Biafra: Biafra Volunteer Journalists' Victory Over Nigeria Brown Envelope Journalism, A Testament To More Victories For Biafra

AUTHOR: Alex C. Okeke

 IPOB Writers



Our collective push for the freedom of Biafra from Nigeria has continued unabated to yield desired dividends. Originality has never measured equally with Imitation. There is always a distinction between real and fake. Like Nigeria, everything in Nigeria has remained fake. This is not far from the fact that no one is truly a Nigerian in actual acts of devotion and commitment. Allegiance has proven true to be a product with un-imitable qualities. 

For we the Biafrans, absolute commitment, resoluteness, formidability, sincerity, dedication, uprightness and other innumerable virtuous qualities have never been in want. We pushed even tougher in the hardest circumstances and yet strong enough to keep on and eventually win.

We have shown humanity by our actions what love of nations looks like. We have been subjected to physical, mental and psychological torture to give up the fight but we say No. If killing us could not stop us, what then can? The ultimate of all sacrifices in this life is any that involves life, this in itself has instead emboldened us even the more. Our Volunteer field workers with no remuneration have always dedicated life instead of abandoning our mission halfway. 

For Nigerians, the reverse has remained the case. This also is not far from the fact that the consciousness of tribe and clannish considerations soar higher in public service than national considerations, making everyone see tribe and individual interests firstly before national interests. 

Call out Nigerians today and run a survey to determine nationalism and be awed at the eventual outcome. When Frederick Lugard and his sex-mate, Flora Shaw, actually configured this abysmal miscellanea called Nigeria and thereafter concluded that the comity of the North and south of their new colony is like oil and water that can never mix together, they actually saw the futuristic events of today! Oil and water truly have very zero affinity for miscibility. Especially when there is zero organic bonding.

Nigeria, through the minister of information, culture and tourism, Alhaji Lai  Muhammed (AKA Lie Muhammed), have told the whole World that IPOB (The organized Civilian Population of the Indigenous people of Biafra, under the Supreme Leadership of Prophet, Dr. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu) has destroyed the miscellanea called Nigeria, confirming therefore to another of the many fulfilled prophecies of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (The IPOB Supreme leader), whereupon he said "I shall destroy Nigeria with the truth".

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (The supreme leader) used nothing as the lethal weapon in destroying Nigeria yet Nigeria is confirmed destroyed by a known Nigeria's mouthpiece on information. He achieved this by telling both Nigerians, the World, and Biafrans the truth of the experiment gone bad so-called Nigeria.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu called the many BIAFRAN volunteers today championing the media advocacy for the freedom of Biafra to work through the power of spoken truth and fact, and today, Nigeria is faceless before the entire World. 

We have shown Nigeria and the glaring World the power of a purpose-driven campaign. We have shown humanity how resoluteness works. While Nigeria's street lying and gutter Ibadan brown envelopes media are busy cashing in on their many lies, we are busy telling both Nigerians, the World and our people the truth of all events without mixing lies. This on its part has shown that, truly, only the truth can set anyone free. We speak the truth and today Nigeria has been confirmed collapsed by Nigerians themselves.

Nigeria's media propensity and power on lies were laid bare once when the entire World refused her bribe to proscribe us a terrorist organization. That unilateral proscription preferred by Nigeria for the very high time zeroed the power of Nigeria as a nation to convince the World over any issue at all. The power of media anchored on truth and those anchored on lies from the pit of hell contended before the whole of humanity and the power of truth on which the hallmark of media practice in Biafra is anchored soared so high and now we have been confessed winners.

Patriotism, loyalty to the command structure of our mother-body(IPOB and all principles) and allegiance to our darling nation remains the fuel to our zeal but money, promise of promotion by crook and hook, unnecessary  contests for clannish supremacy, timid idiosyncrasies and barbaric resort to conspiracy against us has remained to Nigerians the source of power and zeal, without which no one would pick up pen and scribble anything to the benefit of Nigeria, the zoo.

Nigeria has no option than to free Biafrans now or have herself doomed. I remember another prophecy of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu which is glaringly in the pipeline for fulfillment and that is "When am through with Nigeria, they will beg us to go"! By the analysis of events and the recent open confession by Alhaji Lai  Mohammed (The minister of information, culture and tourism) that Nigeria, through the federal executive council meeting(FEC), had resolved to engage the services of international media outfits to wrestle the media and advocacy strength of the volunteer force of the indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB) and her mother structures Radio Biafra London(RBL).

The power of volunteer media persons with no remuneration has proven here to outweigh the capacity of regular and paid Nigeria's media personnel. We have also proven how whiter than white and Snow we are.

Every day of our campaign and advocacy has remained a huge testimony. Our capacity to withstand pressure for evil pecuniary baitings is resultant as well as to the fall of Nigeria and all conventional institutions therein. We have no plans, however, to capitulate nor to compromise our stand on the absolute freedom of our people of GREAT Biafra.

Our media outfits have reason to be stronger and push until the very end. Excellence has yet proven superior quality to mediocrity which Nigeria represents. Biafrans have proven that without us as partners in the evil abattoir called Nigeria that nothing can work.

Finally, thank you all BIAFRAN media volunteer force and online campaigners.
Love for fatherland is proven to be both spiritual and physical.

Long Live the resistance!
Long live Mazi Nnamdi Kanu!
Long live the power of truth!
Long live the Kingdom of Biafra
Long live the state of Israel!
Long live the United States of America

With Love from Biafraland The land of Nnamdi Kanu The land of Philip Emeagwali The land of Creativity



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