Biafra: What REFERENDUM Means For Biafrans And Why Nigerian Politicians Are Uncomfortable .

Written By Nkeoma Chiukwuemeka
For IPOB Writters




The only peaceful way left for the Biafrans to choose where to live their lives like humans, after several protests on the streets of Biafra land, after losing more than a thousand activists from 2015 till date, after being detained unlawfully in several prisons all over Nigeria, is the referendum. IPOB have once again in their peaceful and democratic nature resorted to going through a referendum to decide their fate in Nigeria. But the Nigerian politicians seem not to be comfortable with the idea of referendum knowing fully well that if the referendum is conducted free and fair, IPOB will win the referendum and that means a Nigeria without an Igbo man, a Nigeria without a Bayelsa man, a Nigeria without a Rivers man, a Nigeria without an Akwa-Ibom man, a Nigeria without an Igala man, a Nigeria without Edo province, a Nigeria without Warri province, etc, and that means no more oil and then the salt of Nigeria is no more and gradually the name Nigeria will die a natural death. The call for the referendum by IPOB is a great move but the question is how many Biafrans understand the meaning of referendum? How will IPOB take the message of the referendum to the Biafrans in the remote areas of Biafra land? No doubt IPOB is a very influential freedom fighting organization and well organized and knows how to take its messages across Biafra land but a lot of work is required this time to ensure a successful outcome of the upcoming referendum. Although Referendum is a vote of "Yes" or "No" to a proposal cast by eligible voters, but to Biafrans, it is a platform to register their long weariness to a country they were forced into; a country where they are killed extrajudicially; REFERENDUM to Biafrans is a way of saying no to the evil government of Nigeria; it is a way of saying no to hunger, deprivation, untimely death, subjugation, intimidation, and killings. It is another way of putting food on your table, good and quality health care system, standard and reliable educational system, non-stop power supply, job after school, pipe borne water. REFERENDUM is another way of being original, a way of being in charge of your God-given resources and lastly, REFERENDUM remains the way you can have good leaders. A stitch in time saves nine, the earlier the better for the people of Biafra to take back their freedom which was taken from them by the British mercenary soldier "Fredrick Lugard"



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