant elders. Out of shame they said what they want is restructuring of the country. They are saying this not because they actually want to get Nigeria restructured but for the simple reason that they cannot afford to see Mazi Nnamdi Kanu take the whole of this glory, that is surely a pure show of envy and hatred and plot to sabotage the struggle for the restoration of the land BIAFRA. This is just the real issue. But how long will it take to convince these so called elders to understand that Nigeria is built on Injustice and total marginalisation of the people of Biafra, that the North can never see the Biafrans as comrades let alone Brothers and that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is right in his call for the restoration of Biafra. It makes me sick that at this point when almost all the doubting Thomases have come to realize the fact that Nigeria is actually not for all but for the Hausa-Fulani alone and every other person is a slave, the Yorubas have accepted that truth, the Middle Belt people have now realized the truth and in fact all the people clamouring for one Nigeria have now confirmed that they are wrong and are coming back to their senses, and my question now is this, "what Is wrong with our elders, why have they refused to accept the realities of our time and begin to mend faces in other to join forces with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB to restore the land of Biafra?" If they are thinking that they will stop the restoration of Biafra, then they must be hallucinating, the Biafra referendum is now at hand and there is no time again to waste. It will be better to come back now because If Biafra comes without them then they will surely count their cost. So now is the best time for the elders of Biafra land to bury their ego and join Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in this very God ordained project of Biafra restoration.

Written by CK Fidelis
For IPOB writers


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