BIAFRA: BBC IGBO Service And The Need To Apply Caution

AUTHOR: CK Fidelis
IPOB writers.



For some days now it has been on the news that the British government has established an IGBO SERVICE at BBC as a way​ to balance their program outreach through local broadcast in dialects. To a lot of people especially the IGBO politicians, it is a very welcome development but the question here is what actually is the motive of the British government in coming to this decision, is it really a genuine one. Before I go into the main article I like to look at the role of the British government in the entire predicaments of the Biafrans and the Igbos in particular. The British government was responsible for the sufferings of the people of Biafra and in fact, the people of South East since the inception of this contraption called Nigeria in 1914. It was the British government through the agent called Fredrick Lugard that forced the people of Biafra into an unholy marriage with the evil people called Fulani, there were no consultations with the elders of Biafra land to decide on the union. The Hausa-Fulani, the Yorubas, and Igbos were quite heterogeneous in every aspect, culturally, Religiously and Socially, having nothing in common except for hatred for one another. The British did not stop there, they went ahead to hand over the leadership of the contraption called Nigeria to the Fulani men by rigging in their favor the census figures, the political structure of the country. All these were because the British government indeed has been fishing on this country called Nigeria and to ensure that their economic interest does not stop, so it doesn't matter if everything in Biafra land ceases to exist as long as their selfish interest remains untouched. The British government sponsored the Fulani during the BIAFRA war of 1966 to 1970 which took the lives of over 3 million people of Biafra mostly women and Children. The Nigerian government since then has been killing the Indigenous people of Biafra and the BBC has concealed all these from the world. This so-called BBC IGBO SERVICE is really a suspicious development, the BBC has never carried any news of Biafra land, the BBC has always hated the people of Biafra and that is the main reason the issue of BBC IGBO SERVICE should be looked at with skepticism. Anyway, the BBC can open any programs but one thing is certain, the British government doesn't like the People of Biafra and cannot come out now to be friends of Biafra, it is most likely that the Nigerian government has entered into some kind of arrangement with the British government to use BBC to fight IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. So it will be very important that our people apply caution in working for BBC in this regard. BBC never carried our news the time we needed them but now we have our radio and have our Television, so we do not even need BBC now. I am not saying here that should the British wish to turn back to reason with the people of Biafra, it is not welcome but my point here is that BBC must be well monitored and should not be allowed to mess with the restoration project.



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