Written By Prince Chinonso Jacob

IPOB Writters

Date : 18/03/2018


As 20th of March draws near, the whole world media is once again focused on Nigeria, the fake giant shithole of Africa. Binta Nyako the woman judge actress whom Nigeria government has been holding ransom to deliver judgement against the Four IPOB detainees in Kuje prison is expected to choose between the truth and deliver fair judgment and free the four IPOB detainees in Kuje prison or accept the written script given to her by Nigeria's president which is undoubtedly not to free the four IPOB detainees in Kuje prison, which amounts to pervasion of justice. But I believe that failure to do the former which is the needful will be the last Straw to break Nigeria's back, not camel this time around. It is crystal clear that there is no justice in Nigeria and even when the few bold judges stand their ground to dispense fair judgment, the government always comes after them. It is no longer news that IPOB members in Kuje prison committed no crime but the Nigerian government never wanted to tell the path of justice and free them, the clock is ticking faster than the Nigerian government can imagine. It is no longer a child's play that IPOB sincerely wants a democratical means and measures to dissolve this entity called Nigeria. But the Nigerian government has been drumming for war, by all means, believe to use it in suppressing the voice of desire for freedom and restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra. IPOB members sincerely have been massacred, detained and murdered in secret yet we keep our calm not because we are cowards but because we want peace, equal right and justice yet Nigeria government keeps pushing us to the path of war. But a time is fast approaching when the Nigerian government will cry out blood, they will seek for a peaceful dialogue and disintegration of Nigeria just like Biafrans are doing now but then it will be too late for the Nigerian government. My ears are not bigger than yours either are my eyes brighter than yours, the death toll in Benue and other parts of Biafra land is increasing on daily basis because of the Fulani herdsmen attack in different communities. They are being used by the Nigerian government to box us to accept the evil called Nigeria, but we will keep focus and bring this to a logical conclusion, which is the referendum and when this is done and dusted in June, then the Nigerian government will understand how determined Biafrans are in leaving Nigeria. Let justice be done, I rest my case.


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