Biafra: The Bravery Of Gov. Samuel Ortom Of Benue State And The Buffoonery Of All Active Political Gladiators In South-East.

AUTHOR: Alex C. Okeke
IPOB Writers

DATE: 21/02/2018


I actually doubt if I am the only one who is currently speechless at what is going on in this misfit of a nation where a leading police chief has taken side with real malefactors, murderers, terrorists and supremacist ethnic militia group simply because they hail from the same ethnicity. Although this is not the real topic for this essay, it is, however, important that I leverage on the opportunity of this article to register my discontent with the uncanny barbarism that is aggressively Visiting the poor members of the British company gone mad, so-called Nigeria. The good name they say is better than many treasures that hand can make, this is so because, whilst treasures may have contemporary benefit and value, and fade away with civilization, the good name continues to last for as long as humanity continues to habit the cosmos, earth. Whilst men who have an understanding of above proverb keep striving to write their names in that sands of time and annals of history, some with lesser or no understanding keep meandering with excuses from one meeting to the other. Pontius Pilate of the Christian Biblical account of the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ is today very renowned for the decision he made, which absolves him of any culpability in the death of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Having said the above, we must continue by bringing into forbear the Legendary acts of Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state, a middle belt state in the contraption called Nigeria. There is always a limit to what anyone can take. The killing in Benue got to a point in time that Samuel Ortom stood up to his feet, set up a state vigilante after making a law that prohibited open grazing of cattle by the rampaging and murderous Fulani militia and terrorist groups. As if those were not enough measures to curb and check the menace of the barbarous Fulani terrorists, the terrorists came out in the open, challenging the audacity of the governor and his people to protect their race from planned extinction by them (the Fulani terrorists). They kept maiming and killing these poor members of the same nation without the federal government doing anything in effect to curb, arrest and prosecute these criminals. The brevity of Samuel Ortom became even obvious as he appeared before the Senate committee saddled with the task of the investigation into that ongoing massacre in Benue state. Mr Samuel Ortom told the Senate committee with written and documented evidences that he wrote the Vice President, the presidency, the IG of police, and all responsible security agencies of an intelligence report on the planned invasion by the murderous Fulani terrorist groups into his state and met the entire security outfits with zero response until the planned invasion was executed and more than 73 citizens losing their lives amidst lost of millions worth of farm produces and properties. He went on to tell the panel that the presidency has handed in the ongoing massacre by Fulani across the nation seeing that their silence only adds support to the continued prosecution of genocide against poor masses. Until the final responses are done, the entire security architecture, which is headed by the Fulanis(Army, Police, National security advisor, Ministry of Interior, DSS and all other innumerable security agencies) remain accomplices in this ravaging crime of sustained massacre of other ethnic people in the contraption called Nigeria. Governor Samuel Ortom has by far outweighed the entire governors of south-east states in credibility and intelligence. Governor Samuel Ortom stood by his people when the terrorist arm of the supremacist ethnic people of Fulani came to eat them up. He knew the implications of the above in his political career, seeing that truly, the Fulani control all political cum security infrastructure in the animal kingdom called Nigeria, but gave no damn! Meanwhile, all the Zombies(Governors, OHANAEZE NDI-IGBO, members of states assemblies, members of the political party of the ruling APC, ministers of the regime and other political contractors) marauding the political Seats of south-east states of entire Biafraland gave their kudos to the conveners of the operations Python dance two, which visited our land with massive impunity - unchallenged harassment of our Youths, mothers, fathers, children, and daughters, leaving scores of unarmed Youths dead on the streets of the lands of our Ancestors. The governors at the time and till today have remained the defense units of the federal government, despite the scores of killings the menace visited upon our land. The entire governors of all the Southeast states took priority in their political ambitions over the preservation of our race and collective interests. To these bandwagons - governors of the Southeast states of the pit called Nigeria - everything but their lives and ambition can be tampered with. Second term ambition of these criminals and political appointments are no-go areas. The President of OHANAEZE NDI-IGBO ( Mazi Nnia Nwodo) on his part will only come on air to deceive the gullible with his choice rhetoric of "there are too many check-points of the police and military on extortionist bargain against our people" as if that is the major travail facing us as a people, leaving the major and more life-threatening issues. It is also on record till today that the OHANAEZE NDI-IGBO President, the governors of entire Southeast states, the state assemblies, the members of the ruling All Progressive Congress from southeastern states in Biafraland, the political jobbers like Peter Obi, Orji Uzor-Kalu et'al, never since after the operation Python Dance 2 make any reparation remarks in condemnation of the barbarous, callous and unprovoked Fulani military campaign against us as a people. Samuel Ortom has won the hearts of not only his people but the entire community of Christians Worldwide. He showed bravery in the face of tough political challenges, and ambition. He is a Hero among the members of all Christian communities and sincere members of his political class. Finally, may the same proportion of wisdom that fell upon Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state befall the entire political gladiators of Biafraland now and always! May all thanks and glory continue to go to our saviour and almighty Elohim, who sent his servant Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Worldwide, for accepting the call of Elohim and giving us all the information we needed to foreknow the preparedness of this regime of genocide against all people that are non-muslims in the British Zoo called Nigeria, and helping us to understand by facts of events that we as a people cannot entrust our lives in the hands of the criminal bandwagons called governors of Southeast states in Biafraland and OHANAEZE NDI-IGBO in particular. Only Jehovah can tell what would be our fate by now had it been there was no Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the Radio Biafra London free University. Long live the RESISTANCE! Long live Mazi Nnamdi Kanu! Long live the Kingdom of Biafra! Long live the United States of America! Long live the state of Israel!



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